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Infinite Wakeboarding

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1 Infinite Wakeboarding
The Ultimate Extreme Water Sports complex. Grand Presentation

2 Company Summary We strive to create the ULTIMATE, year round, extreme water sports experience This will include an outdoor wakeboard cable park on the Oklahoma River. There will also be an indoor wake-pool complex with riverside view grill, Wake Sports store for all your extreme sports needs.

3 Ownership The ownership Infinite wakeboarding will be Limited Liability Corporation split between the owners Carter Cox, Caleb Holmes, Jon Williams, Rock Bilodeau, and Heather Kirby. Together we will manage all aspects of the business.

4 Mission and Vision Introduce, Promote, and Grow the sport of wakeboarding. Help the environment by saving gas that people going to the lake would use on their boats. Cater people with all skill levels in the sport. Introduce new technology advances for wakeboarding.

5 The Concept Our Concept for the outdoor park will be something like this wakeboard park in Orlando: Red Bull wake Lab A cable park like this will be created on the Oklahoma River. The indoor infinite wake pool will use the technology of the “endless pool”: Endless Pool By supersizing the same technology and placing an obstacle in front of the water flow, this will create a wake similar to a boat wake. shawn murray wakeboarding behind a boat

6 Place The Oklahoma River in downtown OKC

7 Competitive Advantages
Unique Only indoor/outdoor wakeboard park in Oklahoma. Only year round wakeboarding park in region. Location Well populated downtown community. Easy to get to from all highways. State of the art One of a kind infinite wake pool. Cable System.

8 Promotion Strategy Advertise a year before the opening by the following methods. Have billboard adds on all major highways in Oklahoma and surrounding states. Commercials with 3D visuals showing our state of the art wakeboard park. Advertise at the X-games and mountain dew tour games. Place adds in all action sports magazines, boat magazines.

9 Products and Services All retail products
Wakeboards and accessories. Life jackets and other safety accessories. Swimsuits and other apparel. Food and Beverages. Providing a wakeboard park for the general public Including an indoor and outdoor wakeboard park. Wakeboard lessons and instruction.

10 Price Memberships Yearly and monthly memberships will be available.
Fees vary by length of membership Walk in fee 1 full day including lunch is $40 Rentals $10 dollars extra for the package. Includes everything you may need. Lessons Vary by time length and skill level.

11 Target Market Ages 12-35 Anyone interested in wakeboarding Adventurous and adrenaline seeking people Oklahoma city metro and surrounding communities

12 Strengths /Opportunities
Unique Location Market of Growing Sport Fun for all ages and skill levels Opportunities Promote the already growing sport. Introduce sport to people new comers. Expand Oklahoma wakeboarding community. Hold competitions for all skill levels.

13 Weaknesses / Threats Weaknesses Threats
Energy and resources required to run the park. Cost to build and start Location (for other potential customers at a distance) Concept for infinite wake pool not ever tried. Threats Changing river conditions for cable park. Other wakeboard parks. People going to lakes instead of our park. Legal issues that consist of people getting hurt

14 Financial Plan We are assuming start-up capital of $2,500,000 and a long-term (20 year) bank loan of $1,250,000. The remainder of the necessary financing will come through investors. Our committed investors are Red Bull, Mountain Dew, Shawn Murray, Hyperlite Wakeboards, Matt Hoffman.

15 GANTT Dec 2009 Jan 2010 Feb. 2010 March April May ---------- ---------
Commit to new business. Prepare Business plan. Present to bank and investors. Purchase Property/Begin Construction. Begin Advertising. Open For business May 24

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