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Views from the Archives Part 2 Click on each slide to move to the next one.

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1 Views from the Archives Part 2 Click on each slide to move to the next one

2 The fifth Vicar William Hassall 1948 - 1965 A 1960 view of Fr Hassall, in his trademark biretta, in procession to church

3 Fr Hassall at the parish party in 1950 to celebrate St Faiths Silver Jubilee Fr Hassall with the St Faith`s Cub Pack (1952)

4 Fr Tom Stanage Curate at St Faiths, 1958-1961 He later became Bishop of Bloemfontein, South Afri ca

5 The sixth Vicar Charles Alfred Billington 1965 - 1972 The Nave Altar, on its custom-built platform, as introduced by Fr Charles, seen today at Eastertide

6 The 1969 crucifer is today Fr Dennis Smith. Verger Jim Burgess is still going strong... Fr Charles and the St Faiths team in 1969

7 The seventh Vicar Peter Goodrich 1972 – 1983 The Goodriches with Church Wardens George Smith (L) and Chris Price Margaret Goodrich (far right) and curate Fr Peter Cavanagh (second right) in a St Faiths theatrical production

8 (L) Robert Runcie during the 75 th anniversary celebrations in 1975. Our most famous ordinand was a server here as a boy, was ordained in 1950, and subsequently rose to become Archbishop of Canterbury. He returned here several times before his death in 2000 (R) He presented us with this inscribed portrait at his enthronement Priests on Parade with the Vicar L to R Myles Davies, Dennis Smith, Tony Magness and Peter Roberts

9 Amateur dramatics flourished at St Faiths during Fr Peters time

10 The eighth Vicar Richard Capper 1983 – 199 7 Fr Richard and Fr Peter Cavanagh receive advice from long-serving sacristan George Goodwin

11 The ninth Vicar Neil George Kelley 1999 - The events of the last two incumbencies are recent and current history rather than archives: highlights may be accessed using the site index and search box facilities

12 The first archive slideshow St Faiths today slideshow The Churchs year at St Faiths slideshow 1 The Churchs year at St Faiths slideshow 2 The 1975 history of St Faiths (full text) The Robert Runcie pages The St Faiths clergy pages The picture index The home page We hope you have enjoyed these glimpses of the past century at St Faiths. The links below will access the most recent full history of our church; other links lead to pages which give more information about some of the people and events mentioned in the pages you have just seen. Finally, the St Faiths today link is to a slideshow of how our church looks today. Original presentation by Denis Griffiths; realised by Chris Price

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