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How to prepare your cable? How to install your crimp connectors? You can step forward and back in this guide using your arrow buttons...

2 The quality of your work can be seen by your customers...
Follow this guide to ensure a good result of your installation!

3 First of all... Please always make sure to use the right size of connector for your cable. Poor installation or using the wrong type of connector for your cable will decrease the electrical, mechanical and environ- mental performance of your system. Cabelcon manufactures various sizes of connectors, also to match your cable. Examples of Cabelcon crimp connectors

4 Use a proper cable stripper...
The use of Cabelcon’s Rotary Cable Strippers are recommended. They are all designed for precise stripping dimensions to match Cabelcon’s crimp connectors. This is important for correct connectorisation! Cabelcon’s Rotary Cable Strippers also save time on installation. Please read the instructions supplied with the tool. Rotary Stripper for RG6/59

5 - and the right hex size of your crimping tool
It is also important to crimp your connector with the right hex size (MINI - ALM - UNIV - RG11). Always crimp in one operation. Avoid to re-crimp with a smaller tool size or with another tool - not intended for crimping.

6 Now, we are ready to work... Strip your cable.
Stripping dimensions (A & B) must be as follows: A = 6.5 mm (4mm for EPA short) B = 6.5 mm at IEC (Europe) B = 8.0 mm at SCTE SP X (US) (a “B” dimension of 6.5 mm will be sufficient in most cases) Cabelcon’s Rotary Strippers are designed and pre-adjusted to make these dimensions in one operation. A B

7 Next... Fold exposed braid back over the jacket. This is how to do it:
For Quad shield, Tri shield and Super Shield cables: Remove the outer braid and foil only. Fold back the inner braid. Leave inner foil attached to dielectric. Make sure that the foil is undamaged and smooth. This is how to do it: Use your arrow buttons to go forward and back

8 Then... Most of Cabelcon’s F-crimp connectors for RG 6/59 have a built-in “tool” (chamfer) in the front part to ensure a smooth foil before installation - when needed. (Note: This is normally not necessary after using Cabelcon’s Rotary Cable Stripper). Before After Press the front part of the connector against the cable (when needed) and turn slowly to prepare the foil to enter into the connector .

9 Mount the connector... Push the connector over the foil and allow the support mandrel to slide between the foil and the braid. Press and turn until the dielectric is flush with the support mandrel face. A mounting tool can be used to keep a better grip on the connector during installation.

10 Now we are ready to crimp...
Open the crimp tool and place the connector in the hex opening. Crimp over the area (between the red lines) as shown. Slowly crimp the connector until the lever arm is closed.

11 That’s all... - and it’s that easy.
Please always read the operation instructions supplied with the tools. Mounting instructions for your specific type of connectors can be supplied from Cabelcon on request.

12 Finally - a selection of our tools for crimp connectors
Rotary Cable Strippers Item no for ALM, UNIV, EPA (RG6/59) Item no for new EPA (short body) Item no for RG11 Item no for DT596 (RG6/59) ALM, UNIV, EPA (RG6/59) DT596 (RG6/59) RG11 More tools..

13 - more tools for crimp connectors...
Cabelcon recommend the use of Torque Wrench Spanners when installing F-connectors. This is to ensure a proper installation in accordance to SCTE standards and thus to minimise the risk of heavy screening leakage. SCTE recommends a torque of 3,4 - 5,6 Nm for F-connectors. (More types can be supplied). Torque Wrench TW407 Item no Mounting tool - Item no Cable Cutter - Item no

14 and last - but not least ... Cabelcon’s crimping tools.
Type For use to A B Item no. CRP 106C ALM - MINI CRP 106H ALM - UNIV CRP 106F ALM - RG CRP 106J UNIV - RG

15 A Cabelcon guide to installation of crimp connectors December 1999
Copyright ©1999 by Cabel-Con A/S, Denmark


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