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Notre Dame Power Plant. Power Plant produces Electricity Steam for heat Chill water for cooling Domestic cold water Domestic hot water Compressed air.

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1 Notre Dame Power Plant

2 Power Plant produces Electricity Steam for heat Chill water for cooling Domestic cold water Domestic hot water Compressed air for building controls

3 Co-generation plant We produce 400 psi superheated steam in our boiler then use the steam to turn turbine generators to produce electricity. We extract a portion of the steam at a lower pressure from the turbines. We then use the lower pressure steam again for heating, domestic hot water production,and chilled water production.

4 Co-generation plant We are produce about half of the electricity the campus uses on the average day

5 Peak Demands Electric 24.4 MW 8/28/06 Chill water 15,100 ton/hr 8/1/06 Steam summer 321 klbs/hr 8/1/06 Steam winter 302 klbs/hr 2/5/07

6 Boilers NORMAL OPERATING SUPERHEATER - - - - - - OUTLET CONDITIONS - - - - - - BOILER #YEARFUELSTYPE BOILERMANUFACTUR ER MAX CONTIN UOUS PRESSURE,TEMP., INSTALLEDFIREDRATING, PPH PSIGºF 11961Nat. Gas & #6 OilKeystoneErie City65,000 *400Variable 21952Coal & Nat. Gas ** Stoker Union Iron Works 70,000400Variable 31952Coal & Nat. Gas ** Stoker Union Iron Works 70,000400Variable 41967Coal, #2 Oil & Nat. Gas CycloneB&W170,000400725 51973#2 Oil & Nat. GasA-FrameC-E180,000400Variable Packaged Total:555,000

7 Electrical Generator Units GENER.YEARMANUFACTUR ER MAX CONTINUOUS ExtractionExhaustCOMMENTS #INSTALLED(prime mover/generator ) RATING, KVAPSIG 11962Elliott/Elliott3,75010---extraction 21962Elliott/Elliott2,000---70Back Pressure 31967Fairbanks- Morse/Elliott 1,250NA Diesel 41983Fairbanks- Morse/Elliott 1,250NA Diesel 51990Elliott/Elliott2,500---10Back Pressure 61999Elliott/Elec. Machinery 6,25010---Extraction 72000Tuthill Murray/Ideal 11,75070---extraction 82004Caterpillar2,280NA Diesel 92004Caterpillar2,280NA Diesel 102004Caterpillar2,280NA Diesel Total:35,590

8 Chillers Chilled Water Units CHILER #YEARREFRIGERANTMANUFACTURERMAX CONTINUOUSTURBINE INSTALLEDTYPERATING, tonsINLET, PSIG 11962R-12Carrier1,500400 21962R-12Carrier1,500400 31967R-134ACarrier3,000400 41983R-134ACarrier3,30070 51990R-22York4,000400/10 61999R-134AYork4,00070 72000R-134AYork4,00070 Total:21,300

9 Fuel Coal / Gas/ Oil

10 #3 Stoker boiler Coal/Gas

11 #3 boiler firebox

12 #3 boiler water wall tubes

13 #4 Boiler Coal/Gas/Oil

14 #4 boiler cyclone

15 #4 boiler furnace

16 #5 Boiler Gas/Oil

17 #5 boiler Gas flame pattern

18 Turbine Generators 400 psi inlet steam 1 unit 10 psi exhaust back pressure 1 unit 70 psi exhaust back pressure 2 units 10 psi extraction 1 unit 70 psi extraction

19 #1 Turbine Generator 10 psi extraction unit

20 #1 turbine generator turbine rotor

21 #7 turbine generator rotor

22 #6 Turbine Generator 10# extraction unit

23 #7 turbine steam condenser

24 Extraction turbines have a steam condenser operating under a vacuum to condense the steam not extracted for other processes. The condensate (condensed steam) is returned to the boilers to produce steam again. The unused heat from the condensed steam is rejected to the lake. Before the water is returned to the lake it is cooled in 1 of 5 cooling towers Extraction turbines are able to meet variable steam load conditions and still maintain electrical production needs.

25 1-5 Cooling towers

26 #2 Turbine Generator 70 psi steam back pressure unit

27 #5 turbine generator 10 psi back pressure unit

28 #5 TG exhaust line

29 Back pressure units exhaust steam at a back pressure directly into a steam line. No condenser. No heat is sent to the lake. Not very flexible for load conditions. Must have some place for the steam to go. Electrical production varies with steam load conditions.

30 Conditions that rob plant efficiency Wrong boiler fuel to air ratio Water side boiler scale Fireside boiler slagging Turbine blade deposits Poor turbine blade condition Waterside steam condenser tube scale

31 BOILERS DATA BOILERHOURSAVERAVERAGEFEEDWATERSTEAMENERGYGROSSSTEAMBOILER HOURSSTEAM FEEDWATERSTEAMINPUTSTEAMNETTHERMAL OFTEMP.ENTHALPYFLOWGEN.FUELOUTPUTGAINEFFICIENCY UNITSOPERATIONDEG FBTU/#K#'S MMBTU PERCENT 1156721,34344546768862753878.2% 2246671,3409528821,2841,18299177.2% 3247221,3718467791,3531,06889966.4% 4177371,3802,0772,0292,8572,8002,38483.5% 5000000000.0% TOTALS: 1,3664,3204,1576,1825,6774,81377.9%

32 TURBIN ES HOU RSSTEAM EXTRA CT. AVER AGECOND AVERA GE ENERG Y GROSSGENER OFTOFROM EXTR ACT.FROMCOND.INPUT EXTRA CT.TO HEATENERGY OPE RATI ONGENER. TEMP GENE R.TEMP /EXHAU STFWHGENER.RATE PERCEN T UNITS HOU RSK#'S DEG FK#'SDEG FMMBTU BTU/KW H% 10000000000 0.0% 200 0 00 0 524904 305 1,2341,078 1563,1903.2% 6241,5041,167310337952,0541,395216386,62813.3% 7241,077563523514801,471728257189,85114.9% TOTAL: 3485.01730.0 851 4,7593,201461,5126,93431.4%

33 KWH'STOTALAVERCOSTTOTAL KWHENERGYOFCOST OF GENER.COSTGENERGENER. KWH$/MMBTU$/KWH$ 10$5.47450$0.00 20$5.47450$0.00 3000 4000 548,962$5.4745$0.0224$1,098.18 696,223$5.4745$0.0466$4,484.46 772,919$5.4745$0.0693$5,051.03 8000$0.00 9000 10000$0.00 TOTAL:218,104 $0.0488$10,633.67 Turbine Generator


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