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The New “Avant 900 I” – Serie Launch January 2006

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1 The New “Avant 900 I” – Serie Launch January 2006
Mordaunt-Short The New “Avant 900 I” – Serie Launch January 2006

2 i - improvements: 3 finishes Calvados, Maple, Black
Bullet-Speaker Terminals Improved handling and contact Sound Improvements Crossover Woofer Cabinet

3 The 3 Finishes Maple Black Calvados MS Avant 904i, 906i and 908i

4 The New Finish: Calvados
The new finish is called „Calvados“. This is a very modern and elegant look for a loudspeaker and fits very well with today‘s style of interior. For those who like the more conservative designs we continue ‚Maple‘ and ‚Black‘. Unbelievable but true: It’s a foil finish…

5 The Bullet-Speaker Terminal
As known from our Performance speaker we implemented the new Bullet Speaker-Terminal in our Avant i-Serie. These terminals allow the use of banana plugs and offer an extremely tight connection to spades or on bare wires. Even the Bi-Wiring-bridges are optimized to offer improved sound quality.

6 The Crossover-Design air core inductors
second order filters on the tweeter path High quality internal wiring DVPC Dual Value Parallel Capacitors

7 Crossover Details Air core Inductors Lossless open and effortless sound. Second Order Filter Improved smooth detailed treble due to optimized phase behavior. Internal Wiring The high performance internal wiring ensures that every sound detail reaches the transducer and isn‘t lost on it‘s way. DVPC (2 parallel foil capacitors ) This special technique improves the dynamic behavior of our high grade foil capacitors further.

8 V-Form-Technology Touch it – feel it! The inside of the surround is thicker… Further research on our well known CPC drivers resulted in a novel design of the driver cone connection. The surround thickness varies from inside to outside. (e.g. V-form). Sound benefits are accurate pistonic operation and hence less non-linear distortion. … and the outside is thinner/softer!

9 Improvements on the Cabinet
Additional bracing – especially on the front panel New sound optimized damping material As before on Avant 900: Magnetic shielding of the drive units

10 The Stereo-Range MS Avant 908i, 906i, 904i and 902i

11 Avant 908i Price (pair) RRP € 858 ,-

12 Avant 906i Price (pair) RRP € 558,-

13 Avant 904i Price (pair) RRP € 338,-

14 Avant 902i Price (pair) RRP € 238,-

15 Bipol-Surround-Speaker 903i
The AV-Additions Center-Speaker 905i Bipol-Surround-Speaker 903i Subwoofer 309i

16 Avant 905ci Price RRP € 169,-

17 Avant 903i Price (pair) RRP € 258,-

18 Avant 309i Price RRP € 399,-

19 This makes the Avant 900i-Series so excellent:
improved sound quality modern design excellent build-quality bargain pricing magnetic shielding protection grille on Tweeter + implementation of latest technical achievements + well designed for Stereo and AV systems

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