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Rules of the Water Give-way Vessel Stand-on Vessel

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1 Rules of the Water Give-way Vessel Stand-on Vessel
When you are the give-way vessel – make you course correction early enough and obvious enough Stand-on Vessel Even if you are the stand-on vessel it is still your obligation to avoid a collision Maintain a Proper lookout Sight Hearing All other appropriate means for the current conditions In case of a collision Check on the safety of your crew and vessel FIRST! Advantage Boating, 2011

2 Rules of the Water Refer to “Safe Boating Guide” page 77
Power vs. Power Sail vs. Power Over taking Crossing Head on Special cases For the next 5 slides the brown boxes hide the correct answers – click to reveal Advantage Boating, 2011

3 Rules – Head On Advantage Boating, 2011

4 Rules - Overtaking Advantage Boating, 2011

5 Rules – Power Crossing (1)
Advantage Boating, 2011

6 Rules – Power Crossing (2)
Advantage Boating, 2011

7 Rules – Power vs. Sail Advantage Boating, 2011

8 Vessel Not Under Command
Memory Aid – Red over Red, Captain’s dead! Left picture – Not Making Way Right picture – Making Way Advantage Boating, 2011

9 Vessels - Restricted in Manouvability
Pleasure crafts are required to keep clear of “vessels restricted in their manoeuvrability” - due to things like: size, not under command, required to be on a traffic lane, a cable ferry Advantage Boating, 2011

10 Sail vs. Fishing Vs. A fishing boat hauling in it’s catch is restricted in its ability to manoeuvre Advantage Boating, 2011

11 The Buoyage Systems Four Main Systems in Canada Lateral Buoy System
Day Beacons Cardinal Buoys Special Purpose Safe Boating Guide pg 75 & 76 Advantage Boating, 2011

12 1 - Lateral System Most common system that you will see!
Port Hand Lateral Buoy - FlatOddGreen Starboard Hand Lateral Buoy - Even little red buoys have a point Bifurcation Buoys - Port & Starboard Fairway & Isolated Danger How to use the system… The 3 R’s Red Right Returning - From the sea (upstream) - To a port or harbour OHS of 1550 and NSC Advantage Boating, 2011

13 KNB K1 K4 KNB Port Hand Lateral Buoy Starboard Hand Lateral Buoy Port Hand Lateral Buoy Starboard Hand Lateral Buoy

14 2 - Daybeacons Daybeacons are the cousins to the Lateral Buoys…
But these are fixed to land! Port Hand Daybeacon Starboard Hand Daybeacon Junction Daybeacons Advantage Boating, 2011

15 Starboard hand Daybeacon
Port hand Daybeacon Starboard Hand Junction Buoy Port Hand Junction Buoy

16 3 - Cardinal Buoys They use the 4 cardinal points of the compass and direct you to where the safe water is! Colour Combination - Yellow & Black Top Marks - two triangles in different configurations Black top marks point to the black portion(s) of the buoy Use white light in different flashing patterns Advantage Boating, 2011

17 North South West East

18 4 - Special Purpose Anchorages Hazards Control Keep-out Swimming
Diving Private Placements – Racing spars in Britannia Bay These buoys will use white, orange and yellow for colour combinations Advantage Boating, 2011

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