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Forth Estuary Forum 28th Nov 2013

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1 Forth Estuary Forum 28th Nov 2013
The Seagreen Project in the Firth of Forth Round 3 Zone Nick Brockie, SSE Renewables Seagreen Offshore Project Manager

2 Seagreen Wind Energy Limited
SSE Renewables and Fluor Ltd joint venture (partners on Greater Gabbard OWF development) For development, construction and operation of offshore wind farm projects in the Firth of Forth Round 3 Zone Contractual Zone Development Agreement with The Crown Estate Target generation capacity 3,500MW, up to 7 offshore wind farms. The Crown Estate development partner, sharing some development costs.

3 SSE Renewables Offshore Wind
Part of SSE plc - approximately 11,500MW electricity generation capacity Over 3,000MW Renewables capacity (hydro, onshore wind, offshore wind) Operational offshore wind farms Greater Gabbard 500MW (with RWE) Walney 1&2 370MW (with Dong) Also 4,400MW coal fired; 4,500MW gas and oil fired capacity

4 SSE Renewables Offshore Wind
Significant investment in development of offshore wind capacity by SSE Renewables, with a range of partners Galloper OWF (consented May 2013) - up to 500MW Beatrice OWF (Moray Firth) - up to 1,000MW Firth of Forth R3 Zone (Seagreen) - up to 3,500MW Islay OWF - up to 750MW Dogger Bank R3 Zone (Forewind) - up to 9,000MW Hunterston – National Offshore Wind Turbine Test Facility

5 SSE Renewables Offshore Wind
Beatrice Firth of Forth Zone Islay Hunterston Dogger Bank Zone Walney 1&2 Greater Gabbard, Galloper

6 SSE Renewables Offshore Wind
National Offshore Wind Turbine Test Facility at Hunterston

7 Offshore Wind Turbines
Mitsubishi Sea Angel Siemens NG6 Rotor - 154m Hub height - 100m No Gearbox – direct drive 6.0 MW (2 x 3.0MW Generators) Rotor - 167m Hub height - 110m Hydraulic drive 7.0 MW (2 x 3.5MW synchronous generators)

8 Firth of Forth Zone - Seagreen Phase 1 Offshore Project
Zone area 2,850km2 23km min to 80km offshore Water depth 35m to 70m 3 Development Phases Phase 1 (offshore application Oct 2012) 400km2 total area Up to 150 WTGs 1,050MW max capacity Export cable landfall Carnoustie

9 Firth of Forth Zone – Seagreen Phase 1 Offshore Project

10 Firth of Forth Zone – Seagreen Phase 1 Onshore Project
HVAC HVDC Landfall at Carnoustie 19km underground cable New substation at Tealing Planning consent achieved November 2013!

Key Components Met mast(s) Wind turbine generators Array cables Offshore substation Export cables (offshore and onshore) Onshore substation

12 Firth of Forth Zone – Seagreen Phase 1 Offshore Project
Indicative wind farm layouts (150 WTGs)

13 Offshore Wind Farm Design – Foundations and Substructures
Monopile Multileg (jacket) Gravity base Suction pile

14 Foundation and Substructure Design Considerations
Water depths Ground conditions Construction / logistics Installation method Environmental impact Cost!!!

15 Offshore Substations Collection point for array cables
Steps up voltage Export back to onshore substation HVDC or HVDC OSP AC 500MW DC 1GW Length (m) 45 86 Breadth (m) 50 Height (m) 40 55 Weight (te) 2,500 16,000

16 Offshore Wind Farm Construction
Port facilities lay down and load out Installation vessels Jack-up, transport barge, cable lay, ROV support, guard, floating heavy lift, personnel transfer vessel.. etc Capacities and Operability

17 Cable Installation Array cables and Export cables
Buried in the seabed - ploughing or jetting Cable Protection – rock dump or concrete mattress

18 Offshore Wind Farm Operation and Maintenance
25 year working life Monitoring and service Preventative and corrective maintenance Minimise downtime and lost revenue O&M Vessels Crew transfer vessels (helicopters?) Heavy lift Survey / ROV Offshore service vessels? Floating accomodation?

19 Firth of Forth Round 3 Zone - Phase 1 Offshore Project
Project Alpha visualisation – Braes of Lunan

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