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EnergiMidt A/S – Energy consultant services Presentation of EnergiMidt A/S BuisnessPartner Case Results.

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1 EnergiMidt A/S – Energy consultant services Presentation of EnergiMidt A/S BuisnessPartner Case Results

2 EnergiMidt A/S – Energy consultant services Gitte Wad Thybo Manager Energy Advicing at EnergiMidt A/S Member of the National Energy Efficiency Commitee at Danish Energy (Dansk Energi) Mecanical Engineer Working with Energy Consultancy for 15 years

3 EnergiMidt A/S EnergiMidt is the local energy and broadband company in the mid Jutland region of Denmark. We supply energy and related services to 170.000 customers and simultaneously, we are establishing a network of fiberbroadband which gives access to high speed internet, television and voice. When it comes to electricity our principal objects are to ensure a stable supply, competitive electricity prices and to provide outstanding service to our customers. In addition to this, EnergiMidt is involved in areas such as energy consultancy services, safety and quality services and electricians activities. Furthermore we sell a number of products like heat pumps, solar heating and solar cells.

4 The Vision of EnergiMidt A/S The customers natural choice of supplier As a local, customer-owned company EnergiMidt aims to be the natural choice of supplier when it comes to electricity, broadband based communication, entertainment solutions such as internet, TV and voice offerings plus related products and services. The local supplier EnergiMidt will preserve and strengthen its local position through – in close dialogue with the customers - ongoing improvement and development of products and services with a high level of service, great user-friendliness and top quality to competitive prices. The reliable and dynamic supplier EnergiMidt is a dynamic company who uses modern management principles and a high level of efficiency to achieve an earning that makes continuing development of both employees and company possible.

5 Energy consultancy services EnergiMidt provides energy consultancy services to both business and private sector. We have comprehensive knowledge and expertise in meeting the energy requirements of companies and institutions, optimizing energy consumption and thus reducing energy costs. EnergiMidt has experience with numerous types of companies and institutions; industries and offices, large and small, public and private. The energy consultants of EnergiMidt are qualified to adapt different solutions to each individual customer in accordance to wishes, needs and ambitions. Our energy consultants are specialized in assessing all forms of energy consumption. Advanced mathematical models are used in combination with a wide range of experience to optimise energy consumption.

6 Energy consultancy services The energy consultancy services from EnergiMidt varies between a simple and uncomplicated review of electricity consumption to establishment of complex monitoring systems, which cover total consumption of electricity, water and heating. In industries, offices and institutions EnergiMidt assists in the implementation of energy management systems. We have licensed consultants in energy management, energy marking and energy test In municipalities we make agreements about energy savings, energy management and energy certificates. How can the school or kindergarten save energy in their building? In the residental sector we offer energychecks and sustainable energy solutions like PV, heat pumps, better insolation etc.

7 Business Partner EnergiMidt would like to reduce the energy expenditure of your company. This can be done in various ways: Identification of energy conservation projects in the company Agreement about financing energy conservation projects in the company Installation related to energy conservation projects Energy management helping to monitor your future energy consumption You can pick among the abovementioned possibilities to fit the needs of your company. Regardless of your focus point, EnergiMidt is ready to be a value adding partner. This means that we ensure both efficiency and financial savings in the different energy conservation projects.

8 4 steps to lower energy consumption Business Partner is an overall solution ensuring coherence in the process. This guarantees you that the projects are realized. Our goal is to optimize energy consumption and thus minimize expenses. Energy checkEnergy ProjectImplementationFollow-up

9 1. Energy check Preliminary analysis Catalogue of ideas One of our energy consultants is attached to your company and reviews the company for potential energy conservation projects. Subsequent to this, you receive a catalogue of ideas for efficient consumption of energy. In cooperation with the energy consultant you select which ideas that will be subject for further work in order to obtain an optimal energy position.

10 2. Energy project Action plans for chosen projects Analyses Measures and calculations Design specification Invite offers from suppliers Action plans for chosen projects are worked out. Our energy consultant reviews the focus areas of the chosen projects in cooperation with employees of the company. Analyses and concrete measures and calculations of energy are carried out. Bases on this, descriptions of energy conditions for the chosen projects are advanced.

