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VISION: – Collaborative and productive gathering place for bioeconomy innovators MISSION: – Shepherd exceptional ideas – Safeguard these ideas and develop.

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2 VISION: – Collaborative and productive gathering place for bioeconomy innovators MISSION: – Shepherd exceptional ideas – Safeguard these ideas and develop marketable products from the ideas. – Overcome the expected challenges – Accomplish successful home-grown wealth INDENTITY: – Team of problem-solvers, with a transparent, and a pragmatic, no-nonsense approach. – Open-minded, team-oriented, customer-focused, nimble and hard-charging. – Believe everything is possible…….and what other might think impossible just takes a little longer, as we wait patiently for the appointed path to reveal itself.

3 New Product Awards

4 Land Crop Power Consumer has the Answers to Make it Work Understanding the Bioeconomy Value Chain Engineering Biomass to 21st Century Users

5 Our process uses agricultural waste like corn stover and grass to create fuel that can be burned in coal fired boilers without modification to the feed and boiler systems of power plants The fuel then supplements coal and enables plants to meet emissions requirements without expensive expenditures i.e. new boilers Cost effective without government subsidies What is our technology? – Patentable methods of creating coal interchangeable agricultural solid fuels Fuel Value Proposition

6 Supplements Coal 6

7 Stoker Application 7

8 Land Crop Power Consumer has the Answers to Make it Work Understanding the BioFuel Value Chain Engineering Biomass to 21st Century Users

9 Novel Supply Development Approach eCARB Area #1 Multiple local utilities cross-matched with available supply. Identify harvest distance for diverse biomass sources. Initial area has potential for 500,000 – 1,000,000 tons per year in multi-year contracts. EWW technology enables transport via truck or rail. Looking at Expansion Quicker than Planned to Meet Emerging and Accelerating Timelines. eCARB Area #2 and #3 are in discussion. May be economical to combine resources from multiple supply areas.

10 Abundant Missouri Biomass Engineered Fuel Green Biopower Bioeconomy Jobs BUILDCO 1 – Building Biomass Fuel Production Facilities – Modeled 300,000 ton capacity in 5 Plant Build-Out REFERENCE: University of Missouri Extension - Commercial Agriculture Program 5 Typical Enginuity-licensed Fuel Plants 300,000 – 350,000 tons of engineered biomass fuel ~5,000,000 MMBTU producing ~40-50 MW of baseload biopower ~750,000 tons/year Carbon Savings $50 million in annual economic activity 200 Sustained Jobs 400,000 tons of corn stover, grass, energy crops

11 VS Other Solid Fuel Alternatives

12 Chopped Loose Biomass Typically Dismissed as Technically Unfeasible Requires Replacement of Boiler with Fluidized Bed Pellets (small round) Poor Pellet Durability – Caused lost material, dusting, fugitive emissions Material Flow to the Boiler – Early ignition in coal chute Moisture Up-Take During Storage – Desiccant, then degradation Woody Biomass Moisture Content – High and Variable Potential Fermentation & Storage Combustion Lower Energy Content – Boiler Effects Long-Term Supply – Risk of Carbon Neutrality VS. Price Other Issues Safety No Experience – Test Burn for Different Fuels are More Complex Experience & Challenges at Power Plant* Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (FMEA) *Columbia Water & Light, Columbia, MO & Independence Power & Light, Independence, MO

13 Material Science Innovation to Produce Solid Fuel Challenge to Produce Coal Supplement Transportable, Reliable, Sustainable (Green) Commodity Engineered Fuel: Capable of any mix of biomass Size, Shape & Durability is Key for Stoker Plants Engineered Technology: 95% Durable in Industry Test Current Technology: 58-89% (11-42% loss) Lump Coal is 70-85% Durable Other Enhancements Additives and Treatments to Boost BTU/lb Flowable and Grindable Increased Moisture & Weather Tolerance Potential for Significant Emission Reductions Additives to Further Manage Emissions & Fouling Engineered Biomass Fuel Processing and Supply Innovation

14 Weatherable Intermediate Gave Path to Granulated Designed for Pulverized Coal Plants 20 grams

15 VS Other Renewable Power OR Emission Control Approaches BioPower from Coal-Fired Plants Coal Emission Control (Sequestration, Scrubbers) Natural Gas (New Construction or Conversion of Coal-Fired) Other Renewable (Wind, Solar, Geothermal) Regional Influence Biomass Sources Available In Every State, Every Region Western Coal Mines Supply the Bulk of US Coal-Fired Power. Natural gas availability is site specific, and must be on a pipeline. Wind, solar, and geothermal performance is specific to region. Financial Cost Competitive $/MMBTU as Augmentation to Coal without Subsidy High Capital Improvements and High Operating Expenses Required High Capital Intensive, but Current Low-Cost $/MMBTU is Cost Effective. Risk of long- term fuel cost increases. High Capital, but financially feasible with subsidy. Subsidy is expiring in near-term. Effect on GridBaseload Intermittent Long-term Costs Allows for Extended Use of Existing Power Conversion facilities (legacy power plants). Unknown costs of closing legacy coal- fired plants and power plant site clean-up costs Export market and debate over fracking has potential impact on long-term costs. Long-term maintenance costs of high-capital items are not yet known.

16 COMPLETED: APPA Engineered Fuel Material Specification USDA REAP Grant for $500,000 Purchase Order for 700 tons from Columbia [Missouri] Water and Light to Complete MDNR Required Test Burn IN PROGRESS: Build and Equip Development Line to Fill Orders for Testing Quantities First Partnership for Build-Corp to Build Export-Focused (out of Missouri) Fuel Plant Fuel Commercialization Milestones Focused on Biomass Fuel Testing in MidWest, while Selling to East and West Coast Power Utilities

17 Support and Collaboration APPA – American Public Power Association NRECA – National REC Association MREA – Missouri Rural Electric Association MoDAg – Mo Department of Agriculture MDC – Mo Department of Conservation MCGA/MCMC – Mo Corn Growers Association MIZZOU – University of Missouri KCGA – Kansas Corn Growers Association NCGA – Nebraska Corn Growers Association

18 Competitive Advantage Patentable Technology Portfolio – Docket of 20+ global patent applications in multiple innovations, multiple markets. – Additional innovation being filed on continuous basis Technology Harvesting Protocol – Stringent Non-Disclosure Approach to Partners, Collaborators, and Information Release Experienced Approach to Commercialization – Based on Incentive-Free Business Approach Expertise in Incentive Harvesting – Nimble and Thorough Approach to Increase Profitability

19 Contact: Nancy Heimann, President 573-682-0042

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