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WKU Information Technology Division ResNet 2012 Join ResNet on Facebook!

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1 WKU Information Technology Division ResNet 2012 Join ResNet on Facebook!

2 What is ResNet? ResNet is a network and computer support service available to all Western Kentucky University students. Service may be obtained by contacting the IT Helpdesk at 745-7000 or visiting the ResNet office which is located on the third floor of the Mass Media and Technology Hall.

3 IT Services ResNet Office Location Third floor of Mass Media and Technology Hall (Welcome Desk area) ResNet Office Hours Monday – Friday = 8 AM – 5 PM Closed on Saturday and Sunday IT Helpdesk Hours Monday – Friday = 7 AM – 10 PM Saturday = 8 AM – 8 PM Sunday = 12:00 PM – 8 PM Phone = 270-745-7000 ResNet Web Address = IT Helpdesk Web Address =

4 IT Services Resources Available Include: WKU E-mail/TopperMail TopNet WKU Portal Blackboard WKU My Stuff (Network Storage) Access to the WKU Librarys on-line database More information can be found at

5 ResNet Services ResNet provides hardware support and software troubleshooting for all WKU students. Virus and spyware removal, hardware diagnostic testing, operating system re-installations, game console registrations, and data backup are just a few of the services we provide.

6 ResNet Services *Starting in 2012, ResNet now offers full hardware diagnostic and replacement services for all desktop and laptop platforms. If we identify a hardware malfunction on a computer which has no warranty, ResNet will provide the student a quote for a compatible replacement and it will be left up to the student to purchase the new hardware component. Also, ResNet staff are certified to perform Dell warranty work. Whether it's a new Dell computer purchased through our special purchase program ( or an older Dell with current warranty coverage, we can perform diagnostic services, hardware ordering and replacement, and re-installation all free of charge to the * = Exclusions such as warranty violations to hardware do apply.

7 Purchase Programs Western Kentucky University has Educational Purchase Pricing with both Apple and Dell available for WKU faculty, staff, and students. Special discounts and offers that are made available to an employee or student of Western Kentucky University are not available to the general public. More information can be found at

8 ResNet ServicesApple EPP Western Kentucky University and Apple have teamed up to offer faculty, staff, and students the benefit of participating in the Apple Educational Purchase Program. In addition, the discounts are not limited to computers. Most Apple products are available at a discount, with the actual discount percentage averaging around 10%. purchasing WKUs Apple Store

9 ResNet ServicesDell EPP Western Kentucky University and Dell have teamed up to offer faculty, staff, and students the benefit of participating in the Dell Educational Purchase Program. One can purchase LCD TVs, handheld devices, printers, as well as choose from over thousands of electronics and accessories at discount prices. purchasing WKUs Dell Store Front

10 Getting Linked Up Hardware Requirements A wired connection to our network requires an Ethernet network card and a patch cable. We recommend your network cable length to be between 15 to 20 feet. Network Access Control For your computer to be allowed on our network, you will be required to download and install a network security program from Cisco called Network Access Control (NAC). Once installed, the program will check and see if your computer meets necessary security requirements such as anti-virus protection and Windows Updates. Once your machine meets security requirements, your machine will be allowed onto our network.

11 What Do I Need? ResNet does not provide specified system recommendations to students because each students needs can be different. *As a general rule of thumb, most computers will be supported on our network; this includes both PCs and Macs. The only required equipment that you will need to provide is an ethernet cable if you wish to connect in the residence halls via a wired connection. *ResNet does not support the Linux OS for students.

12 Operating Systems ResNets computer repair division provides support for the following operating systems regardless of the computer brand: PC: *Windows 2000 Windows XP (Home, Pro, Media Center Ed.) Windows Vista (Basic, Home Premium, Business and Ultimate) Windows 7 (Starter, Basic, Home Premium, and Ultimate) Macintosh: *OS 9 OS X (Cheetah, Puma, Jaguar, Panther, Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, and Mountain Lion) *Important Note: The 2011-2012 academic year will be the final year in which ResNets computer repair division will support the Windows 2000 and MAC OS 9 operating systems.

13 Looking for a PC? When looking for a computer, consider the following: Your major - The requirement for the computer, depending on your major, is different. Your advisor can advise you on what software you will be needing to better aid you in deciding on a computer that will fit your needs. Portability Extended warranty - Consider extended warranty for duration of time in school. Extended warranties are highly advisable for any computer system. Anti-Virus software – This is a must to have. Fortunately, Western Kentucky University provides Symantec Endpoint Anti-Virus software for all WKU students. Make sure to uninstall your existing anti-virus software before you install Symantec Endpoint Anti- virus. You can download it at

14 Costs Does it cost anything when I bring my computer to ResNet? ResNet does not charge students for the services it currently provides. The only costs a student might incur is dealing with post-warranty issues on hardware or hardware replacement. For example, if ResNet determines a hard drive in your computer has gone bad, the student will be responsible for purchasing a new hard drive. We do assist student in providing price quote information for components the computer needs. However, the responsibility of purchasing the item lies with the student.

15 WKU Wireless

16 Network Equipment Are wireless access points allowed in the residence halls? No, you are not permitted to extend the network service in any way. This includes, but is not limited to, the installation and use of non-IT sanctioned hubs, switches, NAT routers, and wireless access points. These devices are prohibited and can result in service termination.

