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Your partner. Your provider. DeveCore DeveCore Corporation 2012 This is a brief presentation about DTx, the SMS gateway from DeveCore. For more technical.

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1 Your partner. Your provider. DeveCore DeveCore Corporation 2012 This is a brief presentation about DTx, the SMS gateway from DeveCore. For more technical details, it is highly recommended to refer to the initial product documentation.

2 About DTx DeveCore Corporation 2012 DTx is a messaging exchange solution from DeveCore. It is a comprehensive SMSC. The solution is composed from several soft layers acting as a complete system for high speed / capacity SMS transaction. It is designed to address the challenges in mobile communication industry. DTx is capable to maximize productivity and make SMS business easier, moreover, it can transform any connected business to a messaging business throughout the rich scope of services it offers. Developers have their own room to play with the DTx API.

3 The engines DeveCore Corporation 2012 Profile manager Billing Routing Pricing 44 2 2 1 1 DTx has 4 main engines active in the core of the platform and controlling all automated operations. 3 3

4 1. Customer Profile manager At least one account is needed for each customer to enable connection with DTx. DTx IN is the connection binding the SME to the platform. The two main supported protocols are SMPP and HTTP. Other protocols can be implemented upon request. Accounts (DTx IN) Customer manager is the interface used to create and edit customers profiles. Each client will be considered as an independent object Information filled are basic and formal i.e. business name, contact info, billing address, etc…. Profile DeveCore Corporation 2012 1 2 2

5 2. Carrier Profile manager The connection provided from any carrier is named DTx OUT. As the name suggests, thats the path used to transport SMSs to the other side. There are many characteristics for any route, this is dependent on the international specifications published by the ITU and to any special requirements set by the carrier itself. Routes (DTx OUT) Carrier manager, just like the one with customer is the interface used to create and edit profiles. Carrier is the partner allowing any SMSC to go online. It can be an internal hub, a GSM network or an aggregator, this all depends on the available business partnerships. Profile DeveCore Corporation 2012 1 2 2

6 Carrier and Customer Pricing Add a pricing list for destinations by the special upload / insert feature. Carrier Define the SMS price for the account for create a custom pricing per destination rule. Customer 33 Connect an account to a price, or enable LCR. Setup Each carrier has its own pricing list. This list can be uploaded from the DTx Panel. Once done, the platform will automatically publish the obtained prices according to destinations (Country, network). The prices are used in routing, and in charging the available credits in any customer account. 2 1

7 DeveCore Corporation 2012 Carrier and Customer Routing Add a DTx OUT connection. Carrier Add a DTx IN account for the customer. Customer 33 Choose which route to use for the customer traffic, or create a custom rule or simply enable LCR. Bind In DTx, routing is smart yet very easy! There are three different ways of routing: 1.Automatic (LCR): least cost routing is a well known method which allows the system to use the cheapest available route to submit any SMS. 2.Custom rule: DTx has a special routing engine. It makes it possible to choose a different route for each destination, network, based on pricing and quality. 3.Predefined routing: to define which connection to use with a specific account, so that all traffic will be automatically diverted without any calculation. 2 1

8 Agreements and documents Legal DeveCore Corporation 2012 tSame as customer, scan and upload! CarrierCustomer tUploading the agreement will publish it to the related profile, i.e. customer or carrier. Legal department, officers, will be able to preview, print and forward any selected documents at ease and with no time. Upload Of course, a business agreement is the governor of any partnership. It is vital to keep this accessible in an easy to access place. DTx allows to upload and preview any agreement whenever needed. Two simple steps are needed: 1- Scan 2- Upload 33 2 1

9 DeveCore Corporation 2012 Create customer and carrier profiles with DTx IN and OUT connections. Tell the platform which costs what, so that it can do the job well. Green light! SMS exchange has never been easier! Summary Connect with customer and carriers Start production, make money! Add prices and coverage maps

10 Features worth noting DeveCore Corporation 2012 DTx LIVE is the interface using which a real time follow up is done. Numbers and statistics on the go are displayed in a visually friendly frame. Live monitor DTx Anchor is the engine responsible for generating all sorts of reports and statistics, i.e. daily usage, traffic, profit, expenses, etc… Statistics and reports The built in billing system allows a safe and easy way to manage transactions. Financial officers can get access to this section for closer supervision. Billing

11 DTx IN, the listener. DTx Legal, the document store DTx Panel, the web manager DTx Anchor, the reporter DTx OUT, the sender. DTx LIVE, the monitor DTx Billing, the how-much controller DeveCore Corporation 2012 What you see is what you get. Package 11 22 33 44 55 66 77

12 Numbers Throughput and capacity DeveCore Corporation 2012 HTTP Other DTx 5 SMS / sec 10 SMS / sec Up to 390 SMS / sec

13 THANK YOU! DeveCore Corporation. All rights reserved 2012

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