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Partnering with Education and Research Katherine Beal GM, Carrier Products 360networks Confidential.

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1 Partnering with Education and Research Katherine Beal GM, Carrier Products 360networks Confidential

2 2 Agenda 360networks Overview & Post-Bust Strategies History of partnering with research and education Products & Architecture Q&A

3 3 Overview 360networks delivers high-quality, low-cost, telecommunication services via our powerful North American network We are a major facilities-based carrier with long-haul and metro presence throughout the United States and Canada –29,000-mile North American network –69 North American markets served –46 US markets –23 Canadian Markets –36 North American cities with metro presence Our US focus is wholesale bandwidth services –Targeting carrier and large enterprise customers –Private line and wavelength services Group Telecom provides Canada with a competitive spectrum of telecommunication services –Traditional voice and data products, as well as IP Transit –Over 13,000 Commercial and residential customers

4 4 History & Milestones 360networks origins date to 1987, forming as the telecommunications subsidiary of one of North Americas largest construction concerns, Ledcor Industries Since 1987, weve designed and built optical networks for companies such as AT&T Canada and Bell Canada, as well at 10,000 route miles of our own network Voluntary restructuring in 2002 allowed 360networks to significantly reduce debt without compromising operational delivery and success –Reduced our debt from $2.7 billion, to $215 million upon emergence –Refocused strategy to serve solely the North American sector Acquired Group Telecom in February 2003 –Canadas largest independent competitive telecommunications provider –Strong metro and regional presence throughout Canada –Offers voice and data services to the small, medium, large enterprise and carrier customers Acquired Dynegy Communications in May 2003 –High capacity broadband network spanning more than 16K route miles throughout the US –Access points in 44 US cities –Metro presence in 13 US cities Submitted Asset Purchase Agreement for Touch America Private Line & Internet Business (~ 60 Days to Close)

5 5 Financial Strengths 360networks is a consolidator, successfully navigating troubled Telecom waters Solid revenue base –Recurring revenue approaching $14 million per month Bank approved business plan –Our rationalized network will take $28 Million annually out of our cost structure –Cash-positive EBITDA in 2004. High degree of liquidity –Greater than $63 million of cash with no net cash burn Successfully restructured balance sheet with low degree of financial leverage –$215 million of debt –Interest based on LIBOR plus five percent

6 6 Valued Customers Carrier Customers: –AT&T Canada, Big Pipe, Fusepoint, Infonet, Microsoft, MTS, Navigata, Peer 1 Networks, Sprint, Telus, T-Systems, Universal Access, Videotron, Call Net, CP Railway, HydroOne, KMTS, Qwest, Telus, Thunder Bay Tel Research & Education Customers –Canarie Inc, Canarie Atlantic, GTaNet, Canadian Universities & School Boards Commercial Services Customers: –Cisco, EBay, Electronic Arts, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Bank of Montreal, Scotia bank, RBC Dominion Securities, TD Bank, Alberta Energy, American Express, Bombardier, Allstate Insurance Government Accounts: –Govt of Canada, Govt of Newfoundland

7 7 Post-Bust Strategies Take Advantage of Consolidation Opportunities –Leverage financial sponsorship to augment our network and services with attractive acquisitions Focus on Financials –Cost Reduction –Success-based investment in network augments Cost-Based Pricing for Future Success –Cost + margin based pricing –Cost efficient network architecture facilitates pricing advantage –Positioned to replace inventory Provide Flexible Partnership & Deal Structures

8 8 Network Footprint Vancouver Los Angeles Seattle Calgary Phoenix Denver Winnipeg Houston Atlanta Chicago Miami Toronto Buffalo Ottawa New York Albany Montreal Boston McLean VA / Wash DC Dallas Edmonton Thunder Bay Sudbury Quebec City Philadelphia New Orleans Austin Stratford Portland Halifax Jacksonville St. Louis Memphis Detroit Salt Lake City Sacramento Raleigh Victoria Kamloops Las Vegas Minneapolis Kansas City San Fran Cincinnati Oakland San Luis Obispo Tampa Charlotte Cleveland Indianapolis Baltimore Fort Worth Nashville Pittsburgh Not all Canadian POPs and metro networks illustrated Hartford Stamford Saskatoon Regina Barrie London Hamilton Kitchner Kelowna Moncton Saint John St. Johns NFLD San Jose Newark San Bernardino Ogden Orlando Tuckerton Lynn Jackson E. St. Louis Omaha Boise Fresno San Antonio Mobile Birmingham Tallahassee Princeton Richmond San Diego Metro Networks Metro Partners Ready LH POP Dark Fiber POP Lit Services Route Lit + Dark Fiber Route Dark Fiber Route KEY Regen / Potential LH POP

9 9 In Canada, 360 acquired the largest independent local access provider with fiber connectivity to 2,200 on-net buildings –Additional connectivity through unbundled network elements through incumbent Strategic interconnection agreements with U.S. based metro access providers Ongoing effort to increase metro access partnerships –Waves –Transport –GigE Private Line –DS3 Private Line –DS1 Aggregation in US –10/100 Aggregation in US (late 2003, cross border focus) Acquiring additional assets to augment existing network footprint Network Footprint

