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1 Oil shale – viewed in the light of the Estonian experience.

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1 1 Oil shale – viewed in the light of the Estonian experience

2 2 What is Oil Shale ? Oil shale is a sedimentary rock containing organic matter rich in hydrogen, known as kerogen Estonian oil shale: C 10 H 15.2 O 0.93 S 0.08 N 0.03 Oil shales of different deposits differ by, for example, genesis, composition, calorific value and oil yield Oil shale also contains mineral matter. In Estonian oil shale carbonates and sandy-clayey minerals

3 3 Global shale oil resources (million US barrels)

4 4 Grade of the global oil shale deposits in liters of oil per ton

5 5 European shale oil resources (million US barrels)

6 6 Production of oil shale in million metric tons from selected oil shale deposits from 1880 to 2000

7 7 Estonian oil shale reserves by fields and structure of the layer

8 8 Oil Shale Mining underground miningopencast mining reforestation of exhausted opencast areas enrichment of oil shale

9 9 What can we produce from 1 ton of Estonian oil shale? 125 kg of shale oil (9 500 kcal/kg) 35 Nm³ of retort gas (11 200 kcal/m³) From 1 ton of oil shale (2030 kcal/kg) 850 kWh of electricity

10 10 Material flow in the Estonian Oil Shale industry, 2005 OIL SHALE MINING 14.7 Mt/y SHALE OIL PRODUCTION 2.8 Mt/y POWER GENERATION 10.9 Mt/y HEAT PRODUCTION 0.7 Mt/y CEMENT PRODUCTION 0.3 Mt/y Shale oil 400 000 t/y Power 9 300 GWh/y Cement 820 000 t/y Heat 1 500 GWh/y

11 11 The development of thermal processing of oil shale in Estonia

12 12 Development of power and heat production from oil shale in Estonia

13 13 Emissions from Oil Shale Power Plants 1990-2004, 2005,2006

14 14 Emissions from oil shale fired boilers

15 15 The Environmental Requirements Influencing on Operation of Oil Shale Fired Power Plants 01.01.2008.a. – SO 2 binding on existing boilers >65%, – fly ash emissions < 200 mg/Nm 3 16.07.2009.a. – to reconstruct ash handling systems, and bring ash landfills in compliance with landfill directive 01.01.2012.a. – SO 2 emissions total <25 000 ton/year 01.01.2016.a. – Directive on the limitation of emissions of certain pollutants into the air from large combustion plants requirements will apply to all PC boilers, closing of PC boilers: 2004 - 4, 2008 - 4, 2010 - 4

16 16 Estonian oil shale provides:

17 17 Energy balance in Baltic countries, 2005

18 18 Huge oil shale resources in the world represent an important source for future energy supply 1.Oil Shale could be a useful part of an overall EU energy policy. Oil shale usage contributes to the security of energy supply in Baltic region 2.Direct combustion of oil shale for electricity production has shown a good technical progress and economic efficiency as one of the cheapest kinds of power in the Baltic region. Oil shale is also a useful source of oil and chemicals 3.The long-term experience of oil shale utilization in Estonia has turned into valuable know-how for using oil shale of different deposits over the world 4.EU should support efforts to further exploitation of the energy potential hidden in oil shale of the EU member states

19 19 Back-up information

20 20

21 21 Drying Thermal decomposition Combustion To condensation Oil Shale oil retorting process

22 22 Oil Shale Mineable Seam The mineable oil shale seam is of Middle Ordovician age and consists of seven sub-seams (denominated A through F1) that are divided by limestone partings of various thicknesses. Within the active mining areas, the thickness of this oil shale seam, without partings, ranges between 1.7 m and 2.3 m

23 23 CFB-Combustion System for Oil Shale Net Heat to Steam With oil shale 247 MWth With shale oil 112,5 MWth Main Steam 90 kg/s l 535C l 12.7 MPa Hot Reheat 77 kg/s l 535C l 2.4 MPa Steam Drum 13.3 MPa NET EFFICIENCY ~37%

24 24 Worlds biggest oil shale power plants are in Estonia Eesti Power Plant 1615 MWBalti Power Plant 765 MW Oil Shales share in power production in Estonia is over 95%

25 25 Worlds biggest oil shale power plant is Eesti PP Eesti Power Plant 1615 MW Balti Power Plant 765 MW Oil Factory Oil Shales share in power production in Estonia is over 95%

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