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May 4, 2011 ToolTech 20111 ETI Business Meeting May 4, 2011.

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1 May 4, 2011 ToolTech 20111 ETI Business Meeting May 4, 2011

2 ToolTech 201012 Agenda Antitrust Statement Minutes from Last Meeting Membership report Financial Report Election Results Leadership Change Presidents Message Technical Committee Report Marketing Committee Report Investment Planning Guide Collision Repair Survey Report

3 Roll Call We have a record of the participating companies and will include it in the permanent record. A list of ToolTech participants will be sent to all ToolTech attendees. A current list of all ETI member companies is on the website. May 4, 2011 ToolTech 20113

4 May 4, 2011 ToolTech 20114 Membership ETI now has 73 Members not including subsidiaries. 11 of these members are associate members. We lost 11 members last year and gained 13 for a net gain of 1 companies So far in 2011 we have gained 5 new members and lost 7 for a net loss of 2 companies. There are three full members coming on board in May. We are in very good shape.

5 Welcome new members since the last ToolTech VRM Tech Test Products International Hella Gutman JohDow Industries May 4, 2011 ToolTech 20115 Redline Detection Tool Planet Elektron, Inc. Intellegent Mechatronic Systems

6 May 4, 2011 ToolTech 20116 Minutes from last Annual Meeting Available on the Website

7 Financial Report ETIs Member Equity at the end of 2010 was $794,360.08 or $121,957.61 over the previous year May 4, 2011 ToolTech 20117

8 May 4, 2011 ToolTech 20118 Election President: Alan Tecmire (ETAS – Robert Bosch) Vice President, Programs: Dan Brass (SPX Service Solutions) Vice President, Marketing: Ben Johnson (Alldata) Secretary/Treasurer: Neil Davis (Snap-on Diagnostics) Elected to three year terms on the Board of Directors: Jim Graninger (Robert Bosch, LLC) Peter David (ProgRama) Bob Holland (Chief Automotive Technologies)

9 Election (Cont.) Elected to a two year term on the Board of Directors: Brian Herron (Drew Technologies) Board Members (not up for election) with terms expiring in 2012 are: Garret Miller (SPX Service Solutions) Tim Morgan (Elektron, Inc.) David Rich (Innova Electronics) (Technical Director) Board Members (not up for election) with terms expiring in 2013 are: Greg Potter (DG Technologies) Nick Zalla (Helm, Inc.) May 4, 2011 ToolTech 20119

10 Bylaw Changes The most important change is an officer succession change. If the President cannot for any reason complete his term, the immediate past president will take over. If the immediate past president cannot or refuses to serve, the next most immediate past President will be asked to fill the position and so on until a past president is found to take the position. New Bylaws are on the website under key docs May 4, 2011 ToolTech 201110

11 May 4, 2011 ToolTech 201111 2010 -2011 President Mike Cable

12 Presidents Gift Harman Kardon AVR 260Panasonic 42 TV May 4, 2011 ToolTech 201112

13 May 4, 2011 ToolTech 201113 Technical Committee Report Charlie Gorman

14 Tech Weeks Summer Tech Week 2011 Round two planning meetings are set for May 16 and 17 in Troy, MI at the Embassy Suites Hotel. Tuesday, May 16 8:30 amETI Tech Committee Mtg. 10:00 amGM 1:00 pmFord 3:00 pmChrysler Wednesday, May 17 10:00 am VW/Audi May 4, 2011 ToolTech 201114

15 Tech Weeks Summer Tech Week takes place June 14-16, 2011 GM will have a full program this year, but it will be held at the headquarter hotel. We are not sure whether there will be concurrent breakout sessions yet. We will know by mid May. VW is working with Bentley. They will be providing data this year and may be able to travel to Tech Week to present. This has not been finalized. Volker Lantzsch, VW AG will be on the agenda BMW will participate on the collision side only. The OEM appreciation Dinner will be at the Walter P. Chrysler Museum. We are ready to launch the Summer Tech Week web pages May 4, 2011 ToolTech 201115

16 Tech Weeks Winter Tech Week 2011 dates are December 6-8, 2011 at the Portofino Hotel in Redondo Beach, CA 2012 Winter Tech Week will be held in Japan We have offers from SPX and Robert Bosch for meeting space in Yokohama. We also have an offer from Mazda to hold the meeting in Hiroshima using their facilities. May 4, 2011 ToolTech 201116

17 Scan Tool Group Special Meeting of the STG on Thursdy 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm ETI's involvement in SAE J1979 - We will discuss proposed changes to the SAE J1979 document including the car company proposal to move SAE J1979 services to UDS, notes taken during the last J1979 conference call and prepare for the next call to be held on May 13th at 10:00 AM EDT. Missing OEM Scan Tool information - There was a recent NASTF Tool and Equipment Committee meeting via conference call. It was the consensus of group that ETI needs to start using the NASTF Information Request system to file information requests for those OEMs who are not participating fully in the program. We need to come up with a plan to implement this process. TEK-NET Library - The library in its current form is expensive and not very user friendly. It is also clear that very few if any members are interested in creating reviews and or abstracts for the documents in the library. We will discuss alternative library ideas. May 4, 2011 ToolTech 201117

18 May 4, 2010 ToolTech 201118 Marketing Committee & ToolTech 2011 Report Jessie Korosec

19 Investment Planning Guide Charlie Gorman May 4, 2010 ToolTech 201119

20 Investment Planning Guide Project May 4, 2010 ToolTech 201120

21 Collision Repair Market Study Tim Morgan Bob Holland May 4, 2010 ToolTech 201121

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