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Combi Series Webinar December 2008 Combi Oven Webinar: Combi Ovens Frank Barrett-Mills December 8, 208.

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1 Combi Series Webinar December 2008 Combi Oven Webinar: Combi Ovens Frank Barrett-Mills December 8, 208

2 Combi Ovens Program Equipment overview Specific Operational Information C/CPE K/KPE Features Competition How To sell Summery

3 Combi King Overview Largest selection of Combi ovens in the industry Both Boiler and Boilerless and the only company to offer a Bi-Combi Controls for every customers needs Stacking units In combination with other BKI equipment

4 The widest oven range in the world 3 oven lines K/C/B 2 levels of equipment boiler and boilerless 9 oven sizes

5 Boiler High efficiently boiler with preset warnings for de-lime process Simple de-lime process Controlled blow down and refills saves water (20% savings over Rational)*Wisconsin Combi Test Decreases Root Vegetable cooking by 30%

6 Boiler less Controls water use Cooks everything the Boiler unit can No Service costs for delimeing (est $300.00 a year, source Applebee's Restaurants ) Simple Cleaning of nozzle no boiler Cost of electrical use lower

7 Bi Combi You are the only supplier of a combi that can switch from Boiler to Boiler-less with three key strokes Energy savings of 20% when in Boiler less mode Water savings.5 gal hr for C/CPE units K units 2.5 gal hr. Use of boiler and boiler-less allows for an extended time between de-liming

8 Energy savings

9 The C control Simple knob and icon programming and operation. 10 programs with 3 steps in each 3 types of cooking Convection, Convection with moisture and Steam only Multiple fan speed selections Diagnostics Pre-set basic cooking and semi automatic clean cycles

10 The CPE Control Touch pad controls and programming 200 programs with 10 steps in each program Full pre-heat and cool down in all programs Clear screen can be seen from a distance Full maintained and diagnostic program supplied Full internet hook up supplied Full cook and hold and Delta T Program Full HACCP program supplied Remote operation by internet

11 Controls for everyone C/K and CPE/KPE controls can be operated in a manual time, temp, mode cooking C/K controls give the security of a know operation for those who have problems with computer controls KPE/CPE allows for the manual cook and the highest sophistation of a fully programmable computer.

12 Additional Important Features All CPE/KPE units get memory slots for memory sticks that can be pre-programmed for easy upgrades and menu changes Duel release doors protect operator and are additional cost with some and not available with others Hose sprayer not supplied bys some and additional cost by some Double glass/Cool Door system protects view to unit with easy cleaning, and acts as a heat barrier for cool door operation Easily removable door gasket for easy cleaning and prolonged life.

13 Features Continued Safety moisture catch from door to protect against wet floors as condensation drips down door. Also self empting Adjustable audible notifications Brightness of screen adjustable Multiple languages, program in one and then convert to another With all combis, a filtration system is supplied

14 #1 Rational #2 Alto Shaam #3 Henny Penny #4 Cleveland #5 Blodget #6 Electrolux(watch out for these people) Competition

15 Rational Preceded leader discussion All boiler units vulnerable due to energy and maintenance Chef program and marketing the best Local demos available and scheduled over the year Ground swell support as they were the first and did it well. Price above our boiler-less discussion

16 Alto Shaam Price leader, with some unique sizes The price for the unit is not the price for the unit, you build to where ours is Single door system Confusing operation Chef Support available Water drip problem Both boiler and boiler-less systems 7 pan system debunked( discuss) Major price increase on the way Big labor shake up

17 Henny Penny Great competition over complete line. Price increase 12/1/08 helps Combi ovens have not been widely accepted since they moved away from Rational to MTA oven from France Hard to program Heat exchanger problems with gas Lack of understanding of how to service Management shake up at the top

18 Henny Penny Continued Small selection of sizes Spec holes for us to fill Program not as sophisticated as ours Distributor focus problem nationally now

19 Cleveland Have some interesting accessories Hiding door High prices Boiler and Boiler less Little chef support No support on line Rep sold knowledge problems High energy and water use Discuss

20 Blodget Not a strong player in our industry More known for restaurant Size mix is good Controls are difficult to operate (computer unit) Price point high Boilers only Delime program difficult and semi automatic delime not successful

21 Electrolux The most unknown of all the units First review of units done two weeks ago hands on Controls are difficult and unnerving Few sizes Performance good, systems work Both Boiler and Boiler-less Priced High More to come

22 Discussion

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