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Agenda Welcome John Harnick EPMBarbara Jacius PO Amanda Starbala AP Cynthia Babbitt AssetsDavid Bonola.

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2 Agenda Welcome John Harnick EPMBarbara Jacius PO Amanda Starbala AP Cynthia Babbitt AssetsDavid Bonola

3 How do we Reach a larger Audience Distance Learning (web casting) Can be viewed repeatedly at a users desk Provides a permanent record Reduces the number of user group sessions Can track how many users connect and for how long Can add a satisfaction survey We can never hold enough sessions 11 Modules Sessions fill quickly Specific topics arent published in advance and attendees may not be the best target audience

4 How do we reach a larger audience? Benefits Save on Travel Scheduling Available to everyone at any time from the Core-CT website Recorded in a professional studio in Rocky Hill Recorded session available shortly after the session Drawbacks Audience will be limited Limited live questions Attendees might be recorded on camera or by audio Audience selection How do we Reach a larger Audience Web Casting

5 How do we reach a larger audience? Your Opinion Contact View an example Procurement 101 media/das.aspx media/das.aspx How do we Reach a larger Audience

6 Questions Question: Toggling between working and reference windows results in being kicked back to the login page, why? Answer: Single Session, cant sign out during the second session. Question: Why does adding lines to a purchase order require me to temporarily allow pop-ups? Answer: Work with your MIS staff, you may have pop up blocker turned on.

7 Agenda Welcome John Harnick EPMBarbara Jacius PO Amanda Starbala AP Cynthia Babbitt AssetsDavid Bonola

8 EPM Agenda EPM Enhancements EPM 9.0 Upgrade


10 EPM 9.0 EPM Upgrade September 15, 2008 Hardware Replacement Application Upgrade – Version 9.0

11 EPM 9.0 Why Upgrade? Faster Table Refresh Times Better Query Performance Build the Foundation for Analytic Reporting

12 EPM 9.0 Upgrade Query Clean Up 8.8 Queries not executed or updated within the last 18 months Broken queries, such as union queries with unequal number of fields Queries never run

13 EPM 9.0 Impacts to Users All EPM 9.0 Tables have been renamed 9.0 Reporting Tables prefixed with CTW_ (Connecticut Warehouse) Some field names have changed

14 EPM 9.0 Query Impacts All Existing 8.8 Queries have been copied to the new EPM Version 9.0 EPM 9.0 Queries have been updated with the to the new table / field names Query names did not change

15 Query Impact All Queries copied from EPM 8.8 to EPM 9.0 must be saved upon opening and before executing or scheduling EPM 9.0

16 Query Execution Impacts All Run Controls must be recreated All Queries previously scheduled must be saved before recreating new run controls and re-scheduling

17 EPM 9.0 New Job Aids All existing job aids have been updated with the new Reporting Table Names New job aids to provide the Old Table vs New Table Name listing

18 Questions ?

19 Agenda Welcome John Harnick EPMBarbara Jacius PO Amanda Starbala AP Cynthia Babbitt AssetsDavid Bonola

20 Purchasing Agenda Reminders Bundles Mini-Training Fiscal Year End/PO Roll PO EPM Reports Questions

21 Purchasing Reminders Workflow has changed from running every 15 minutes to running every 30 minutes Withholding-If a vendor changes from non-withholding to withholding future copying of a PO does not reflect the WH updates. Test Dispatch must not be checked when dispatching

22 Purchasing Bundles PO Balance Report Quantity Column Data Hidden for Amount Only POs

23 Purchasing Bundles Enhancement to the Purchasing Process Regarding Fully Matched PO Lines Users can now increase funds or quantities on fully matched PO lines. Prior to this enhancement, adding funds or quantities to a matched line caused accounting irregularities, such as deducting the additional funds directly from an agencys unencumbered budgets. Example: Your agency has contracted with a vendor for $1,000 of services. It is your agencys business practice to encumber funds quarterly. You create a purchase order for PO $250 to cover the first quarter. When the time comes to encumber funds for the second quarter, you can create a change to add $250 so the PO equals $500. Prior to this enhancement, you would have had to keep some funds on this line prior to creating the voucher to keep the PO from fully matching.

