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Welcome to WaferNet GmbH Eching near Munich, Germany April 2003.

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1 Welcome to WaferNet GmbH Eching near Munich, Germany April 2003

2 Agenda 4- Introduction of WaferNet GmbH 4- Overview of Products and Services 4- Overview of Customer and Vendors 4- WaferNet – Competence Center

3 WaferNet is a highly experienced international semiconductor materials network with a skilled technical sales team 4WaferNet Inc. m15 years experience in Semiconductor market mEstablished 1988 in San Jose, California m6000m² warehouse and office facility m400,000 wafers in stock m45 Employees m2002 revenue: $ 70m

4 WaferNet GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of WaferNet Inc. 4WaferNet GmbH mEstablished Jan. 2001 mEuropean Business Branch mLocated near Munich, Germany m600m² warehouse and office facility m40,000 wafers in stock m6 Employees m2002 revenue: 5m

5 WaferNet and Vendors WaferNet Vendors

6 2003 WaferNet GmbH Organization

7 WaferNet provides standard material from top tier wafer manufacturers 4Silicon wafers CZ and FZ from 1 to 300mm mLow particle wafers ( 0,09µm) mOrientation mResistivity up to 10k Ohm-cm mThickness 150µm – 1000µm mBacksides SSP, DSP,BSD, etched 4Ingots and Bulk Silicon m100mm to 300mm mFZ Ingots mAs-cut wafers mPoly and Pot scrap mSolar silicon products

8 A rough categorization of wafer grades can be made as follows: GradePrice Wafer GradesSpecifications Prime Grade Test Grade Mechanical Grade Particle Monitor Coin Roll / Dummy All Mech.,elect.,geometrical All Mech.,elect.,lim. geomet. Mech., elect. Mech., limited elect. Mech.,elect.,particles Wafer Usage Production / high-end tests Equipment tests / Monitor Handling / Equipment tests Handling / low-end tests Metrology tests

9 WaferNet is specialized in providing custom made products and specialty items 4Films mPhotoresist mThermal Oxide 150A – 20µm mPVD metal films (Al, Cu, Ag…) mBarrier Films (Ta/TaN/Ti/TiN (CVD/PVD) mPVD/CVD-Tungsten mElectroplated Copper mPE-CVD TEOS mPE-SiN mPoly Silicon mBPSG (10KA – 20KA, 4% B/4% Ph) mHDP (6KA or 8KA)

10 WaferNet is specialized in providing custom made products and specialty items 4Patterns m200mm and 300mm Shallow Trench Isolation (STI) and LTI 4Specialty Items m(B)SOI wafer 100mm – 200mm mQuartz and Glass Wafer (100mm – 300mm) mGaAs and Germanium Products mDiced Wafers

11 What makes WaferNet different is a high customer service orientation 4Customer Solutions m> 450,000 wafers in stock mSame day global delivery mInternet access to inventory mWafer management program mCustom wafer manufacturing 4Wafer Service mWafer reclaim (100mm – 300mm) mCu-reclaim mWafer cleaning mLaser marking mWafer analysis mCassette, FOUP and FOSB cleaning

12 WaferNet GmbH covers the entire European customer base in 4 major industry areas 4Equipment market requires wide range of wafer grades 4IC/Opto-Electronics/MEMS market needs specialty items 4Univ. and R&D centers value our services 4Chemical / Coating market challenges industry with new developments Customer Types in Semiconductor Industry UNIV. MEMS Equipment IC R&D UNIV. MEMS Equipment IC R&D WaferNet provides all industry areas with the specific material they need

13 300mm 47% 29% 150mm 5% 125mm 3% 100mm 12% 3" & 2" 4% Europe 200mm 3% 1% 50% 42% 2% USA 100mm125mm 150mm 200mm 300mm The European market requires more small diameter wafers than the North American market.

14 WaferNet is your silicon competence center for maximized customer satisfaction 4- WaferNet sales team has competent technical training 4- Contact and selling with purchasing as well as with end-users 4- Customers purchasing decision based on: mAvailability mQuality/Specification mPrice 4- Product data provided as standard service 4- Customized solutions 4- After sales support

15 Thank you for your attention! Michael Gartz Account Manager Europe Phone:+49 (0)89- 370627-50 Fax: +49 (0)89- 370627-77

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