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The Vanjen Group • Manufacture's Representative – Power Generation/Oil & Gas • Covering TX, OK, LA, AK, in some cases NM and MS • Extensive.

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2 The Vanjen Group • Manufacture's Representative – Power Generation/Oil & Gas • Covering TX, OK, LA, AK, in some cases NM and MS • Extensive Power Gen Experience • Extensive Docking Station Experience – Design, installation, operation



5 Visit Brochures, Guides Specs, Data Sheets, Our Blog, Contact Info, Links to our manufacturers websites, & Presentations

6 Trystar’s History Welding cable wholesaler, 1994 Pacific Dunlap
Manufacturing Opened current factory in 1996 Electrical distribution equipment, 2008 Temporary Power Docking Stations Entertainment panels Industrial panels Utility

7 Typical Load Bank Hook-Up
Disconnect output load leads from generator circuit breaker and terminate load bank leads on circuit breaker Leaves customer exposed during an outage Cable terminations exposed during operation Genset needs to be taken out of commission for connection Terminate load bank cables to the input side of generator circuit breaker Load bank, generator set, & cables are not protected from a fault Genset needs to be taken out of commission for terminations Terminate load bank cables to the generator bussing at the alternator Load bank, generator set, & cables are not protected for a fault

8 Typical Roll Up Genset Connection
Remove generator leads from on site ATS and tie in temp gen leads Emergency power system must be taken out of commission to connect Qualified electrician recommended to complete terminations Long down time to hook up unit Site specific places to hook-up – Off switchboard, at genset breaker, at utility service entrance, etc. Power sources must be isolated and taken out of commission

9 What is a Docking Station?
Solutions to the problems associated with quickly, safely and legally hooking up and disconnecting portable generators before, during and after extended power outages, safely and economically load testing permanent generators and maintaining automatic transfer switches. Units can be rated up to 4000A ETL testing will be completed on entire product line by end of 2013

10 Features & Options Tamper Resistant - Patented “Rake System” - prohibits removal or tampering with Cam-Lok cables while in use and bottom door eliminates unwanted pests when locked and not in use. Tuffcoat Textured Powder Coating – Standard ANSI Gray or specific color, tough scratch and UV resistant. Aluminum or Stainless Steel Construction Kirk Key Interlocks for access or on breakers Phase Rotation Monitor – Indicates correct phase rotation of generator hookup for phase sensitive equipment such as A/C, chillers and pumps. All required lugs for building, utility and/or generator – specify mechanical or crimp.

11 Features and Benefits (cont)
“Utility On” LED – Lets you know that utility power is back on. Leg Kits – Allows for pad mounting wall units Extra Depth Units – Allows for additional wiring and/or bottom conduit access for wall units. Power Outlets – When required for battery chargers and block heaters 2 Wire Auto Start – Required for ATS interface SCADA Monitoring Port All Units can be SE Rated. Each project is going to be different. Let us know yours and we can design an application to make it work.

12 Various Applications Standard Docking Station- Basic docking station. No back feed or circuit protection; transferring done external to docking station. Automatic - Docking Station is wired to ATS and setup with 2 wire auto start, 120V outlet for battery charger and block heater. If intercepting utility feed, the switch must be Service Entrance Rated with a Main Breaker. No amperage restriction. Kirk Key Access - Utilizes a captive key interlock in a building or permanent generator’s existing Service Entrance or disconnect as the means of isolating the primary power source. Rotary - Docking Station and manual transfer switch are in one common enclosure. Available in Service or Non Service Entrance Rated. Available up to 1200A. Single or Dual Breaker Kirk Key Accessed - Used when a combination of “Main Breaker”, portable generator breaker, permanent generator breaker, load bank or ATS By-Pass Isolation breaker is needed.

13 Standard Docking Station
Basic docking station. No back feed or circuit protection; transferring done external to docking station.

14 Automatic Automatic Transfer Switch with Docking Station - Docking Station mounted and wired to any automatic transfer switch. Available as Service or Non Service Entrance Rated - Available up to 4000A. Includes 2 wire auto start terminal and phase rotation monitor. Available with battery charger and water heater outlets; even fuel alarm terminals and switch position. Available in NEMA 3R and 4X UL listed. Available in aluminum or stainless and powder coated any color. Available with lockable external load bank receptacles for permanent generator. Available in wall or pad mount designs. Customer can drop ship their ATS, have Trystar mount and wire the Docking Station, repackage and then deliver to the job site.

15 Attaching to transfer-switches
Ship the transfer switch and Trystar will mount the GDS to the TS, and ship it to the job-site.

16 Kirk Key Access Kirk ® key is on the building’s main or genset main breaker. Key is captive To release key, turn main to off. This releases the only key that will unlock the Trystar Docking Station. The key in Trystar’s Docking Station remains captive until the GDS is closed, and locked, and all cable is removed.

17 Kirk Key Access

18 Alternative KK Access

19 Alternative Kirk Key Access

20 Rotary Docking Stations
Utility-Off-Generator, up to 1200A (soon 3000A) Option for Service Entrance Rating Same Cabinet as our large GDS Handle is inside or outside mounted

21 Rotary One Line

22 Trystar’s Dual & Single Kirk ® Key Docking Stations
Applications where there is a permanent generator Simultaneous load banking and standby generator Load bank connection point, and portable connection point

23 DBDS-SBDS One Lines

24 DBDS-SBDS One Lines

25 DBDS-SBDS One Lines

26 Other Options and Applications
Retail Docking Station – Includes both mechanical lugs & cam-loks. Emphasis on operator safety. Generator Roll-up Box (GRUB) – All mechanical lugs, very basic pad mount units. Output Docking Stations – Primarily for temporary chiller Rental ATS/GDS products

27 Retail Docking Station
Kirk Key option as transfer method Comes with a breaker Dual inputs cam lok and hard wire ETL Listed up to 600A with breaker

28 Company Switches, Output Docking Stations
Includes mechanical lugs suitable up to 800MCM THHN cable Trap door access for easy hard wire connection Secondary door offers additional protection between generator and electrical load UL & C(UL) 50 Listed enclosure, NEMA 3-R

29 Company Switches, Output Docking Stations
Options include breakers and metering

30 Trystar Rental Docking Station/ATS
Combined with a non-Trystar transfer-switch Designed to travel Multi-voltage available

31 Case Study, C-Store Dallas TX
C-Store has 100 locations Stand-by Generators owned: 15 Contingency contracted for: 30 Total: 45 An ice storm knocks out utility power at 80 locations. It takes 2 days to energize 45 locations. 35 are left without power. No generators are available. Within 2 days power is restored to ½ of the stores (22). C-Store cannot find an electrician to disconnect the stand by units. They are busy turning people on, not off. C-Stores remain out of power, losing an average of $100,000/day in sales revenue. Solution: Trystar Docking station that the generator rental company can connect/disconnect and relocate the stand-by units.

32 Product Pictures

33 Product Pictures

34 Product Pictures

35 Product Pictures

36 Product Pictures

37 Questions/Comments

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