24 Please Remember Although you can now add funds to fully matched lines, please note: Never add funds to an over expended line – as always, do a change order to your PO prior to creating a voucher so that encumbrances will be properly reflected. Over Expending a line takes funds directly from the unencumbered funds WITHOUT creating PO accounting entries. You must have funds available on each distribution that you intend to roll – fully matched lines do not qualify to roll.

25 PO Mini-Training How can I tell if my PO is fully expended? Im glad you asked… 1.PO Activity Summary- Navigation/Purchasing/Purchase Orders/ Review Purchasing Information/ Activity Summary 2.PO Balance Report- Navigation/Purchasing/Purchase Orders/Reports/PO Balance Report 3.PO/AP Interface- Navigation/Accounts Payable/Review Accounts Payable Information/ Purchase Orders/Interfaces Scenario: Create an amount only PO, use two lines of distributions. First we will expend below the amount of the PO, then we will over expend.

26 PO Activity Summary Nav: Purchasing >Purchase Orders >Review PO Info > Activity Summary

27 PO Activity Summary Line 1 Open Amount = $100 – Not Over Expended

28 PO Activity Summary Open Amount is negative – is this PO over expended? YES it is!

29 PO Balance Report Nav: Purchasing > Purchase Orders > Reports > PO Balance Report

30 PO Balance Report Un-liquidated Amount is $50 per dist line – Not Over Expended

31 PO Balance Report The Un-liquidated Amount on this report is negative – is the PO over expended? YES it is!

32 PO/AP Interface Nav: Accounts Payable > Review AP Info > Interfaces > Purchase Order

33 Cask of fine soda PO/AP Interface PO Amt = $1000, Voucher(s) = $900 – Not Over Expended

34 Cask of fine soda PO/AP Interface PO Amt = $1000, Voucher(s) = $1100 – is this PO over expended? YES it is!

35 This year Core-CT rolled 17,180 purchase orders, exceeding last years roll by 5,096 purchase orders PO, Accounting and Budget dates should be identical on new POs; rolled POs will have a PO date from a previous FY the Accounting Date and Budget Date on rolled distribution will change to the first day of the new fiscal year You can no longer delete Distribution Lines Created By the Roll Process – these lines have already gone through budget check. Reduce or cancel lines. Purchasing Fiscal Year End/PO Roll

36 The following are examples of POs that must be closed prior to PO roll as they do not qualify to roll: Fully reversed POs (aka fully matched) Pending Approval, Pending Cancel and Open POs POs in Budget Error Make a Fiscal New Year Resolution: CLOSE POs EARLY (dont wait until year end) CLOSE OFTEN (run PO Reconciliation at least once a month)

37 Purchasing EPM Reports DOTPO_003_EPRO_REQUSITION_LIST Requisition List by Date and Dept DOTPO_W12_PO_REQ_CF_MISMATCHPO vs Requisition chartfield mismatch DOTPO_W16_PO_VCH_CF_MISMATCHPO vs Voucher chartfield mismatch DOTPO_W17_PO_RECEIPT_CF_MSMTCHPO vs Receipt chartfield mismatch DOTPO_W18_PO_CNTRCT_CF_MISMTCHPO vs Contract chartfield mismatch CT_CORE_FIN_PO_COMPL_BUD_ERRORPO Complete & Budget Error CT_CORE_FIN_PO_COMPL_BUD_CHKD PO Complete & Budget Checked BF_CORE_FIN_PO_GL71_REPORT_C GL 71 Annual PO Reporting - DAS CT_CORE_FIN_EXPIRED_CONTRACTSExpired but active contracts CT_CORE_FIN_PO_BAL_ALL_POAll PO Bal w/ or w/o Vouchers CT_CORE_FIN_PO_BAL_SUM_BY_PO Remaining PO Bal Sum by PO CT_CORE_FIN_PO_CONTRACT_ACCTG Contract information CT_CORE_FIN_PO_FULLY_VOUCHERED PO/Voucher by date range CT_CORE_FIN_PO_GL71_REPORTING GL 71 Annual PO Reporting CT_CORE_FIN_PO_NO_VOUCHERS PO's w/o vouchers by Fund, SID CT_CORE_FIN_VENDOR_COMMITMENTS Vendor Commitment CT_CORE_PO_CONTRACT_EXPIREPO Contract Expire Date CT_FIN_PEND_OR_CANCELED_POS EOY PO Pending, Approve CT_FIN_POS_ON_HOLD EOY POs On Hold CT_FIN_PO_BALANCE_DETAIL Remaining PO Balance Detail CT_FIN_PO_BUD_CHK_ERRORS EOY PO Budget Check Error CT_FIN_PO_DIS_WBAL Dispatched Bal with Zero Quantity CT_FIN_PO_DIS_WOUTBALDispatched without Balance CT_FIN_PO_POVCHR_ALL_BALANCES All PO Bal w/ or w/o Vouchers CT_FIN_PO_RECV_REQ RECEIVING REQUIRED CT_CORE_FIN_PO_ITMS_BY_CONTRCTCatalogue Items by Contract CT_CORE_FIN_PO_REC_NO_VCHRPO received not Vouchered CT_CORE_FIN_SAAAS_OPTION16_5_8SAAAS (detail by voucher # and PO#)