11 3. Implementation Project management Installation Financing Review Final control The projects are realised under the project management of EnergiMidt. We are responsible for all stages of the project completion and we make sure that time schedule and budget are kept. We attend to all parts of the implementation including installation. EnergiMidt also offers financing of energy conservation measures or help to apply for subsidy from European Union.

12 4. Follow-up Control of energy conservation Energy management Based on the needs of the company EnergiMidt monitors the projects. This can be done by installing control meters, carrying out measures or implementing energy monitoring systems etc. To ensure that the consumption of energy continues to be a focus area in the company, EnergiMidt offers to implement energy management. This gives you a management tool which secures effective consumption of energy and consequently profits.

13 Customer advantage Optimizing of energyconsumption lower energyconsumption and lower energy expenditure Minimizing the energyexpences – That you can see at your bottom line! Beeing responsible to the enviroment

14 Case A Danish Company was established in October 2002.The company has 600 employees and develops, produces and sells chewing gum. 1. meeting with the chief of maintenance, mecanical engineer and electrician in may 2006. Screening, just the week after the meeting. Catalogue of ideas: a. Optimizing of centralheat- and steamboilers (Boilerplant) b. Natural cooling c. Optimizing of compressed air system.

15 A. Optimzing of boilerplant The Company has installed 3 steamboilers, with a total effect on 10,2 tons steam pr. hour with 7 bar pressure, and an energyconsumption at about 1.400.000 m3 N-gas i 2005. Furthermore there is installed 3 central-heatboilers with a total effect on 6.350 Mcal/h, and a set-punkt at 90 gC, and an energyconsumption at about 2.000.000 m3 N-gas i 2005. Suggestion: To establish fluegascooling at all the boilers To establish weathercompensation at the part of the central heat system which does not supply the dehumiditysystem in the processventilation To move the endusers, which needs a high flow temperatur in the central heat system to the steam system. Adjusting the central heat system to get a better cooling of the recirculation water To reduce stand by loss in the boiler central Possibly change 1-2 boilers.

16 A. Optimzing of boilerplant The Energyproject: The Company said GO to investigate the boilerplant. First we investigate the endusers to make them energyeffective before we investigate the boilerplant. Flowmeasuring at the distribution system. Where is the worst enduser when it comes to cool the water? How much flow and the temperature differences? Analyzing possibilities! Calculation / measuring on condensing operation New boilers or existing boilers, which cant bee let cold (turned of) Estimate a new recirculation string to the boilerplant to seperate cold and hot recirculated water.

17 A. Optimizing the boilerplant

18 A. Optimzing of boilerplant The result: The Company has chosen to invest in the project Installation of fluegas exchanger on steam boilers, which is cooled with central heat water. Moving consumption from the centralsystem to the steam system, because of 2 processes which needs high flow temperature. Connect the boilers in tandem (Traditionel cascadeconnection), so the operating boilers is 100% loaded before the next boiler gets loaded. Earlier the total boilerplant was warm. Means less heat of radiation. Changing 3 centralheat boilers to new condensing boilers, which also means less heat of radiation.

19 A. Optimzing the boilerplant Saving potential: Flue gas cooling (condensing operation):340.000 m3/N-gas / year Weathercompensation in the central heat system, adjusting and moving endusers140.000 m3/ N-gas / year Change boilers 60.000 m3/ N-gas / year Summary 540.000 m3 / N-gas / year Value of the saving: 200.000 Euro/year The total investment: 550.000 Euro Simply pay back time 2.8 years The project is almost implemented and the savings seems to be even higher. Summer/ fall 2007

20 C. Optimizing of compressed air system The Company has installed 5 compressor for compressed air, with a total effect on 405 kW, the one cpompressor has broken down and needs to be changed. The application produces compressed air at about 7,5 bar. Operationtime 8.760 hours/år Suggestion: One of the companys hughes endusers of compressed air is emptying trucks. One truck use approximatily 10 m3 compressed air/min with 0,8 – 1,2 bar, which means that the pressure in the mainsystem is throttled down from 7,5 to 1,2 bar. There also is a demand of very dry air. When they empty the trucks the pressure in the very end of the main system drops to 3 bar, which also is the absolute lowest accepted pressure in the main system. Establish a seperate compressed air system to empty trucks with a pressure of 1 bar. Reduce the pressure in the main system

