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C/Coronel Aranda, 33005, Oviedo Tfno:985231410 Fax: 985277474

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1 C/Coronel Aranda, 33005, Oviedo Tfno:985231410 Fax: 985277474


3 Paté de oricios Ref: Al.1 Weight:100 g Price:4,30 per unit -The delicious and famous paté de oricios (Pâté of sea urchin) from Asturias. -Handmade and ideal to accompany with toast. -Ingredients: Sea urchin, hake, butter, tomato, eggs, natural spices and salt.

4 Bonito a la sidra Ref: Al.2 Weight:280 g Price: 4,70 per unit Excelent tuna from the Cantabric sea with a cider taste.

5 Chorizos a la sidra Ref: Al.3 Weight: 320 g Price: 3,60 per unit. Authentic premium quality sausages Asturian cider prepared. Ready to heat and enjoy a dish of our cuisine. mmm… yummy!

6 Cabrales´s cHEESE Ref: Al.4 Weight: 500 g Price: 10,40 per unit -Blue cheese. The process to make this cheese, which matures in the caves of the Picos de Europa, gives the cheese its special characteristics. It has been under the PDO (product under the domination of origin) since 1981 and was the first of the Asturian cheeses to get this accreditation. -Ingredients: cow, sheep and goat milk

7 Jerky Ref: Al.5 Weight:150 gr. Price: 6,10 per unit Jerky is a sausage obtained from beef parts naturally cured and cold air, slightly smoky, and great authentic flavors. Enjoy every moment of this sausage quality, suitable for eating only accompanied by a good loaf of bread, or to be used in multiple combinations with other products

8 Cider Ref: Al.7 - Pack of 2 bottles of Asturian Natural Cider. - One of the best ciders in Asturias, which is backed by the repeated proclamation of the year as best cider in the famous competition, The First Taste of Cider of the Season". PACK PRICE: 5,55

9 Fabada Ref: Al.6 Price : 6,15 per unit (two portions) -Asturian bean stew prepared with quality ingredients, ideal for two servings. -The kit includes: fabas (beans), bacon, ham, chorizo and black pudding, and the recipe of authentic Asturian bean stew.

10 Sweet apple The Collotense Ref: Al.8 Price: 2,30 per unit -Delicious, fresh and artisan prepared, it has an apple and sugar flavor. It is light brown in color (there is no added coloring), and has an intense flavor sweet apple. -Ideal as a topping for desserts or by itself as a dessert or fruit substitute, its easy to cut, and it doesnt stick in your mouth. - Ingredients: selected apples and sugar. Presented in a 400 gr plastic box

11 Casadielles Ref: Al.9 Presentation: 1 dozen box Price: 8,80 -The most traditional Asturian desserts. -Ingredients: wheat dough, water butter, walnuts, hazelnuts, anise and sugar.

12 Marañuelas Ref: Al.10 Presentation: 1 dozen box Price: 6,70 -Asturian typical sweet pastries, handmade in the traditional way, with flour, sugar, eggs, butter, and lemon zest. - Made with the highest quality raw materials and their careful preparation will provide a distinctive flavor that makes it a deliciously sweet.

13 Carajitos del profesor Ref: Al.11 Weight:350 g Price: 5,50 -Typical handmade pastries from Asturias -Ingredients: hazelnut, eggs, honey and sugar.

14 Don Pelayo´s stones Ref: Al.12 Weight: 200 g Price: 7,25 Exquisite combination of different chocolate candy toppings and caramelized Marcona almond crunch. An explosion of flavor.


16 Wallet Ref: S.1 Price: 3 Cheerful red wallet with white dots and a picture of a cow imitation of Marilyn Monroe. Amaze your friends with this striking bag make an impression....

17 Mobile case Ref: S.2 Price:3 Mobile Case with images of hearts and comic tone cows. Cheerful and carefree....

18 Key-ring with leds and sound Ref: S.3 Price:2,50 Hilarious keychain with that will amaze all your friends. LED and sound are just a complement to their great design.

19 Key-ring with chains Ref: S.4 Price:2 Key ring with Asturian reasons decorated with bright metal made: the Victoria´s Cross, the cow, cider, apple.

20 Trisquel pendant Ref: S.5 Price: 3 (for pendant) -Triskel is an ancient symbol made up of three circles which is connected to the sun, life, etc -Here, you have a beautiful pendant with Celtic mythological symbols. -Made out of metal

21 Tetrasquel pendant Ref: S.6 Price: 3 Tetrasquel is one of the main symbols of Asturias, although much more universal than the former (also used, for example, in India). It attracts luck and is considered a protective symbol.

22 Magnet notebook and pen Ref: S.7 Price: 2,50 Great notebook with magnet for the fridge, perfect for any type of task point daily. It has a black marker to write down everything.

23 Magnet photo frame Ref: S.8 Price: 2,50 This ingenious invention is to enjoy every day of your best pictures, placed in a jovial frame that will warm your kitchen.

24 Bag dispenser Ref: S.9 Price: 4 Useful bag dispenser, the perfect invention to maintain ordered their bags. Now you'll always know where to find them....

25 Bowl MANCHAS DE VACA Ref: S.10 Price: 2,50 Useful cow shaped bowl. Your breakfast will be more cheerful and so nice.

26 Cup with spoon Ref: S.11 Price: 2,50 Mug with image of a cheerful cow, perfect to start the day with optimism. It has a funny cow spoon.

27 Estura S. Coop -All Products have the VAT included. -The cost of transport is included -For more information (about prices, quantities, etc.) please contact:

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