38 Questions ?

39 Agenda Welcome John Harnick EPMBarbara Jacius PO Amanda Starbala AP Cynthia Babbitt Assets David Bonola

40 Accounts Payable Agenda Hot Topics & Reminders OSC Reminders Voucher Styles Mini-Training Consumption Page

41 AP Hot Topics & Reminders If you don't want a payment to be issued, PUT THE PMT ON HOLD & LEAVE IT Include Journal Vouchers in Month-End cleanup procedures Check Post Group on your Control Groups New Reports in Catalog of Online Reports Use JobAid for GIRO Creation/Management

42 AP Hot Topics & Reminders Visit the Catalog of Online Financial Reports

43 OSC Reminders Remember to use/verify accurate descriptions on voucher Invoice Lines Describe what you are buying first Use only standard abbreviations Details are especially important for non-PO vouchers Purchase Orders for GIROs POs to pay other state agencies are OPTIONAL POs to pay other state agencies may be required by creditor agency POs to pay other state agencies are OPTIONAL if debtor agency initiates the transaction (Grant Transfers) It is NEVER acceptable to create a PO after the receipt of goods, services, or invoice – agencys or vendors

44 Voucher Styles Regular Reversal Adjustment Journal Template

45 Regular Voucher Regular PO Voucher:

46 Reversal Voucher Reversing full amount Returning Amt to PO Reversal voucher is taking back the full amount of PO, posted not paid.

47 Adjustment Voucher Creates a credit amount Updates PO

48 Adjustment Voucher For partial credits, adjust the 1-Total 2-Ext Amt 3-Distrib Amt Adjustment Voucher is a partial credit, the related voucher has not paid yet

49 Journal Voucher Relate JV to Regular voucher with incorrect coding

50 Template Voucher Template Vouchers have a Voucher ID and a Template ID (name)

51 Voucher Style Overview Regular Vouchers Used to pay vendors, employees, & state agencies. Always for a positive amount Reversal Vouchers Used to take back a voucher that should have not processed thru AP. Always for a negative amount. Adjustment Vouchers Used for debit or credit memos Journal Vouchers Used to correct coding Template Vouchers Forms used to create NON-PO vouchers.

52 AP Mini-Training Consumption Page Enter Usage details here Utility Acct Codes now have Attributes

53 Consumption Page Fill in Both Areas

54 Consumption Page SELECT UNIT TYPE: Paying for Propane Remember to select a Unit Type here. Then enter the Quantity consumed.

55 Consumption Page Forgetting to fill in Consumption Information… Selecting Yes will save the voucher. Selecting No produces the following informational message: Clicking OK allows you to navigate to the Consumption Page to enter utility details. Then, save the voucher.

56 Consumption Page MULTIPLE UTILITY CODES ON ONE VOUCHER: **Remember the rule that only one vendor invoice may be entered onto a voucher. Click here for addnl Consumption Info. Groupbox(es)

57 Consumption Page SECOND CONSUMPTION INFORMATION GROUPBOX (for additional Utility Code)

58 Consumption Page ***Note that when adding another Consumption Information groupbox, Utility Codes must be unique values. (i.e., you cannot have two Electr. Codes) and attempting to save the voucher will produce the following error: Once you see the error, click OK, and insert the appropriate Utility Code where identified in red; then update the values in the Quantity and/or Unit Type fields. If the groupbox was added in error, use the minus icon to remove that groupbox.

