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Tech Works Making Specialized Communication Easy.

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1 Tech Works Making Specialized Communication Easy

2 Why a Room Status System? n Gives Providers the Information They Need u Patient Arrival u Patient Sequencing (Next Patient) u Staff Location u Requests for Assistance n Increased Efficiency n Staff Must Use It! u If they cant or wont it doesnt make sense

3 Clinic-Call TM n Room Status / Emergency Call System designed for: u Medical Office Building departments where one to four levels of calls are required u Room Sequencing capable (Dr. Follow) u Patient Arrival capable u Dilation timer capable for Physical Therapy and Ophthalmology departments u Simple 2 pair circulating cable plant

4 Staff Must Use It! n Any room status that the Doctors wont use doesnt benefit staff. u Doctor Follow tells the provider whos next. u Doctors use it because it helps them. n If Staff can understand it, they will use it because it helps them. u Patient arrival helps with Chart Up u Chart up tells them who and where to deliver the patient.

5 Room Status Design n Five basic areas: u Exam Rooms u Processing (Nursing) Stations u Work Rooms / Labs u Patient Waiting Rooms / Receptions u Public Areas (Rest Rooms)

6 Exam Room Components Room Status Substation Corridor Lamp Patient Waiting Chart Up Clinician Call Physician in Room Emergency Call Blue / Patient Waiting is available with a Count Down Dilation Timer for Optimology 52105220

7 Exam Room Options Dental and Mental Health Clinics sometimes need More Status Levels or the same Status in Many Places 5260

8 Exam Room Accessories Call Station Push for Help Duress / Panic Button 5251 5131 5221-H

9 Processing (Nursing) Station Master / Annunciator 5201

10 Work Rooms / Labs Zone Light / Duty Stations 5220ZL / 5220ZLT

11 Patient Waiting Rooms / Receptions Buttons under each column provide Patient Arrival activation of Blue light or Remote Room Reset 5200

12 Public Areas (Rest Rooms) Pull StationSingle Alert Light 52525234-R

13 Why Clinic-Call? Simple –Easy to Learn Easy to Use Effective –Manages room assignments and priorities so professionals stay focused on patients Flexible –Choose the components you need today –Add what you need at any time

14 Why Clinic-Call? Affordable –Intelligent components on twisted pair cable –Simple to install, easy to modify or expand –Easy to relocate if you need to move Expandable –Up to 64 rooms on a single system Cost Effective –All solid-state components consume very little power and lights never need replacing

15 Why Clinic-Call? Doctors will use it!Doctors will use it! Staff can use it!Staff can use it! Any room status that doesnt benefit staff easily wont get used!Any room status that doesnt benefit staff easily wont get used! Any system that Doctors wont use doesnt benefit staff!Any system that Doctors wont use doesnt benefit staff! Clinic-Call makes it easy!

16 Thank You for Your Time and Support 800-813-1080

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