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HEMAKUL Pioneers in the manufacturing of Cable Pulling Grips in India, having commenced business operations in the year 1985 and founded by Mr M K Bhatia,

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1 HEMAKUL Pioneers in the manufacturing of Cable Pulling Grips in India, having commenced business operations in the year 1985 and founded by Mr M K Bhatia, backed by 30 years of experience in the cable industry which included training and various projects in Germany and the United Kingdom.

2 Defining Cable Grips Cable grips - sometimes called cable stockings or cable socks - provide an efficient method of supporting and pulling cables. They are re-usable tools (subject to inspection before re-use) and are not confined to cable applications but basically can be used to support or pull any cylindrical object within their grip and load carrying capacity. Hemakul standard cable grips are manufactured from high tensile galvanized and stainless steel wire rope. A skilled, hand woven construction process, coupled with individual product inspection throughout manufacture, ensures a high quality product for reliable and long lasting application.

3 Cable support grips Cable Support Grips used in Wind Turbines

4 Actual break loads (tonnes) are quoted, as a guide only, for cable grips. Application load is normally calculated to be reduced by at least a factor of five times the actual break load. Due to the wide variety of application parameters, the end user must apply a sensible safety factor to suit the safety requirements for the conditions of use. Application Load Capacity

5 When the correct cable grip is selected, cable installation through ducts, conduits and trenches is made considerably easier. Cable grips can often be used on a 'new for old' cable replacement by applying two grips on a 'back-to-back' basis with a solid link or swivel in between socks, allowing the old cable to be used to pull through the new replacement. Swivel links can be used to allow for reduced torque build-up induced by the pulling equipment and inherent lay in the cables themselves. Lace up cable grips can be applied anywhere along the cable length, preventing overloading of the cable. Pulling Applications

6 The fit of cable grips is the same as for pulling applications except that supporting socks normally stay in place, taking up support strain load. They can be of a single or double weave type according to the load to be supported and can have one or two supporting 'eyes' depending on the available anchor points and the disposition of the load. Due to the constant load bearing nature of a supporting application, allow for a 'factor of safety' of 10 and arrange for regular recorded inspection of the cable grip's 'condition of safety' throughout its active life.+ Supporting applications

7 Product Applications Cable Strain Relief Oil Support Cables Marine Applications Cable Support Sleeves Conduit Risers Fiber Optic Cable Applications. Target Users Trench Cable Laying Operators Oil Rig Operators Pipe Laying Contractors Wind Turbine Manufacturers Marine/Off Shores Contractors Winch & Elevator Manufacturers.

8 Products We take the initiatives to study the market requirements and fulfill the industry needs by manufacturing customer oriented Cable Accessories. Our product range comprises of the following: Standard Cable Pulling Stocking Stroke Grip Swivel Eye Grip Double Loop Stocking Lace Up Stocking Double Mouth Stocking Open Ended Grip Double Eye Grip Fiber Optic Cable Grips Rope & Stockings Cable Pulling Hoses Cable Accessories Anti-Twist Device.

9 Hemakul has specifically designed the OS – Type cable support grips in various sizes to suit the requirements of Suzlon Energy Ltd for their wind turbines. We aim at precision & complete customer satisfaction. Our product is manufactured from high tensile stainless steel (AISI GRADE 304/316) wire rope. The manufacturing process consists of a sophisticated team of technicians skilled to manufacture hand woven grips. These grips are tested to support cables of various diameters At internationally recognized engineering labs. Individual product inspection throughout manufacture process ensures best quality product, for a reliable and long lasting application.

10 The product – OS – Type Cable Support Grip OS Cable assembly stockings serve as suspension cables in industrial heavy & light equipment, cable shafts, etc. this cable assembly system enables support at complicated attachment points, wherein the braid covers a larger area of the cable, facilitating heavy weighted cable drops from heights. Design specific OS Cable Grips made for Suzlon Energy Limited are far superior in terms of quality and design.

11 Distinctive Features High Tensile Stainless Steel Wire for its anti corrosive properties and workability at low temperatures up to – 45 degrees Centigrade A Stainless Steel Thimble for extra Strength whereby the stainless steel wire (from the braid) is woven around it to provide extra support after crimping. The portion of the wires on the thimble is covered with a silicon jacket, specifically designed to sustain extremely high & low temperatures. A double ferrule crimping of the assembly ensures double safety. Certificate of conformance from Enercon India Ltd.

12 Specifications Design/Part no. Cable Diameter [mm] Breakload [kN] Braid Length L1 [mm] Overall Length L 2 [mm] HES – 12 9 - 126.76135340 HES - 19 15 - 199.28220450 HES - 25 19 - 256.00275510 HES - 30 25 - 306.32350610 HES - 40 30 - 409.32370660


14 List of clients Enercon India Ltd. Nicco Corporation. Finolex Cables. Oman Cable Company. Sterlite Cables. Universal Cables. Uniflex Cables. Usha Martin Cables. Seair Impex.

15 Contact us at: Hemakul 303, Visha Villa, Laburnum Road, Gamdevi, Mumbai -400 007 MAHARASHTRA, INDIA Tel: +91 22 23878213 / +91 98676 97840 Telefax: : +91 22 23878213 Key Personnel: Mukul Bhatia Cell: +91 98210 97840 Warning: Please note: Hemakul cable grips must not to be used as a primary lifting device.

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