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i.H.E.L.P. interactive Halcyon Electronic Learning Program®

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1 i.H.E.L.P. interactive Halcyon Electronic Learning Program®
A complete, interactive training CD for using Halcyon instruments to test communications circuits.

2 What is i.H.E.L.P.®? Interactive CD for technician laptop PC
Server-based version equips entire workforce Web-site based, 100% self-contained (no external links) Viewable with any browser Expert step x step instructions Covers all current model Halcyon test sets Over 200 Specific Circuit Tests Detailed

3 Why is i.H.E.L.P.® needed? Mass retirements of veteran technicians
Blending of POTS & Special Services workgroups Need to quickly equip younger technicians Management (Supervisor) reassignments Knowledge is required for dozens of service/transports Stocks of good, usable test sets sit idle- stranded investment Quickly equip extra resources for natural disasters Techs need simple “button-mashing” instructions Unified support information improves productivity

4 Services/Transports Covered:
POTS Dialtone DDS (Digital Data Service) T1 & Fractional T1 HDSL 2-Wire & 4-Wire Special Services (Analog & Digital) DID (Direct Inward Dialing) Trunks (Analog & Digital) Timing & Synchronization DCE/DTE (RS232, V.35, RS530, RS449) Signaling (DTMF, MF, Pulse, E&M BITS Timing (troubleshooting timing problems) Over 200 Specific Circuit Tests Detailed

5 Test Locations Covered:
MDF/PDF (also Switch Prompt commands for ISDN) DSX NID/NIU CPE

6 Tutorials based on Tech Notes from a Telephone Engineer®, “Fast Tutorials for Time-Challenged Technicians®” Tutorials focus on “need to know” details such as: Service/Transport Description Associated Equipment Delivery Configurations (topology) Demarcation Points/Devices Delivery Parameters (expected test results) Commissioning & Troubleshooting Processes

7 Additional Topics Covered:
Loop Calculation & Design Registered Jack/interface pin assignments Registered Jack/interface by Circuit Type Qualification Criteria of Copper Pairs for Services/Transports Identifying Faults on Cable Pairs & Station Wiring Test Set Selection Matrix (pick list by service/transport) Station Wiring Guidelines Noise Mitigation Specific setup instructions by: service/transport, test set and test location

8 Sample Screens: From the HOME screen, technicians are merely a click away from tutorials, job aides and STEP x STEP testing instructions for over 200 specific circuit tests

9 Sample Screens: Technicians can view jack wiring diagrams by clicking on jack number or circuit type

10 Sample Screens: Every circuit type includes a short tutorial, providing the technician with exactly what they need to know to test the circuit (and no more).

11 Sample Screens: Every tutorial includes drawings depicting typical circuit configuration, Identifying all accessible test points.

12 Sample Screens: The basic capabilities are identified for each model test set, allowing technician or supervisors to select the proper unit.

13 Sample Screens: Every type of potential copper pair fault is identified and explained

14 Sample Screens: Every required test process for “acceptance testing” copper pairs is depicted and explained, including list of required equipment

15 Sample Screens: Technicians and engineers can choose to automatically calculate loop parameters, or perform manual calculations.

16 Sample Screens: Automatically calculate Loop Loss, Loop Resistance
In this example, the technician entered 10,300 feet of 24 gauge, buried cable for calculating loss, slope and resistance. Loop 1,004 HZ = 4.70 dB Loop Resistance = Ohms Gain Slope = 2.3 dB 2,800 Hz Minus 1,004 Hz- also called Circuit Roll-off)

17 Sample Screens: The extensive, yet easy-to-read Loop Design Tutorial is a big plus for supervisors, engineers and support staff

18 Sample Screens: Formulas and examples for manually calculating
Loop Resistance and Loop Loss

19 Sample Screens: Pictures are displayed for all test sets, with specific Power Supply information.

20 Sample Screens: Complete, STEP x STEP instruction for circuit testing (button mashing and test cord connections) for over 200 specific circuit tests

21 Sample Screens: The TDR tutorial is especially helpful for locating split pairs and bridgetaps (bridgetaps fully explained in the “Qualifying Cable Pairs for Services” section)

22 Additional Benefits: CD scratch/crack protection
CD’s may be returned for new for small shipping/handling fee Upgrades to future revisions CD’s may be returned for upgrades to newer versions for S&H fee (future versions of same Volume/edition) Buyers receive discounts on other current and future dB Levels products

23 Other dB Levels, Inc. current and future products include:
i.H.E.L.P (covers non-Government versions of Halcyon test sets) i.H.E.L.P. GOV (covers US Government versions of Halcyon test sets) Virtual Help Desk for Modern Telecom Technicians Volume 1- POTS Dialtone through T1 Includes all of i.H.E.L.P, but covers nearly all legacy and modern test sets, including ISDN PRI for test set and 5ESS/DMS100 switch commands, and also DSL services. Volume 2- DS3 through OC192 & GigE Volume 3- LTE Volume 4- Wireless/Cellular Testing

24 i.H.E.L.P.® is a product of: Telecom Industry Test Solutions since 1975 Master Distributor: TesCom, Inc Northeast USA Sales: Tele-Concepts, Inc. - Edd Lemoine Canada Sales: TestworX - David Holmes

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