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Housing Quality Standards & Request for Tenancy Approval

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1 Housing Quality Standards & Request for Tenancy Approval
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2 Housing Quality Standards (HQS)
Purpose Unit inspections under housing quality standards function as important initial and annual activities for the safety and efficient maintenance of Section 8 housing.

3 Timing of Inspections 24 CFR 982.405(a)
HUD regulations specify that the unit must be inspected prior to the unit being leased to the family. Units must be re-inspected at least annually, and at other times as needed, to determine that the unit meets HQS.

4 Request for Inspection / Request for Tenancy Approval (RFTA)
To print the Request for Inspection RFTA form.

5 RFI / RFTA Form This RFI/RFTA form displays all the information required to request an Initial Inspection when a tenant submits a Request for Tenancy Approval for a new unit.

6 Request for “Special” Inspection
To request an inspection for a “special” Tenant, send an to HQS and they will generate the appropriate documents to fulfill the request.

7 Supervisory Inspection Audits
The RAA must conduct supervisory quality control HQS inspections. A supervisor or other qualified person re-inspects a sample of the units under contract during the fiscal year. This sample is drawn from the recently completed HQS inspections and should represent a cross-section of neighborhoods and should encompass a cross-section of inspectors.

8 Annual Re-Inspections
Upon failed inspection, the Inspector informs the owner as to the failed items. Re-inspections are performed after 30 days of the notice to the landlord and the tenant to make sure repairs have been made. 24 CFR (c) • In scheduling inspections, the PHA must consider complaints and any other information brought to the attention of the PHA. 24 CFR (d) • The PHA must notify the owner of defects shown by the inspections.

9 Failed Initial Inspections
When a unit does not pass an initial inspection, the RHA does not allow the tenant to move in or approve a unit until all repairs are completed. When the repairs are completed, the landlord will call the RHA and inform them that the unit is ready for re-inspection.

10 Commonly Failed Items Loose outlets and light switches
Cracked outlet/switch cover plates Inoperative/missing smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors Water temperature exceeding 130 degrees Chimneys in need of re-pointing/falling bricks Rotted or deteriorating external stairs/porches Windows that will not stay up by themselves Loose carpet/floor coverings in doorways Burners that will not light by themselves (no matter who owns it) Loose toilet bowls/sinks Molded/mildewed caulking around tub/sinks Uncapped washer drain pipes/water feed lines Lack of exterior lighting (front and rear) Open fuse/breaker slots in electric panels Open junction boxes (missing covers) Spliced wires/rigged wiring Broken cellar windows Chimney clean outs full of soot Lack of discharge pipes on water heaters and boilers Porches & basements full of trash and debris Flammables stored near water heaters and boilers Propane tanks stored inside of units and cellars Child play areas with unregistered cars, junk, and debris Is there adequate lighting in cellar? Is there a house meter? Is there a working smoke detector on every level of the building and common hallways?


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