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Dansk Brodag 2006 Fra Lillebælt til Messina Lars Hauge Director, COWI.

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1 Dansk Brodag 2006 Fra Lillebælt til Messina Lars Hauge Director, COWI

2 Storebælt, East Bridge

3 Stretto di Messina

4 Messina Strait Crossing Basic Considerations Stretto di Messina S.p.A. was established in 1981 The current financial arrangement based on no direct contribution from the Italian State was approved in 2004 Shareholders : Fintecna 68,8%; Rfi 13 %; ANAS 13%; Calabria Region 2,6%; Sicily Region 2,6% Tendered as Design-Built based on a reference design Depreciation of at least 50% after 30 years of concession

5 Organisation Stretto di Messina SpA ATI Impregilo COWI (Design Suspension Bridge) Sund & Bælt Partner Dissing + Weitling Buckland & Taylor Ben C. Gerwick

6 Messina Bridge Pre-bid Investigations Technical Studies (December 2003 – January 2004): Global FE-model (IBDAS) Articulation of the Bridge Structure Optimisation of the Cables Optimisation of the Towers Optimisation of the Bridge Deck Review (April 2004): Review of Tower Foundations Review of Anchor Block Foundations

7 Messina Bridge Bid Design to be carried out for: Suspension bridge with 3,300 m main span On land: 20 km roadway (13 km in tunnel) and 20 km railway (18 km in tunnel) Toll station Contract Documents: 24 Preliminary Design drawings (2004) 250 informative drawings (1992) 125 specifications, test reports etc. (2 m 3 ) Italian and Euro Codes

8 Messina Bridge Tender Design of Suspension Bridge comprises: Structural design of substructures incl. foundation models Structural design of superstructures incl. global IBDAS model Design of secondary structures and systems (wind screens, service lanes, access facilities, pavement, rails, expansion joints, bearings, buffers etc.) Basic studies (design basis, seismic, aerodynamics, risk analyses, runability, safety and comfort analyses etc.) O&M incl. LCC and RCM Technological systems (management & control system, electrical and mechanical installations, structural monitoring system, anti- sabotage facilities etc.)

9 Messina Bridge TENDER EVALUATIONMAXATI IMPREGILO ASTALDI Price45 Finance55 Organisation1513,5 Technical % Aesthetic15 Use & Maintenance109,6 Construction Programme55 Sub-contractors55 Total10098,152,5

10 The crossing of the Strait of Messina Challenges: The worlds largest suspended span of 3300 m Road as well as rail traffic Triple box concept for the deck Seismic Wind Design life 200 years

11 Messina Bridge Global IBDAS Model - Geometry Model

12 Messina Bridge Messina Akashi Kaikyo Great Belt Humber Jiangyn The Great Suspension Bridges

13 Messina Bridge Suspension Bridges - Top 10: SpanYearLocation Messina3300 Italy Akashi Kaikyo 19911998Japan Great Belt16241998Denmark RunYang14902005China Humber 14101981UK Jiangjin13851999China Tsing Ma13771999Hong Kong Verrazano Narrows12981964USA Golden Gate12801937USA Höga Kusten12101997Sweden

14 Messina Bridge Triple Box Concept for the Suspended Deck: Main elements: cross girders spacing 30 m Secondary elements: two longitudinal roadway girders and one central railway girder spanning between the cross girders

15 Messina Bridge Mono-, twin- and triple deck concept

16 Messina Bridge Triple Box Concept for the Suspended Deck

17 Messina Bridge Suspended Deck: Steel quantities - total 62,500 tons: - Cross girders:22,000 tons - Roadway girders:29,500 tons - Railway girders:11,000 tons Steel quality: S355 (32%) / S420 (14%) / S460 (54%) Fatigue governing for design: for the roadway girder detailed analyses using a local IBDAS-model concluded that 16 mm deck plate and 7 mm trough stiffeners are required to obtain 200 years design life Save weight: 1 ton less in deck 1 ton less in cables and related savings in towers and anchor blocks Min. plate thickness roadway girder: bottom plate 8 mm and trough stiffeners 5 mm

18 Messina Bridge Aesthetics Severe impact from seismic loading Aerodynamic behaviour –Vortex shedding Optimise thickness/stiffeners Tight construction schedule –Fabricate/Erection 100.000 ts. in 24 month Towers - Key Issues

19 Messina Bridge Towers: Steel structures 48,500 tons steel S460 per tower Top level at +382.6 m Leg dimensions 20 x 12 m ULS seismic load combination governing for the tower legs Plate thickness in tower legs 30-85 mm

20 Messina Bridge Weight (166.000 ts) Availability of cable steel (World production capacity 3-4years) Stiffness (1:11) Erection time, how to erect 166.000 ts in 12 m (14.000ts/m - Great Belt 4.000 ts/m) Corrosion Protection 200 years service life (by dehumidification) Cables - Key Issues

21 Messina Bridge Main cables: Sag to span ratio fixed to 1:11 Twin cables spaced 1.75 m – i.e. total of 4 cables required PPWS-method One cable: 324 strands each consisting of 127 Ø5.33 mm wires - i.e. totally 41148 wires - outer diameter 1.20 m 153,000 tons - f u = 1860 MPa 77% of cable force comes from dead load Wires can reach 22 times around the World

