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HomeSwapper Presentation The Professional, Easy to Use Service Working for Landlords Locally, Regionally & Nationally AgendaOverviewFunctionsStatsBenefitsPrice.

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1 HomeSwapper Presentation The Professional, Easy to Use Service Working for Landlords Locally, Regionally & Nationally AgendaOverviewFunctionsStatsBenefitsPrice

2 The Overview Functions Welcome…to the service –Search >> Search Results >> Full Details –Registration –My Pages >> My Matches –Match Alerts –Partnering landlords tenant approval process –Landlord implementation Statistics Benefits to partnering landlords More information AgendaOverview FunctionsStatsBenefits Price

3 Agenda Overview FunctionsStatsBenefitsPrice HomeSwapper launched in February 07 with a view to filling the void created by the CLGs decision to terminate the government funded National Homeswap service which was facilitated by the HOMES organization and more latterly moveUK HomeSwapper uses the software that had been developed for the CLG to replace Homeswap, so its the perfect replacement service but also it's a significant improvement in a number of ways HomeSwapper is now the UKs largest active database of social housing tenants looking to exchange homes and to date since launch we have had nearly 80,000 tenants register on the site and identified over 600,000 matches. HomeSwapper is constantly developing the site to aid both landlords and tenants including Under Occupancy Alerts for landlords.

4 AgendaOverviewFunctionsStatsBenefitsPrice Local and national service Quick and easy registration Instant access to contact details of potential swappers Automatic matching of new homes that meet registrants requirements Question / Answer channel to share information Frequent match alerts sent by email or text message Landlord support material and activity Exclusive landlord website area Under-occupancy alerts Accessibility - No-internet Return of the In, Out & Within LISTS!

5 Agenda OverviewFunctionsStatsBenefits Price To search for properties simply click the Search tab.

6 Agenda Overview FunctionsStatsBenefitsPrice To search for an area you will need to type in a town/village name we do not search by district Click Find/Check to bring up the area names below Bedrooms, Home Type and Rent amount will depend on what the tenant requires. Then simply click search to bring up all available properties. Select the distance you wish to search. (Distance is measured from the very centre of that area outwards) Select the correct area name from the drop down list that appears below

7 Agenda Overview FunctionsStatsBenefitsPrice This page will bring up all search results for the criteria you have chosen. Unless the tenant is logged in, they can only access Full Details of the property, they will not be able to obtain contact details or add the property to My favourites Unless they are a full member of the site.

8 Agenda Overview FunctionsStatsBenefitsPrice Full Details of a property will look like this.

9 Agenda Overview FunctionsStatsBenefitsPrice

10 Agenda Overview FunctionsStatsBenefitsPrice If a tenant is logged in they can add the property to My Favourites which would look like this.

11 Agenda Overview FunctionsStatsBenefitsPrice Useful information for landlords can be found in the landlord section of the site. Various information is available to landlords including case studies, relevant paperwork, posters and a landlord helpline.

12 Agenda OverviewFunctionsStatsBenefits Demo Text alerts fortnightly Email alerts weekly Letter alerts monthly ( optional )

13 This is an example of a partnering landlord link from their own website. It improves tenants options by making them aware HomeSwapper is free to them.

14 HomeSwapper can personalise application forms for you to hand out to tenants without internet access.


16 Registrations since launch over 80,000 Current registered applicants: 28,000 Applicants with matches: 75% Current matches: Over 600,000 Average Matches per Person: 30 Properties added to My Favourites: 128,000 Reported Swaps: Approximately 2,800 3, 5 & 6 ways! Over 230 landlords participating with HomeSwapper 800,000 units = 20% of national stock Agenda OverviewFunctionsStatsBenefits Price Feb 2007 to January 2008

17 Agenda Overview FunctionsStatsBenefitsPrice Why promote mutual exchange & HomeSwapper? Helps to reduce void costs Helps to identify under-occupancy Increases choice for tenants Inexpensive, quick & easy to implement Empowers tenants to try and help themselves Reduce transfer list?

18 Agenda OverviewFunctionsStatsBenefits Price The Uks only national mutual exchange site for both tenants and landlords Is a professional Local & National exchange service That is inclusive of all RSLs and their tenants With minimal landlord administration That empowers tenants with or without internet access Delivers landlords a managed mobility solution (KLOE) Effectively reduces void costs Identifies under-occupants willing to move Is the easiest, fastest & greatest chance of finding a match Is FREE to tenants of participating landlords Benefits of Partnering with HomeSwapper

19 Agenda OverviewFunctions Price "HomeSwapper is already being used extensively with up to 6 Raglan residents registering on the website every day. The service makes the whole exchange process easier and provides much quicker information for residents." Steve Hayes. Compliance & Support Officer, Raglan BenefitsStats "We looked into other mutual exchange services but they were not as professional as HomeSwapper, not by a long stretch Emma Brickwood, Senior Housing Assessment Officer, Hillingdon Homes

20 Agenda OverviewFunctionsStatsBenefitsPrice If a Landlord does not subscribe to the HomeSwapper mutual exchange there will be a monthly fee chargeable to their tenants The fee will be:- £ 6.95 per 3 months £12.95 per 6 months £23.95 per 12 months If a Landlord does subscribe to HomeSwapper service there will be no charge to the landlords tenants

21 AgendaOverviewFunctionsStatsBenefitsPrice Nil Direct Cost to Tenant As Previous List Cost (approx) Price on Application 4,00015,000-Above Nil3,00010,000-14,999 Nil2,5005,000-9,999 Nil2,0002,000-4,999 Nil1,0001,000-1,999 Nil500100-999 Nil2500-99 Extra Cost to Landlords Landlord Annual Fee £ Stock HomeSwapper costings when landlord does subscribe to the service. Fees are guaranteed to be frozen until at least 2009

22 HomeSwapper processing service for paper tenant application forms at £5 per form Lists £5.95 per list (£7.45 non partnering organisations) per 50 double-sided A4 printed sheets (plus postage and packing) Monthly letters detailing matches sent direct to their registered tenants who do not have email access at £1 per letter (plus postage and packing). *All Fees exclude VAT Optional landlord services AgendaOverviewFunctionsStatsBenefitsPrice

23 Moving forward… HomeSwapper Posters and link on web site Inform all tenants on transfer list Set up PC in reception Tenant day Order HomeSwapper lists Sign up to participate with full benefits To find out more call our landlord helpline on 08456 187162

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