21 C. Optimizing the compressed air system

22 Energy project: Measuring the application Analyzing the controlsystem Analyzing the needs Calculation on heat exchange potential Result: Change the hole application, 2 old compressors will stay for stand by Frequence regulating, which means no stand by loss. Lower the pressure in the main system, Dry air means better operation in the packing department Establishing heat exchange to the central heating system (saves 100.000 m3 gas)

23 C. Optimizing the compressed air system Savings: Electricity save new applicaion480.000 kWh/year Electricity save lower pressure 0,6 bar 120.000 kWh/year Heat Savings exchange98.000 m3 / N-gas Reduced supply cost 10.000 Euro/year Summary 92.000 Euro / år Invesment 160.000,00 Euro Simply pay back time1,7 year Is implemented summer 2006

24 C. Optimizing the compressed air system

25 Energyproject Natural cooling The natural cooling project has never started, probably because of the investment and not enough savings. A large ventilation project has started and is implemented. The savings is 5.700.000 kWh/year.

26 Case Grundfos A/S, Denmark Grundfos is one of the largest pumpindustries in the world. They produce more than 16 mio. pumps a year. They produce centrifugal pumps, and sells to more than 50% of the world market for these. Approximately 3500 employees in DK

27 Ventilation project at Grundfos Bjerringbro We have measured and calculated about 70 aggregates Total energycomsumption at ventilation approximately 4.500.000 kWh/year 60 aggreates have a simply pay back time less than 4 years We have only optimated the ventilator and motor The amount of air ventilated is the same before and after the rebuilding.

28 Aggregate before rebuilding

29 Aggregate before rebuilding


31 Ventilation project at Grundfos Bjerringbro Measured effect before saving: 14,7 kW Measured effect after saving: 5,7 kW – new energysaving axial ventilator – meaning no V-belts. As an added bonus there is a considerable reduction of noise using the new plants. Yearly saved energyamount: 72.000 kWh/ year Or61% Yearly operation time: 8.000 hours Simply pay-backtime 1,2 år.

32 Ventilation project at Grundfos Bjerringbro

33 EnergiMidt A/S Resultats 2006 Industri Disrict heating 1.026.507 kWh Natural gas 13.846.866 kWh Oil 2.406.836 kWh Electricity 9.487.602 kWh Others 1.490 kWh Public sector 968.063 kWh Private households 1.523.052 kWh Summary 29.779.116 kWh Target25.000.000 kWh

34 How to get started: Sighn a contract: It has been agreed that EnergiMidt A/S (EM) shall carry out energy saving consulting work at (the clients) premises located at (place). EM will make an energy screening of the premises and the technical systems and equipment installed with the purpose of identifying potential energy savings. A screening report will be submitted proposing to the client which focus items should be examined in further details. After measuring and analyzing the data from the agreed focus items, a proposal for energy saving projects including costs of investments and simple pay-back time will be submitted to the client. The fee payable to EM for the consulting work will be calculated according to the (model) as described in the enclosed Energy Saving Consulting Fees. The fee is payable weather the client decides to implement the proposals or not.

35 Energy Saving Consulting Fees. 1) Hourly Rate (Exampel): The counting of working hours starts when an agreement between the customer and EM on energy consulting work has been signed. The hours spent will be invoiced monthly. Terms of payment: 15 days from date of invoice.

36 Energy Saving Consulting Fees. 2) No-Cure-No-Pay (NCNP) Exampel: EM will perform the consulting work in steps: Screening, selection of focus items, measuring, analyzing data and submission of energy saving report incl. cost of investment and simple pay-back time. The fee is calculated as follows: If no savings with a simple pay-back time on 5 years or less are identified, no fee will be paid. If savings with a simple pay-back time on 5 years or less are identified, the fee is calculated as follows: Pay-back time 1 year or less:Fee is 75% of first years saving Pay-back time between 1 and 2 years:Fee is 50% of first years saving Pay-back time between 2 and 5 years:Fee is 25% of first years saving The fee will be payable in rates: 25% upon submission of screening report with estimated savings. 50% upon submission of energy saving report with calculated savings. 25% upon submission of report with verified savings. This payment will be adjusted according to actual verified savings. Terms of payment: 15 days from date of invoice.

37 EnergiMidt A/S Gitte Wad Thybo Thank you for your attension Quistions?

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