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Value-Added Applications in the PI environment

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1 Value-Added Applications in the PI environment
St-Laurent Paperboard, La Tuque By Yves Racette, Walsh Automation Inc., PI Systems Integrator

2 Agenda Facts: La Tuque Mill Project and Systems History
Systems Architecture Overview of Value-Added Applications Projected work Benefits

3 La Tuque Mill: Facts ~ 1,200 Metric Tons/day - rolled board
~ 50 different grades 3 Kamyr Digesters, 19 Batch Digesters 2 Bleach Lines 2 Paper Machines 2 Power Boilers, 3 Recovery Boilers 3-line Recaust (slakers, lime kilns) Coordination is a constant challenge

4 Systems History Plant Information systems have been in operation at the plant since 1967 IBM 1800 PDP-11 VAX (First version of WalshCIM) PI Supervisory controls were progressively moved to the DCS

5 Systems History 1967 1982 1986 1998 PI VAX IBM 1800 PDP-11
Supervisory Controls DCS 1967 1982 1986 1998

6 Project History Preliminary and detailed Engineering Main Objectives:
Needs analysis Implementation Plan Costs Estimation Main Objectives: Replace VAX systems Long Term Archiving with full resolution Better diagnostic tools Migration of VAX applications

7 Architecture (Phase I)
Foxboro I/A Interfaces Functions: Data Acquisition Graphics On-line calculations Reports Process Diagnostics Foxboro Steam Functions: Data Acquisition Manual Entries Foxboro Batch Cook PI-API Specific Interface Existing VAX PINet Foxboro Effluent PI Server Foxboro Machine 3 Plant Ethernet PDP-11 I/O Subs. VAX Bleach. VAX Kamyrs Foxboro Machine 4 Control Network (Ethernet) MCS Max 1000 DCS MCS Max 1 DCS

8 Architecture (Current)
Foxboro I/A Interfaces Functions: Data Acquisition Graphics On-line calculations Reports Process Diagnostics Manual Entries Foxboro Steam Foxboro Batch Cook Foxboro Effluent PI Server Foxboro Machine 3 Foxboro Machine 4 Plant Ethernet Max Plus Gateway Max Plus Interface Foxboro Caustic MCS Max 1000 DCS MCS Max 1 DCS Control Network (Ethernet)

9 MillWide Use 80 Process Book 20 Datalink
15 Manual Entry Applications (API) 20 SQC 20 Batch View Increasing demand ...

10 Applications Design Standards were defined at the beginning of the project tags and files naming conventions display standards (color, font, frames, VB code) reports presentation and automation development methodology Implementation was done by Walsh Automation and St-Laurent Paperboard

11 Applications Process Book Displays Process Diagnostics (advisors)
PI Batch and PI SQC applications Operation Reports Manual Entries On-Line Calculations Specialized applications

12 Process Book Displays Mill and Area Overviews + some details
One single .piw file with links to .pdi files NT security implementation (read-only access to .piw and .pdi files) Process Book security: View only mode ProcessBook=Primary (procbook.ini) Navigation toolbar and Detail … menu

13 Process Book Displays Secured PCs: Process Book is the only visible application. All other programs executed from within Process Book VBA code in many display pages (e.g.: on-line calculation of pulp inventory, yesterday’s averages, double-clic assigned to Revert) French version of Process Book

14 Live Process Equipment Statuses
View Only Mode Navigation Toolbar

15 Process Advisors Specialized displays with visual indications of abnormal process conditions Example: Mill water balance

16 Sewer with abnormal conditions
Get details ...

17 Tank Overflowing causing the problem
Suggested Steps and Actions

18 PI Batch Application Coating kitchen monitoring
Batch View OCX and VBA code After selection of a specific batch, the display time is set to start of batch VB controls allow for batch “replay” VBA code validates presence of Batch View license before page is displayed Batch Query/Datalink batch report

19 Batch Selection with Batch View OCX
Replay Batch with (+/- delta seconds) Batch Data (from selection) Go to Beginning/End of Batch

20 PI-SQC Application Monitoring of ISO related performance indices
VBA code validates presence of PI-SQC license before page is displayed

21 Operation Reports Excel and Datalink combination
Created a library of reports automation functions - saved as an Excel add-in (.xla) Daily / Monthly Reports in same spreadsheet ActiveX control for date/month selection Data filtering based on process unit status - blank if process is shutdown or if no manual entry values are available


23 Manual Entries PI-Manual Logger data entry could not be used - too complicated for required mill usage and available in english only Data entry application developed by Walsh using Visual Basic Uses database as configured by PIML Ease of use / French language Supports all PIML functions (except HHT)

24 Validation bar for selected tag
Tours Tour Runs Validation bar for selected tag

25 On-line calculations VAX legacy system included a long series of Fortran calculation programs that had to be migrated - some were quite complex ! Performance Equation was not appropriate On-line calculation server (NT service in PI server) was developed by Walsh Synchronized execution at various frequencies

26 On-line calculations Applications are developed in Visual Basic (structured programming - not event) Programs can be easily developed by system engineers Allows for complete documentation with detailed comments

27 On-line calculations Uses VB enumerated tag list to allow use of tags by names instead of by ID with PI-API ActiveX applications are modified and replaced without restarting the schedule service


29 Area Specific Applications
Area specific applications were developed and integrated within the Process Book environment Liquor tests Lime kilns production rate calculations Operation Log Book Document Browser (access to reports, ISO and reference documents, …)



32 Training ~ 5 weeks of training by Walsh and Cogexel:
La Tuque trainers (operation) Users (PB, DL, Manual Entries) - use of applications only PI System Administrators

33 Projected Work for This Year
New PI Server for Profiles Communication link with MAJIQ Replix server (quality and finished product data) Expansion of PI-Batch for complete grades monitoring

34 Benefits Mill users empowerment was immediate
Improved personnel productivity Process Diagnostics: improved reaction, reduced duration of problems Improved tracking of equipment downtime Although not essential for production PI has become a critical tool for all users

35 Questions ?

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