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a. Tim Berners-Lee b. Steve Case c. Bob Kahn and Vint Cerf

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1 4. Who developed TCP/IP, the original specification for the Internet’s protocols?
a. Tim Berners-Lee b. Steve Case c. Bob Kahn and Vint Cerf d. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak

2 Which of the following is the address for where Web pages are located?
a. http b. url c. HTML d. TCP

3 All U.S. television broadcasting became digital in which year?

4 PBS attracted its first significant audiences with which of the following programs?
a. Sesame Street b. Barney c. Masterpiece Theater d. Arthur

5 Nielsen Media Research says the average American spends ____ hours a day watching television.
b. 4 c. 6 d. 8

6 The show I Love Lucy was controversial when it first came out for which of the following reasons?
a. It showed Ricky and Lucy sharing a bed. b. It showed Lucy pregnant. c. It had the white Lucille Ball married to the Cuban American Desi Arnaz. d. It showed Desi Arnaz shaking his hips during dance numbers.

7 In North America, ____ percent of the population has access to the Internet at home.
b. 16 c. 32 d. 73

8 . Radio and the Internet have which of the following in common?
a. They both were initially developed as tools for machine-assisted interpersonal communication. b. They both were initially developed as media of mass communication. c. They both are owned and operated by the government in the United States rather than by private industry. d. They replaced other forms of mass communication, which were then driven out of business.

9 Cable television was initially developed as a way of doing which of the following?
a. providing uncensored movies in the home b. delivering broadcast television signals to communities with poor reception c. increasing revenue for the NCAA basketball tournament d. delivering networks like TNT, CNN, and MTV

10 Twitter’s big innovation was:
a. connecting mobile Internet, mobile phones, and computer-based Internet as part of a single channel. b. combining GPS and mobile phones. c. allowing people to post mobile phone video to the Web. d. allowing people to “tag” where they had observed different birds.

11 What are telenovelas? a. Spanish-language action-adventure shows b. short course auto races c. children’s stories on Spanish-language television d. Spanish-language television soap operas

12 Who developed the earliest portable movie cameras?
a. Thomas Edison b. Auguste-Marie and Louis-Jean Lumière c. Étienne-Jules Marey d. Eadweard Muybridge

13 The method of recording sound that involves storing it in a series of numbers is called which of the following? a. long-playing recording b. analog recording c. social recording d. digital recording

14 Social music is which of the following?
a. music that people perform for each other in a social setting b. music that is performed for a large group of people c. music that is recorded for mass-market distribution d. music that comments on social concerns

15 Which of the following developments occurred during World War I?
a. Amateurs helped decipher German radio signals. b. The military took over radio broadcasting. c. David Sarnoff translated radio signals for codes. d. KDKA broadcast the results of the 1916 elections.

16 The most popular radio drama of the late 1920s was:
a. The Guiding Light b. The Shadow c. Amos ‘n’ Andy d. Focus on Africa

17 . The BBC no longer tries to provide news in multiple languages around the world.
a. True b. False

18 How does notated music differ from non-notated music?

19 Noted music can be written down using standard musical notation
Noted music can be written down using standard musical notation. Non-noted music is not written down. It is either memorized or improvised

20 A major advantage of the Internet as a source of news is that only accurate information gets posted.
a. True b. False

21 The Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is the address of content placed on the Web.
a. True b. False

22 Social media are online sites that allow users to:
a. generate content b. comment c. tag d. all of the above

23 In a brief essay, explain why video games are considered by many to be a new form of mass media. Use specific examples.

24 There are a number of examples that students might use to answer this question. These include: video game consoles are media content delivery devices; video games have characters that become significant cultural icons; video games are a new venue for advertising; online video games have become social communities; video games can generate as much or more revenue as blockbuster movies; and video games are seen as part of the synergy for major media franchises.

25 In a brief essay, explain how recording artists have responded in the twenty-first century to the threats of file sharing and other new digital media to their ability to make a living.

26 There are a number of ways they can respond: selling music directly to consumers; performing live; using free music on the Web to attract new listeners; including bonus video and other materials in their CDs.

27 Media journalist Ken Auletta writes that television has been undergoing an “earthquake in slow motion.” In a brief essay, explain what Auletta means by that, what initially caused the “earthquake,” and what keeps it going today.

28 See the chapter for a discussion of the concept of the earthquake in slow motion. Auletta is talking about the gradual loss of network television viewers in the late 1980s and early 1990s to cable, satellite, and home video, and how the networks largely ignored it as it happened. The earthquake is starting up again now with new digital alternatives to broadcast television.

29 In a brief essay discuss how television has become more diverse over the last ten years. What are the reasons that have driven this move to diversity? How have television networks gone about becoming more diverse in what they present?

30 Television networks are facing increasing competition from cable and the Internet, and so they are working to attract larger audiences. One way they can do so is by appealing to a broader audience, including ethnic and racial minorities. There are several examples in the chapter of how casts of new shows are multi-ethnic and even multi-lingual.

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