59 Consumption Page MANAGING UTILITY VOUCHERS: Manage your utility vouchers before and after approval… Prior to approving: Use EPM Query to compare Account Code to Utility Code After approval/payment: Use EPM Query to analyze/report on utility details Use EPM Query as the basis for agency-created private queries for consumption analysis

60 Consumption Page CORRECTING UTILITY INFORMATION: Use a Journal Voucher to correct usage errors Relate it to the original Regular Voucher Create only ONE distribution ($0) with the same coding as the original Regular Voucher EPM queries should display both amounts and total to the correct usage

61 Consumption Page UTILITY CODES / ACCOUNT CODES: UTILITY CODEACCOUNT CODEACCT CODE DESCRIPTION BIO-DIESEL53018Motor Vehicle Fuel-Bio Diesel 53039Aircraft Fuel-Bio Diesel 53059Watercraft Fuel-Bio Diesel BIO-HEAT53345Bio-Heat CABLE53900Television/Cable Services CHIL. WATER53347Chilled Water DIESEL53017Motor Vehicle Fuel-Diesel 53038Aircraft Fuel-Diesel 53058Watercraft Fuel-Diesel 53348Diesel-Generator ELECTR.53331Electricity ETHANOL BLND53021Motor Vehicle Fuel-Ethanol Blend 53040Aircraft Fuel-Ethanol Blend 53060Watercraft Fuel-Ethanol Blend

62 Consumption Page UTILITY CODEACCOUNT CODEACCT CODE DESCRIPTION GASOLINE53020Motor Vehicle Fuel-Gasoline 53037Aircraft Fuel-Gasoline 53057Watercraft Fuel-Gasoline HOT WATER53344Hot Water KEROSENE53346Kerosene-Heating NAT. GAS53338Natural Gas 53022Motor Vehicle Fuel-Natural Gas OIL #253340Oil #2 OIL #453341Oil #4 OIL #653342Oil #6 PROPANE53339Propane 53023Motor Vehicle Fuel-Propane SEWER53335Sewer STEAM53343Steam WATER53334Water UTILITY CODES / ACCOUNT CODES:

63 Questions ?

64 Agenda Welcome John Harnick EPMBarbara Jacius PO Amanda Starbala AP Cynthia Babbitt AssetsDavid Bonola

65 Assets Agenda Interfacing Receipt Information Keeping Interface Tables in Synch Depreciated Value/CO-853 Duplicate Serial Numbers CO-59 Questions

66 Interfacing Receipt Information All Asset Information Now Correctly Flows from PO Receipt to Asset Staging Tables

67 Interfacing Receipt Information Navigation: Purchasing, Receipts, Add/Update Receipts

68 Interfacing Receipt Information

69 Keeping Interface Tables in Synch Load Preview Physical A Load Preview Financial Load Preview Physical A Adds & Adjustments WorksheetRetirements Physical Inventory

70 Keeping Interface Tables in Synch Navigate to Interface Tables

71 Keeping Interface Tables in Synch

72 Load Status

73 Depreciated Value/CO-853 Report of Loss or Damage to State Owned Real and Personal Property: –FORM CO-853 Has been Updated to include : Depreciated Value Original Cost less Accumulated Depreciation

74 Depreciated Value/CO-853

75 Navigation: Asset Management, Depreciation, Review Depreciation Info, Asset Depreciation

76 Duplicate Serial Numbers Why is this important : Should be Unique Reconciliation Issues Serials can be Blank N/A (Not Valid) NONE (Not Valid)

77 Duplicate Serial Numbers Overtype Existing Information

78 CO-59 Important Reminders o October 1 deadline for Submission o Change deadline was July 15

79 Assets

80 Closing Thank You for your participation today We hope this information proved helpful Look for this presentation and meeting Q & As on the Core-CT Website PO/AP User Group Meeting 10/02/2008 AR/GL/BI User Group Meeting 9/25/08 & 9/30/08 ***(DONT FORGET TO SIGN UP)

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