10 10 Product Differentiators Robust North American Footprint Large footprint (Canada and US) Strategic Interconnection Agreements Performance Leader Proven Performance Will back our performance with: 1.Rigid SLA (Availability/Provisioning) 2.Reporting on SLAs 3.Refund / Credits Provided if SLAs Not Met Technology Leader Mesh Topology – Cost effective protected service offering for data services customers Intelligent Optical Switching 10/100 Ethernet with Local Access in Canada Optical Virtual Private Network (Pay as You Grow – Requires Channelized Interface) GigE Private Line (Pay as You Grow – with GigE Interface)

11 11 Research & Education Partners Major research networks currently supported Unique partnership arrangements and pricing strategies provided to research & education community Experience collaborating with research & education –Allows us to see first hand new innovations in networking application that will emerge in future commercial and carrier sectors –Positions us with business owners / leaders of the future –Brings significant network traffic to our platforms Current major research customers include –CANARIE –GTaNet –Universities and School Boards Working toward partnership with NLR

12 12 CANARIE Partnership Halifax Edmonton Seattle VancouverWinnipeg Quebec City Montreal Ottawa Chicago Halifax New York Regina Fredericton Charlottetown Victoria Campbellton Windsor London Sudbury Thunder Bay Saskatoon Buffalo Minneapolis Albany St. John's Toronto Boston Kamloops Lead provider of Ca NET 4 (red) Current effort focused 10G wave augments (green) CANARIE Atlantic Provider Member of CANARIE Review Board Calgary

13 13 Research & Education vGTaNet vGreater Toronto Area vUniversities and University Hospital Interconnection via Dark Fiber Solution vUniversities & School Boards –Networking and Internet access to institutions as part of Schoolnet / Grassroots, etc:

14 14 Product Summary North American Carrier Service Offering –Infrastructure Services (Collocation, Dark Fiber, Conduit) –Wavelength Services –Transport OCn –GigE Private Line –DS3 Private Line –DS1 Private Line –Services Supported using High Capacity Longhaul DWDM Intelligent OEO Switching Platform Canada - Additional Commercial Service Focused on Medium and Large Enterprise –10/100 Ethernet WITH Local Access –Voice (Local, LD and PRI) –LAN / WAN Services –Internet Access –IP Transit Intelligent OEO Switch High Capacity DWDM Wavelength Services Transport Services

15 15 Infrastructure Dark Fiber and Conduit for sale, lease, or IRU grant, dependent upon capacity and underlying rights Long Haul and Metro Dark Fiber –LH Fiber available for sale: 725,000 fiber-mi –Metro available for sale US: 28,000 fiber-mi Canada: 68,000+ fiber-mi Option to include space & power in shelters and POP sites where available –Comes with operations & maintenance service (O&M) Long Haul and Metro Conduit - conduits of various types & sizes –Comes with operations & maintenance service (O&M) 360 can build or purchase dark fiber from our demarcation points to customer locations where cost justified Space & Power / Collocation Space –Telco Collocation: -48V DC power environment –Server Collocation: AC UPS power, typical raised floor environment

16 16 Wave & Private Line Services Wavelength Services provides high capacity point-to-point unprotected bandwidth between two locations on 360networks North American backbone –2.5 and 10 gigabit per second bandwidths –Fully transparent Private Line services provides point-to-point bandwidth solutions –DS1, DS3, OCN Private Line in North America –Metro Access Solutions in Canada DS1, DS3 and OCN Services (OC-3 to OC-48) –Metro Access Solutions in US On ramp to Intercity Network Only –North American Intercity Solutions Flexible Protection Options –1+0 (Unprotected), Mesh Protected, and 1+1 Protected Quickly provisioned, flexible, upgradeable

17 17 Pay as You Grow – OVPN (SONET Based) The ability to purchase increments of bandwidth at STS1 granularity (50Mb/s chunks) The ability to quickly upgrade bandwidth when needed – software provisioning after initial port and STS1s established – up to the full speed of the port purchased –15 Business day target for initial provisioning interval – If we miss customer gets one month free service (for POPs with existing SN3000s) –3 Business day provisioning for STS1 provisioning interval – Target is provisioning in hours instead of days The ability to configure protection options (1+1, Mesh or unprotected) at the STS1 circuit level No premium charges above standard point-to-point OCN service pricing

18 18 Gigabit Ethernet Service Gigabit Ethernet customer interfaces Pay as you grow dedicated bandwidth in 50 Mb/s chunks (SONET STS1s) Features –Each STS1 can be unprotected, mesh protected or unprotected –Supports existing GigE interfaces –50Mb/s to a full GigE –Transparent delivery - customer owns flow Control & rate Shaping –Provisioning and availability SLAs aligned with Transport & OVPN Benefits –Significantly lower cost router interfaces –Ability to scale bandwidth up in 50Mb/s increments as customer traffic requirements grow. –No need for any level of in-house SONET expertise. –QOS Simplified No statistical muxing or frame switching is performed. Customer Ethernet frames are directly mapped into their dedicated SONET pipe through the network.

19 19 360networks Service Commitment Service Delivery Commitment –To meet our committed delivery date (or first month is free) –Targeted delivery within 15 business days on all on-net services in inventory Service Availability Commitment –To provide protected services at 99.999% (any circuit length) and unprotected services at 99.9% (circuits less than 750 miles) for all on- net circuits –To measure availability in monthly intervals –To provide credits if availability falls below SLA commitment

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