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1 A Commitment to Energy Efficiency AND Energy Management John Songer, CEP Plant Engineer Rochester City School District.

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1 1 A Commitment to Energy Efficiency AND Energy Management John Songer, CEP Plant Engineer Rochester City School District

2 2 The Presenter - John Songer, CEP Plant Engineer for Rochester City School District Certified in Energy Procurement Responsible for $11M/yr. utility budget Controls & Energy Services background

3 3 Rochester City School District A Big Five District in New York State with nearly 35,000 Students 50+ Facilities - average age 64 years 7.1M Sq. Ft. $11M annual utility budget Purchase 8,960,000 kWh Wind Energy Annually

4 4 Energy Management – a commitment built on Partnerships Internal and External Customers Policies and enforcement Conservation Programs Energy Efficient Upgrades Tracking and Monitoring Results Benchmarking utilities and maintenance

5 5 Energy Management cont. Maintenance – Steam Trap, coils, filters, boiler tuning, belts, building envelope etc. Custodial Operations- Scheduling Events, Work Orders, HVAC Preventative Maint. Education and Awareness of Employees. EMS Programs – Holiday, Recess, Snow Day, Night setback, schedule selections Utility Meters – Pulse heads. Procurement – Multiple Strategies. Data Base of Expenses.

6 6 Energy Management cont. In 2001-2002 Fiscal –Natural Gas4,501,057 therms$2,781,964.618 –Electricity53,863,071 kWh$4,462,918.083 In 2005-2006 Fiscal –Natural Gas3,473,308 therms$4,959,2391.428 –Electricity48,098,974 kWh$4,274,325.089 Increase efficiency of mechanical and electrical systems Introduce energy education and awareness to students and staff Reduce pollution emissions Use utility rebates, State aid and incentives

7 7 Energy Project Financials Total Project Cost:$20,565,644 Total Est. kW Savings:2,106 kW Total Est. kWh Savings:6,858,626 kWh annually Total Est. mmBtu Savings:49,363 mmBtu annually Emissions Total Est. NOX reduction:5 tons annually Total Est. SOX reduction:16 tons annually Total Est. CO2 reduction:5,757 tons annually

8 8 Project Statistics Equipment Installed: 5 new boiler plants 27,000 lighting fixtures 2,500 occupancy sensors 300,000 square feet of new ceiling high efficient motors vending machine controls

9 9 Project Description Replace ceilings and upgrade lighting Standardize (one Mfr.) and upgrade energy management systems (EMS) Install high efficiency motors and variable speed drives New boiler plants in 5 schools Burner management systems on all large boilers

10 10 Project Delivery Methodology Construction management web site Pulse heads on utility meters tied to EMS Local ESCO, design firms and contractors Benefits local economy Standards and specifications Lamps, ballast, motors, and drives Continuity in perpetual inventories, quantity discounts, product warrantees

11 11 Team/Resources District Personnel Architects / Construction Inspectors Engineers Custodians Operations / Maintenance Security Administrators / Legal Counsel

12 12 Team / Resources (continued) ESCO & Design Firm Personnel Professional Engineers Registered Architects Certified Energy Managers Construction Managers

13 13 Why Energy Performance Contracting? Capital project bond limitations Construction cycles limit energy savings Energy & O&M savings with improved comfort, lighting, and air quality Strong implications on student performance, health and safety EMS upgrades improve control, load shedding, and monitoring capability

14 14 RCSD Project Process Comprehensive Energy Audits (CEA) from NYSERDA Flex Tech program Request for Proposals (RFP) to ESCOs. ESCOs required to perform CEA on 2 sample schools Selection was made for local ESCO with the highest quality, lowest cost proposal Awarded to Wendel Energy Services LLC

15 15 RCSD Project Process (cont.) Graded ESCOs for 1.Statement of Qualifications 2.Technical capability 3.Staffing Plans 4.Financial Terms 5.Project Schedule

16 16 How is RCSD Unique? Chose professionally assisted performance contract approach ESCO proposals disclosed all costs (comparable to capital renovation costs) All phases of project (design through pay applications) require District review and approval Local design firms and contractors used Education and awareness program through the Alliance to Save Energy with local project leader Over 20 engineering mentors volunteer to educate students in energy conservation

17 17 Benefits Environmental stewardship Improved learning environment Reduced maintenance and operations costs Reduced consumption as hedge for increasing utility commodity costs Create/retain jobs in local economy

18 18 Lessons learned State Historic Preservation Office State Education Department ESCO selection Operations & Maintenance issues Plan ahead for abatements, product selections, deliverables, monitoring systems, and installation schedules

19 19 Current Status 7.4 M kWh/yr savings Students have saved >$300,000 Improved comfort, aesthetics, and test scores Conservation Programs funded from traditional sources First K-12 in NYS to receive EPA Leaders Award Six facilities have Energy Star Labels

20 20 Related Issues Energy Procurement Purchase energy from Municipal Cooperatives Budget EPC must create a positive cash flow Monitoring and Verification Automate, Automate, Automate Questions

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