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Page 1 Helping you maximize your fundraiser!. Page 2 Who is IML in the fundraising world? Why electronic fundraising? Auctions with IML Fundraiser – IML.

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1 Page 1 Helping you maximize your fundraiser!

2 Page 2 Who is IML in the fundraising world? Why electronic fundraising? Auctions with IML Fundraiser – IML handset option – IML tablet option – Auction item displays Fund-a-Need/Pledge events with IML Fundraiser After the auction/pledge The IML Fundraiser difference Please type in your questions throughout the webinar, and I will address them as we go along or at the end of the presentation. Agenda

3 Page 3 Industry Expertise: IML was the first company to develop handheld electronic bidding technology, and in the time since then has become an expert in the fundraising world With you all the way: At IML we pride ourselves on excellent customer service. An IML project coordinator walks your team through pre-event planning and 2 on-site technicians run the electronic fundraising system at your event Scalable: With IML Fundraisers product range we offer solutions for local schools up to national organizations Who is IML in the fundraising world?

4 Page 4 Why Electronic Fundraising More Time to Bid: The silent auction can be open throughout the cocktail hour, dinner, dessert and even later if you choose. This leads to more bids, driving up the revenue and market value of the items Mobility: Guests are able to enjoy the event from anywhere in the room without having to hover around the item sheets Control: One database can collect bids, pledges, raffle tickets and live auction items and create a comprehensive report post-event of all donations from the event Convenient, Simple & Fun: Handsets and tablets add an extra interactive level to your event that your guests will find intuitive and easy to use

5 Page 5 IML for Live & Silent Auctions

6 Page 6 Guests bid with pre- programmed smartcards (to name or bidder number) Recommend 1 handset per couple or person Not reliant on wireless internet IML Fundraiser on Handsets

7 Page 7 Bidding with IML Handsets

8 Page 8 Bidding with IML Handsets

9 Page 9 Bidding with IML Handsets

10 Page 10 If the minimum bid is not met, the handset says Minimum Bid Not Met Bidding with IML Handsets

11 Page 11 When a guest has been outbid on an item, a notification simply pops up on the screen of their handset which allows them to re-bid, wait or ignore the item. These instant outbid alerts enable competitive guests to re-bid on their favorites immediately, driving up the winning price and increasing revenue. Outbid Alerts

12 Page 12 Guests bid using a username and password, can pre or self register Recommend 1 tablet per table or as a bidding kiosk Works best for smaller item lists IML Fundraiser on Tablets

13 Page 13 Bidding on Tablets

14 Page 14 Bidding on Tablets

15 Page 15 Bidding on Tablets

16 Page 16 Viewing your Bids on Tablets

17 Page 17 Viewing your Bids on Tablets

18 Page 18 Silent Auction Item External Display Options

19 Page 19 ITEM: 100 Truck Container HIGHEST BID: BID BY: Pierre Montague HQ – plastic models 7 x 6 x 7 Estimate $7,000 $3,500 John Smith

20 Page 20

21 Page 21

22 Page 22

23 Page 23 Fund-a-Need Bring your attendees together for one common goal by holding an electronic fund-a-need Give your guests instant gratification for their donation in a very visual format – A totalizer external display is used to show donations coming in through the bidding devices on screens scattered throughout the event space Increase participation to reach your goal! – Attendees will see their donation on the displays in real-time Either host one call to action where attendees are asked to pledge at the same time or ask your guests to pledge throughout the evening whenever they feel inspired to give

24 Page 24 Fund-a-Need

25 Page 25 Fund-a-Need

26 Page 26 Fund-a-Need

27 Page 27 Fund-a-Need

28 Page 28 Fund-a-Need External Display Options

29 Page 29

30 Page 30

31 Page 31 $20K $10K $0K Pledge Goal Visual Totalizers A method of translating the dollar amount raised into a dynamic visual display. Think thermometer filling in. Guests see their money at work Image fills with color as amount raised increases

32 Page 32 sponsor logo

33 Page 33

34 Page 34 $54,000$86,000 $140,000 Widescreen format

35 Page 35 If you are considering collecting payment manually, IML can produce reports and invoices on-site, these include: – Summary reports (available 5 minutes post-close): containing names, winning bids and winning bid time. – Full invoicing (available 20-30 minutes post-close): individual invoices per person, containing name, all items won and checkout total IML Fundraiser easily integrates with most payment processing vendors – Please let your account manager know if you are considering a payment processing vendor After the Auction/Pledge

36 Page 36 IML has a fixed price guarantee – we will never take a percentage of your profits. IML Fundraiser can run thousands of bidding keypads on its secure, private network, and isnt reliant on wireless internet. With individualized smartcards and the ability to share devices, we can cater to every size event. At IML, we pride ourselves on our dedication to our customers. We make ourselves available to answer your questions and make the transition to electronic bidding as seamless as possible. Our R&D department built our devices in a way so they are intuitive and familiar to your guests. This makes donating money easy for your guests and encourages more fundraising activity throughout the event! The IML Fundraiser Difference

37 Page 37 Thank you! For more information or to speak with an account manager, please call 612-371-4428 or visit

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