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1 Virus & Security Protection presented by ® Les Multack (TechDoc)

2 2 Virus & Security Protection for Internet Users Basic considerations for home and business computers

3 3 Preview Todays security & virus threats to PCs. Overview of methods of protection. A recommended typical office setup. Our layered prescription for cure and prevention.

4 4 The Internet is the Street Physical Security Virus & Worms Pests, Key-loggers & Adware Trojan Horses Browser Hijackers Pop-ups & Messaging

5 5 Overview To protect yourself when using the internet you need to understand the big picture, then the pieces. Troja n Pes t Upgrades Hub Firewal l Viru s Cabl e Router Internet

6 6 I dont get it. Whats all the fuss? I just set up my virus software, it does its thing and I dont have any problems. So why do I need more than a virus program?

7 7 There is more to protecting your computer than setting up a virus program. Go to and you will see this …

8 8 MICROSOFT says:

9 9 The Big Picture We equate Internet security to Medieval days. There is no Internet army to stop an attack on you. You are on your own. To protect yourself you must build a castle and a really big moat around it.

10 10 The real issues Internet Router DSL, Cable or T1 NAT NAT & PORTS Software Firewall OS Vulnerabilities & Upgrades Virus & Email Protection NAT, PORTS & more Firewall Pests, Trojans Physical Security

11 11 Lets break down the pieces DSL or cable modem Router & Firewall OS upgrades & vulnerabilities Antivirus software Pest, Trojan horse and malware software Physical security

12 12 DSL or Cable Modem This is your Broadband, ISP, Cable provider or Satellite dish hookup Essentially, this is your high speed bandwidth connectivity to the internet. If you have dial-up (phone line), then you will not likely have a router or physical firewall. You will depend on software protection.

13 13 Router Splits up a single user on a DSL/Cable modem to into multiple users. Often serves as a firewall device. A commercial router, like a CISCO, provides many more capabilities.

14 14 Firewall A firewall has several uses. Primarily it is used to stop intrusion. It can be a software program on your pc or it can be a hardware device. Hardware firewalls protect more effectively than most of the low end software packages.

15 15 Software Firewalls Norton internet security (virus & firewall) (popular & suitable) McAfee (good web site) Trendmicro (great site too) BlackIce (technical, but also good) ZoneAlarm Pro4, or free (ZAP4: my personal choice for most protection and detailed control).

16 16 A worm is a program that can run independently and can propagate a fully working version of itself to other machines. It is derived from the word tapeworm, a parasitic organism that lives inside a host and uses its resources to maintain itself. A virus is a piece of code that adds itself to other programs, including operating systems. It cannot run independentlyit requires that its host program be run to activate it. As such, it has an analog to biological viruses those viruses are not considered alive in the usual sense; instead, they invade host cells and corrupt them, causing them to produce new viruses. Source: Technical Report CSD-TR-933*, Eugene H. Spafford, Department of Computer Sciences Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN USA 47907-2004,, Whats the difference between a Worm and a Virus?

17 17 Some classifications of Pests Hacker Tools KeyLoggers Spyware/Adware/Tracking/Cookies Trojan Horses Worms & Viruses Pop-ups & Message Pop-ups Browser Hijackers

18 18 Pest & Malware cures: Antivirus software is not enough! Pestpatrol Spybot – S&D GoZilla Adaware Your anti-virus software should now have this also.

19 19 Security/Virus links & tools,4149,1271385,00.asp

20 20 Security & Spam Keep a special email address that is only given out for business, important or personal communications. Other address for surfing and informational contact. Never open an email with no subject. Never use the preview mode of any email client. Never put your email address on a web page or the Internet. #1 way your email is harvested.

21 21 Serious Links FBI's Internet Fraud Complaint Center: FTC Spam: If you dont want resist getting your emails harvested: lAddressHarvested.htm

22 22 Windows Updates Microsoft issues vulnerabilities Some hackers try to exploit these before the anti-virus companies can provide protection Therefore, you need to keep using the update icon that appears on your pc. Start/windows update

23 23 Windows Update

24 24 Securing a small office DSL-CABLE ROUTER HUB Internet NAT Port & Ping Nothing? Anti-virus Firewall Softw Pest Softw Hardware Firewall

25 25 TechDocUSA Prescription Internet Physical Security Windows Updates – updated daily Anti-virus software – updated 2x daily Anti-spyware (multiple programs)–2 x daily Popup management – continuous Firewall – at least hardware, preferably both. Browser hijack management

26 26 Thank you

27 27 Virus Problems On Site Repair Networking Security Firewalls & Routers PC Upgrades Email setups Internet Access Hardware purchase Backups Web Design & Hosting Databases Programming Search Engine Optimization TechDoc Specializing in on-site emergency services for virus, security problems and networking. provides the following experienced professional technical services: 847.858.8200 ®

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