17 File Sharing File sharing is the practice of making files available for other users to download over the Internet and smaller networks. Peer-to-peer programs are often the preferred method of users that want to download and share files. While P2P programs have legitimate uses, using peer-to- peer (p2p), ftp, irc, or other applications to download or distribute copyrighted materials is against the law and against University Policy. WKU takes copyright violations very seriously and responds accordingly to each incident and violation.

18 File Sharing Consequences Western Kentucky University does not actively monitor users or look for those sharing files. However, copyright owners and organizations representing them often scan the internet for users sharing movies, music, or software and in turn contact the University to stop the activity. Failure to restrict your P2P application from sharing copyrighted files, whether you are aware of the violation or not, may result in your machine being removed from the campus network until the copyright violation is rectified. Additionally, legal action may be taken against you by the holder of the copyright for the material that was found on your system. Repeat offenders may have their network access privileges revoked and the infraction will be reported to the appropriate administrative department for further action. More information is available at

19 NetIDs Once you have been admitted to WKU, your NetID will be created. This NetID and password will be your universal login to the WKU Portal, TopNet, Blackboard, MyStuff, computer labs, WKU Wireless network and other IT services. You may look up your NetID and set your password at It is very important that you keep your login information secure.

20 Email Accounts If you are a new WKU student, you will be issued a WKU email account called TopperMail. Your TopperMail account will be accessible 24-48 hours after you have registered for classes. As a student, you will receive official communications via your TopperMail account, including administrative announcements, registration information, financial aid and important class information from your professors. Its very important that you maintain and check your TopperMail account regularly! You can access your TopperMail account through the WKU Portal or Visit to learn more about You can use your WKU email via the web at We also support all standard mail protocols such as POP3, IMAP and

21 Problems? What if I experience problems with my Internet connection? You can call the Help Desk at 745-7000 for questions or problems related to your network connection. Or, you can stop by the ResNet office in Mass Media and Technology Hall. If you call the Help Desk, you will be asked to provide your WKU ID.

22 Gaming Consoles You must register your game console to play online. You will need to provide the IT Helpdesk with the following information: Your WKU ID Username (ex. John.Smith or smithjc) Residence Hall and Room number (ex. Barnes Cambell Room 123) Contact phone number (ex. 270-936-xxxx) Console MAC Address (12 characters in this format: xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx)

23 iWKU iWKU is your easy mobile guide to information about Western Kentucky University. iWKU is a suite of apps that gives you instant access to campus maps, contact information, the course catalog, libraries, news, events, and more. Search for student, faculty, staff contact information with the Directory app. Store contacts, send email, or call directly. Use the Courses button to search the course catalog for current and future semesters. Find your way around campus with the Maps app, where you can search for building by name and find your way from here to there. With the Library button, search the WKU collection catalog on the fly. Get up-to-the-minute campus information, sports, and activities on the News, Athletics, and Events apps. Check out campus photos and multimedia on the Images and Videos buttons. Accessible from iTunes at: ku/id365191342?mt=8 ku/id365191342?mt=8 Other web-enabled mobile devices can visit

24 Safe Computing Create Strong Passwords Choose passwords that are difficult to guess, using upper case, numbers, and special characters. One way to create good strong passwords is to use part of a phrase that is easy for you to remember. This phrase can be a set of words taken from a book, a song, a quotation, a statement, or anything else that you always easily remember. This phrase should be easy for you, but no one else should ever think about attributing it to you. Install Anti-virus Software Anytime you open an email attachment, or download a file from the Internet, you are in danger of getting a virus on your computer. Viruses can potentially send themselves to everyone else on your email list, damage/delete files and programs on your disk drive or install hidden programs that allow an intruder to remotely control your computer. This is why it is very important that you install anti-virus software. Once installed, be sure to keep it updated. Antivirus developers continually release updates or virus definitions that help catch new viruses. WKU offers all WKU Students with a free copy of Symantec Endpoint Antivirus Software. You can access this at Run Windows Update Windows Update is the online extension of Windows that helps you to keep your computer up- to-date. Use Windows Update to choose updates for you computers operating system, software, and hardware. New content is added to the site regularly, so you can always get the most recent updates and fixes to protect your computer and keep it running smoothly.

25 Safe Computing E-mail Never open an email attachment from someone you do not know. Be sure your anti-virus software scans your emails. Never forward letters. Never forward virus warnings, as they may not be legitimate. Never use the "Unsubscribe" feature of Spam emails or reply to Spam mails because by doing so, you confirm the validity of your email address and the spammer can keep on sending you unsolicited commercial email. The proper way to deal with Spam is to delete it. You can also forward spam that you receive in your WKU email account to Back Up Your Critical Files Saving your files on your hard disk, portable media such as flash drives, and external hard drives is encouraged to prevent data loss. Downloading Files Be very careful about the software and files that you download. Only download files from trusted sources. Files from un-trusted sources may contain viruses or have adverse affects on your computer. Some downloaded software may also contain spyware. Spyware collects personal data about your web surfing and other habits and sends that information to advertisers or other interested third parties. Some examples of spyware carrying programs are Limewire, Imesh, Frostwire, and Bearshare. Do not download or share copyrighted files such as music or movies with out permission from the copyright owners. Copyright infringement is against university policy and state and federal law. The No Electronic Theft (NET) Act of 1997 allows for criminal prosecution of individuals who electronically copy and distribute copyrighted work, even if there is no commercial gain from doing so.

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