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Q Beauty House Presenter: Raina, shelly, Tao, Joyce, Dania Professor: Michael O'Neil Class: MRK410ss Date: August 10 2004.

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1 Q Beauty House Presenter: Raina, shelly, Tao, Joyce, Dania Professor: Michael O'Neil Class: MRK410ss Date: August 10 2004

2 Agenda Mission Statement G.O.P.S.T SWOT analysis Hosting company Domain Name Site analysis and the cost Interacting with your site Visitors Privacy Policy Budget Flow chart

3 Mission Statement Our mission is to create a spa environment that is as comfortable as it is therapeutic and try our best to satisfy every customer who came into the spa.

4 Goals To be the most successful Beauty House website in Canada within the following 10 years The website provides unique products and services to customers

5 Objectives To establish Beauty House experts on line site and provide excellent customer services To inform customers about shopping online for Beauty House through direct mailing To create long term relationships between clients and company To keep the products safe and guarantee for consumers To make the company profits over 20% in average every year

6 Plans To understand customers need and build long-term relationships with customers To offer the proper discount for loyal customers To provide the best service before and after sale To increase the companys sales and profits To guarantee equipments safe and long-term use

7 Strategies To use testimonials on our website from previous customers who have satisfied with our products and services To develop our own catalogue where it can be placed for sale in retail stores To use some promotions to attract our customers buying desire To contact and communicate with other beauty salons

8 Tactics To use expert marketing research team to conduct our research To offer retailers special discounts To support some charity organizations by giving them a portion of profits earned To maintain customer database for promoting sp

9 SWOT Strengths We have an excellent location for our spa. Our place is in a big plaza near T& T Supermarket. It is better for us to do the promotion and attract more new customer. We have high quality skin care products. We are developing a strong reputation in the industry and have received positive feedback from 96% of our clientele. We offer different kinds of nail treatments. Every person can find one style fit for her. Our price is in the middle level, so most people can afford. We use various ways to do our promotion and build a good awareness.

10 Weakness We are new company, so we do not have a large number of loyal customers. Because of our high quality products, our cost is a little bit high.

11 Opportunities Most of our services are standard spa services. We have one opportunity to offer more specialized services depending on demand. (Ex. Chemical Peels or Mircrodermabraision) We have the opportunity to expand. We can add additional locations. Nowadays people are looking forward to high quality product, we can use our website to build up our international market. We can also create our own line of our own products in addition to the current lines we sell.

12 Threats There are a large number of competitors in the industry. Because Spa service is high price consumer goods, so many economic environment changes will influence our business.

13 Hosting company Plan Key FeaturesMySQL Database Cost $ 16.95/monthWeb Builder 5,000MB Disk SpaceDream weaver Compatible 150GB/ month BandwidthOnline Control Panel Unlimited E-mail BoxOnline User Statistics Free FTP Account4 Free Domains

14 Domain name Our domain name is, Sku: 250005-1-1941. The cost to register the name for 5 years is: unit price is 39.75 + ICANN free (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) $1.25, so total price is 41.00 US Dollars for 5 years.

15 Site analysis and the cost We use Metatraffic 2.1 to do the site analysis to our website. MetaTraffic is a web analytics software solution that provides insightful and detailed web traffic reports on visitor activity at your web site. MetaTraffic2.1 softer ware is $50 USD, license for use on one [1] web site and $125 USD for 5 websites.

16 Interacting with your site Visitors We have a page which is becoming a member. In this page we have a promotion which is if you become a member of our spa you will get a 10% discount for any other services. If the customer buy our facial treatment package (10 times), she or he will get 10% discount on any other treatment.

17 Privacy Policy Appointments: For maximum availability we recommend that you schedule your next services prior to leaving the spa. Scheduling: Scheduling is designed to permit the proper amount of time needed to complete your beauty services. Please help us by being on time so that no one will wait for their service we recommend arriving 15 minutes prior to your appointment to relax, unwind and change if necessary. Spa Packages: All of our spa packages may be customized to fit your personal needs. Cancellation: Please notify us at least 24 hours in advance to avoid a 50% cancellation fee.

18 Privacy Policy Gratuity: Gratuity has not been added into any of the service prices. Prices: Prices are subject to change Payment: We accept MasterCard, Visa, Debit Cards and American Express. Gift Certificates: Gift Certificates may be purchased in Canadian dollar amounts or for specific services. Retail Boutique: For all of your home maintenance needs. Our spa consultants will be pleased to assist you.

19 Budget

20 Flow chart

21 Thank You

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