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Achieving Faculty BUY In: The Assessment Investment.

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1 Achieving Faculty BUY In: The Assessment Investment

2 THERE IS A PRICE! Time Money Personal Commitment

3 THERE IS VALUE 3 Goals established for Office of Academic & Student Affairs: Program Excellence Student Recruitment National Recognition

4 Program Excellence is the Key to Everything Else: If you have excellent programs, students will come If you have excellent programs, you will be recognized nationally

5 TIMING IS IMPORTANT CTAHR recently reorganized creating many new or revised programs Or, you can declare a fresh start

6 If programs are new or revised or you are embarking upon a fresh start, it is a good time to begin program assessment

7 You must have a PLAN Faculty need to know the beginning point and the end point, I.e. periods of low time commitment and high time commitment Faculty need to know what it is they are expected to create and what function it will serve, I.e. its value (program improvement, WASC, program reviews) Faculty need to know that their time is well spent and their product not shelved

8 Developing Your Plan Assess where you are in the process both collectively and individually, I.e., college-wide and by programs Start with what you have (capstone courses, internships, critical skills & competencies) Determine your weaknesses (where do you need help?) and get help for these areas Make your end product clear (folders with specific content –first assessment Fall 01 or Spring 02) Keep it Simple & Specific (scoring rubrics) Do it!

9 The CTAHR Plan Develop college and program goals and objectives Develop matrixes matching goals and objectives with specific courses Develop scoring rubrics for capstone courses to measure meeting of objectives to include individual student scores and class summaries Feedback to courses not meeting objectives to make appropriate changes yielding program improvement; those meeting objectives commended

10 Provide Help Along the Way Develop a series of workshops to provide foundation for assessment tool development and use: #1: Goal and Objective Writing and the Development of Program Matrixes #2: Incorporating Goals and Objectives into Capstone Experiences and Developing Scoring Rubrics #3: Writing Syllabi that Measure Student Outcomes and the Analysis of Assessment Tools and Scoring Rubrics and their Application to Course Improvement #4: Other Assessment Tools

11 Provide Additional Help Sessions Schedule small group meetings between workshops for consultant to work with faculty, some need more help than others, everyone wants to be successful and it is reassuring to have professional help when you are breaking new ground Schedule additional workshops as you move into data gathering and analysis and their importance in program improvement/excellence

12 Continue to Emphasize the Value of Assessment Have faculty share their successes with each other within the college Finance faculty trips to conferences to present their findings and learn from others Incorporate important information into the Catalog, syllabi and other written materials The Value of Program Assessment in reaching college goals

13 Come Join Us At UH Manoa Accept The CTAHR Challenge!

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