22 Messina Bridge BridgeMain Span Cables (ts) Bridge Girder (ts) Tower Steel (ts) Total Steel (ts) Ratio Lillebælt Bridge (DK)600 m4.10013.800Concrete17.9001,1 Askya Bridge (N)850 m3.1004.200Concrete7.3000,4 Höga Kusten Bridge (S) 1.210 m6.00011.000Concrete17.0001 Great Belt Bridge incl. Approach Br. (DK) 1.624 m20.00076.000Concrete96.0005.6 Akashi Bridge (J)1.991 m56.00082.00050.000186.00010,9 Chacao Bridge (Chile)2x1.100 m 10.00019.000Concrete29.0001,7 Messina Bridge3.300 m166.00066.500100.000332.50019,5

23 Messina Bridge The bridge is a flexible structure Deflection mid-span (SLS) (Vertical 4.3m/Horizontal 13m) large movements (+/- 5.9m) pronounced wear of e.g. expansion joints repair and replacement interruption of the traffic discomfort for the bridge users Articulation - Key Issues

24 Messina Bridge Solution: Introduce a system of devices that prevents movement at normal operation conditions but during severe load conditions such as earthquake will allow movements of the girder and will be able to dissipate energy

25 Messina Bridge Buffer system: Acts as a damper combined with a spring Reduces the maximum movement of the deck in seismic load comb. Blocks longitudinal movements for buffer force < 10 MN

26 Messina Bridge Deck free at towers Suspended deck free at towers: Accumulated yearly expansion joint movements due to repeated longitudinal movements of the bridge girder for trains passing the bridge would be 65 km Excessive wear of the expansion joints Impossible to achieve a reasonable life time of the expansion joints Discomfort for bridge users and unreasonable maintenance costs

27 Messina Bridge A bridge with buffer system: The buffer force is limited to 3 MN during passage of a freight train Longitudinal movements are limited to the movements from local deflection of the towers and the bridge deck. The accumulated yearly expansion joint movements for train traffic is reduced to 1.6 km A long life time of the mechanical components is secured and comprehensive reductions of maintenance costs are achieved. Buffer system at towers included

28 Messina Bridge Angle of attack Internal wind screen on road Railway wall Aerodyn damping ζ a 54 m/s Aerodyn damping ζ a 75 m/s Flutter U c m/s Deck rotation at 75 m/s -4 0 0 0 +4 0 yes 6.0% 3.0% 7.0% 6.5% 5.9% 10.3% > 103 116 > 103 4.0% SdM accept criteria2%1%75 m/s Wind Tunnel Test, Section Model

29 Messina Bridge Soil Improvement Seismic Construction Schedule Quantities Anchor Blocks Sicilia: 315.000 m3 Calabria: 220.000 m3 Foundation - Key Issues

30 Brobyggerdagen 2006 Messina Bridge

31 Messina Bridge Anchor Blocks Sicilia:315,000 m 3 concrete Calabria:220,000 m 3 concrete

32 Messina Strait Bridge

33 Messina Strait Bridge Shear stresses along the surfaces of the anchor block. 3 2 4 1

34 Messina Strait Bridge



37 Messina Bridge

38 Load caseSicilian tower foundationCalabrian tower foundation safety factor settlementhoriz. displace ment safety factor settlementhoriz. displacem ent mm SLS2>1.88025>1.03045 ULS>3.770552.04075 SILS>1.89065>1.24050

39 Messina Key Dates for Tender 28 Oct 2004 Invitation to Tender for General Contractor (3 groups) 18 Apr 2005 One month postponement of Tender Submission 25 May 2005 Submission of Tender for General Contractor (2 groups) 12 Oct 2005 Temporary award to ATI Impregilo (Opening of Financial Prop.) 24 Nov 2005Final award to ATI Impregilo Dec 2005Filing of Claims by the Astaldi group Jan 2006Filing of counterclaim by ATI Impregilo 08 Feb 2006 Court Meeting no 1 : the tribunal requests 1 month postponement 08 Mar 2006 Court ruling : PdM are allowed to continue with signature 27 Mar 2006 Signing ceremony

40 Messina Bridge The Future Future Services: Progetto Definitivo (180 days) Approval Phase (max 540 days) Progetto Esecutivo (120 days) Construction (approx. 2007-2012)

41 Messina Bridge Staffing

42 Messina Bridge Dansk Brodag 2006 Fra Lillebælt til Messina

43 Messina Strait Bridge Strabag Bouygues Dragados Consorzio Risalto Baldassini Tognozzi (Mott) (Cleveland Bridge) Strabag Bouygues Dragados Consorzio Risalto Baldassini Tognozzi (Mott) (Cleveland Bridge) ATI IMPREGILO IMPREGILO Condotte dAcqua CMC Sacyr Ishikawajima Harima Heavy Industries (IHI) Consorcio Stabile (COWI) (IN.CO) ATI Astaldi Astaldi Impresa Pizzarotti CCC Grandi Lavori Fincosit Vivanini Lavori Ghella Maire Engineering Nesco Entrecanales Cubiertas Ferrovial Agroman Nippon Steel (Chodai) Strabag

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