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FFT and FTP Overview.

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1 FFT and FTP Overview

2 FFT Organization: Founded 1994, Headquarters in Victoria, Australia
Product initially developed for military applications Product commercialization started in 2002 Offices in the USA, UK, India, Australia and UAE and Value Added Resellers globally Funded by Institutional (USA, Australian and GCC – Arabian Speaking Countries) and Private investors Business: Manufactures and markets high-end fiber optic security products Seven product lines (SecureFence, SecureZone, SecurePipe and SecureLink, FFT Aura, SecureCable and SecurePoint) Over 400 systems installed in 53 countries Ranked No 1 Fibre Optic perimeter intrusion detection company globally Confidential

3 FTP Africa Active with FFT products since 2006
Exclusive valued added reseller of FFT for Africa Completed projects in South Africa, Kazakhstan, Romania, Germany, Italy, Angola, Kuwait, Nigeria and Madagascar Offices in Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth, South Africa Fiber typically installed by client, integrator or sub-contractor FTP’s FFT certified technicians will configure new systems Confidential

4 How it works - example

5 How it works

6 How it works

7 Why Use FFT ? Patented, field proven software signal discrimination capability (Artificial Intelligence) – low nuisance alarms, high probability of detection High reliability and zero in-field maintenance - lowest life cycle cost Quality - ISO9001 certified Blue chip client base, Proven by military Track record – more than 400 installations in 53 countries Can cater for any length perimeter/pipeline/data network/copper cable up to 80 km with a single system Locate the point of intrusion or threat to within 6m/ 10m/ 25m or 150m depending on product Sensor cable can also be used to carry data, comms or video No power or electronics required in the field (cost and maintenance benefits) Not affected by lightning or EMI/RFI Simple to install Powerful integration capability

8 WHY FFT (2) - its specified and used by many of the world leading global integrators

9 Perimeter Products Top of the range 16 km version and 40km version
Premium buried and fence or wall-top mount solution Location accuracy to 6 meters on fences and walls Software defined zones Buried fibre detects footsteps, vehicles and excavation above ground Resilient to cable cuts Configuration options for complete redundancy Long distance - up to 80 km per controller Fence and wall-top deployment Shallow buried covert option, fibre acts as trip wire, detection to within half a meter Location accuracy to 25 meters Software defined zones Shorter perimeters up to 3 km Two Zones per controller of up to 250 m each (hardware defined zones) Multiple controllers can be installed for example 6 controllers can provide 12 physical zones Controllers can be In control room with up to 10km lead-in (wall or rack mouted) Fence-mounted, wall mounted or rack mounted at site Confidential 9

10 Pipeline products Protect entire pipelines – 1000’s of km long
Detect excavation before damage occurs (third party interference or TPI) Detect illegal tapping and gas pipeline leaks Locates to 150 m Protect entire pipelines – 1000’s of km long Detect TPI plus footsteps, vehicles and excavation Also detect gas leaks, sand infiltration, other engineering applications Location accuracy to 6 meters Resilient to cable cuts Configuration options for complete redundancy Fibre cable buried ditectly, no soil preparation Confidential 10

11 Other products Real-time protection of sensitive communications
Detect TPI and potential damage in advance Detect illegal data tapping Locates to 10 m Real-time protection of power cables Locates to 25 m (SecurePipe controller) or 6m (Aura controller) Detect TPI and potential damage in advance Confidential 11

12 Typical Site Configuration
Video Surveillance, DVR / NVR, other external devices, or systems. TCP/IP SMTP Server Sensor cable Sensing Controller Ethernet Switch Android Mobile Devices FFT CAMS Client & Server Operators Console Sensor Cable Sensing Controller Optional I/O via contacts or digital signals TCP/IP TCP/IP Optional FFT CAMS Clients

13 FFT Aura FFT Aura™ is a premium, medium range, highly sensitive fiber optic intrusion detection system that can be applied to both fence mounted and buried applications.   It is designed to detect intrusions on most types of fences, and can be covertly buried in the ground across open areas to detect footsteps, vehicle movements and digging.   In addition it can cater for critical sites demanding hardened solutions that require continuous operation in the event of a damaged or cut sensor cable.

14 FFT Aura Installation

15 Aura Covert Detection

16 Superior Redundancy Aura with multiplexer or 2 controllers
Bi-directional configuration - two controllers can be installed with two fibre cables for complete single cut redundancy (both on fence, fence and underground or both underground) For complete circular sites, a second option is to install a multiplexer which sends the light in both directions when the cable is cut. System operates up to the cut thus entire perimeter fibre is still detecting

17 Secure Fence Installation

18 Wall top deployment View from above

19 Wall top deployment

20 Secure Point NEW 2 Channel Zone product Rack and Fence mount options

21 Secure Point Installation
High level security site with field installed controller Power from and comms to the control room Optional NEMA 4 field enclosure

22 Secure Point Installation
Custom high level security with remotely installed controller Located in the control room up to 10km away Insensitive lead-in cable Start & End Sensor

23 SecurePoint on Palisade

24 Fibre installation - palisade

25 Pipeline Security Secure Pipe Controller Inactive lead-in cable Start Sensor End Sensor Fiber optic sensing cable buried near the pipeline Operators Console FFT CAMS™ System TCP/IP Located within a secure control room remote from the pipeline Interface to CCTV, relays, SMS, etc.

26 SecureLink Network Security
Existing fiber optic cable bundle Start Sensor End Sensor Inactive lead-in cable TCP/IP Located within a secure security control room remote from the network Interface to CCTV, relays, SMS, etc. Secure Link™ Controller FFT CAMS™ PC Operators Console

27 SecureCable – Copper/fibre

28 Fibre Optic Cable - Standard

29 Fibre Optic Cable - Armoured


31 CAMS - screen

32 CAMS communication

33 CAMS Integration Integrates seamlessly into all the major security management systems and can controll a wide variety of devices and software including: Indigo Vision Pelco D Series CCTV Pelco Endura  Lenel  Pacom  Axis IP camera Moxa IP Camera Sony IP Camera Milestone xProtect Military systems including JBC2S and TASS  MODBUS PLC systems P2000 ADAM contact I/O modules  Milestone Xprotect  CCure 8000  SNMP  SMS Software development kits are available for .NET and C/C++ languages for Windows, which enables a third party system to communicate with FFT CAMS™ via the SDK

34 Independent Testing Independently assessed or tested by…
Sandia National Test Laboratories (USA) Northeast Gas Association (USA) Australian Security and Defence Organization Australian Attorney General European Gas Research Institute British Petroleum (UK) NTT Group (Japan) Singapore Ministry of Defence

35 FFT Installed in 53 countries
Over 400 systems installed

36 FFT – Focus on Customer Satisfaction

37 Industry Recognition Global USA APAC
Frost & Sullivan 2009, Market Penetration Award – Intrusion Detection Frost & Sullivan 2009, Ranked Tier One Global PIDS supplier IMS Research, Global Market Leader in Fibre Optics PIDS USA Government Security News – 2009 Perimeter Intrusion Product of the Year for FFT Secure ZONE Government Security News – 2010 Perimeter Intrusion Product of the Year for FFT Secure FENCE APAC Victorian Governors Export Award – 2009 Winner Small to Medium Manufacturer Australian Export Awards – Finalist 2009 Victorian Governors Export Award – 2010 Winner Small to Medium Manufacturer Australian 2010 Exporter of the Year Small to Medium Manufacturer Prime Ministers 2010 Australian Exporter of the Year JFPASS an important validation of FFT’s potential.

38 Some of our Clients

39 Contact Tel:

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