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Engineering Services Planning Limited

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1 Engineering Services Planning Limited
Integrated M&E building services planning presentations Planning support for the construction industry in order to: Provide an insight into M&E building services planning Assist in the development of M&E overview programmes To integrate these with construction programmes

2 Engineering Services Planning Limited
Presentation Number 01 Identification and Coordination of M&E Building Services Part 1 - Introduction to the M&E Services Part 2 - Coordinated Services GHG

3 Part 1 - Introduction to the M&E Services
Engineering Services Planning Limited Part 1 - Introduction to the M&E Services What are the Key Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) building services?

4 Engineering Services Planning Limited
Key Mechanical Services Heating - Low temperature hot water (LTHW) supplied by boilers and pumps via pipe work systems - feeding radiators, heaters, air conditioning systems (HVAC) and fan coil units (FCU’s) Cooling - Chilled water (CHW) supplied by chillers and pumps via pipe work systems - feeding air conditioning systems (HVAC) and fan coil units (FCU’s) and cooling units for electrical switch rooms Gas – Generally used to supply the boilers and fit out kitchens Drainage - Soil & vent and rainwater draining into sumps and sewers controlled by pumps via pipe work systems Water services - Water supplies for domestic use and plant services – stored in tanks & supplied by pumps via pipe work systems Fire Protection - Sprinklers and wet/dry risers – stored in tanks & supplied by pumps via pipe work systems (wet risers have pumps, dry risers do not have pumps for fire service use) Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) - Supply & extract air – supplied & extracted by air handling units (AHU’s) & fans via ductwork systems GHG

5 Engineering Services Planning Limited
Key Electrical Services High Voltage cables (HV) - Incoming supplies from electrical utility companies High Voltage cables (HV) - Supplies from electrical HV switch rooms to electrical LV switch rooms Low Voltage cables (LV) - Supplies from electrical LV switch rooms to main mechanical plant and main mechanical plant control panels Low Voltage cables (LV) - Supplies from electrical LV switch rooms to electrical distribution boards, equipment and control panels Electrical Containment - Ladder rack, cable tray/basket, trunking and conduit for installation of electrical services Busbars – Utilised to feed heavy duty plant items and multiple electrical supplies such as electrical risers Lighting & Small Power - Outgoing electrical circuits from distribution boards and control panels GHG

6 Engineering Services Planning Limited
Overview of a typical HV cable installation Overview of a typical LV cable installation GHG

7 Engineering Services Planning Limited
Special Systems In addition to mechanical and electrical there are other services banded together under the title of Special Systems. Fire & Voice Alarm (FA/VA) – Fire Detection & Alarm Security - Building access control and CCTV Building Management System (BMS) - Building mechanical systems control and monitoring GHG

8 Engineering Services Planning Limited
Electrical Containment Electrical Containment Installed by the Electrical Contractor HV ladder rack LV ladder rack/cable tray Trunking & conduit FA/VA primary cable tray/basket BMS primary trunking/cable tray Security primary trunking Electrical Containment and wiring Installed by other M&E Contractors FA/VA secondary cable tray/basket/conduit & wiring Installed by the FA/VA contractor BMS secondary trunking/cable tray/conduit & wiring Installed by the BMS contractor Security secondary trunking/conduit & wiring Installed by the security contractor Mechanical plant containment & wiring Installed by the mechanical contractor HVAC plant containment & wiring Installed by the ductwork contractor Fire protection plant containment & wiring Installed by the fire protection contractor hgh

9 Part 2 – Coordinated Services
Engineering Services Planning Limited Part 2 – Coordinated Services When planning the coordinated installation of M&E building services the important factors to consider are: Start on Site and Area Availability Primary M&E Services Routes Primary M&E Services Coordination M&E Services Risers – Topic of a further presentation M&E Plant and Switch Rooms – Topic of a further presentation  hgh

10 Start on Site and Area Availability
Engineering Services Planning Limited Start on Site and Area Availability Questions: What would constitute a meaningful commencement for the M&E services? What would constitute a plant or switch room release (Room Ready) for the M&E services?  Answers: Meaningful Commencement The predetermined start on site date for M&E building services does not want to be over ambitious. The project build sequence and logistical plan will need careful consideration to realistically identify what the site conditions are going to be at that future point in time. It may be worthwhile deferring the M&E services commencement date and reducing the overall duration in order to provide better access, more work faces and less concurrent working with construction trades. Starting piecemeal works in ad hoc areas will create confusion as to the meaningful commencement date. If there is only one notice to proceed the M&E contractors overall contract duration commences from that date. Typically the M&E services would follow the completed block work in agreed areas, with builder’s work holes formed and plinths constructed (if required at that point) hgh

11 Engineering Services Planning Limited
Room Ready Room ready dates can be subjective regarding their suitability of handover for M&E contractor’s commencement. A room ready list should include: Walls, floor slabs and soffit construction complete including the builder’s work holes Area clean and debris free Walls, floor slabs and soffit dry and watertight Plant plinths and bund walls complete Floors sealed and walls mist coated Safety aspects such as edge protection and barriers addressed hgh

12 Engineering Services Planning Limited
2. Primary M&E Services Routes Questions: What is a primary M&E services route? Where are the primary M&E services routes? What are the key M&E plant and switch rooms and where are they located? GHG

13 Engineering Services Planning Limited
Answers: A primary M&E services route is a group of M&E systems forming: A link between mechanical plant rooms in basement areas A link between electrical switch rooms in basement areas A link from mechanical plant rooms in basement areas to mechanical riser locations A link from electrical switch rooms in basement areas to electrical riser locations Mechanical riser installations Electrical riser installations A link from mechanical risers to mechanical plant rooms on upper floor levels A link from electrical risers to electrical switch rooms on upper floor levels 2. The primary M&E services routes are located in: Corridors adjacent to plant/switch rooms Arterial corridors around and through central core areas Specific mezzanine floor levels Plant and switch rooms Vertical risers ghg

14 Typical basement mechanical plant and electrical switch rooms layout plus the locations of vertical risers HGHhgh gfgfbvbv Corridor kfkf Ventilation Riser Ventilation Risers Mechanical Plant Room Ventilation Plant Room LV Switch Room Electrical Riser Mechanical Risers Fire Protection Plant Room Water Services Plant Room HV Switch Room Corridor Corridor LV Switch Room Mechanical Riser Electrical Riser Ventilation Plant Room Mechanical Plant Room Ventilation duct work Mechanical pipe work Fire protection pipe work Water services pipe work Electrical containment Ventilation Riser Ventilation Riser Corridor

15 Engineering Services Planning Limited
Some of the plant and switch rooms indicated in the table below would be repeated on other floor levels. Title Location Chiller Plant Room (Mechanical) Basement – otherwise roof level Boiler Room (Mechanical) Fire Protection Plant Rooms (Mechanical) Basement Domestic Water Plant Rooms (Mechanical) Basement and Roof Levels Generator Plant Rooms (Electrical) Utility Incoming Substations (Electrical) Landlord HV Switch Rooms (Electrical) Landlord LV Switch Rooms (Electrical) Supply Air Plant Rooms (Mechanical) Stair/Lift Pressurisation Plant Rooms (Mechanical) Cooling Towers (Mechanical) Roof Level Car Park Supply & Extract Plant Rooms (Mechanical) Plant Rooms Supply & Extract (Mechanical)

16 Engineering Services Planning Limited
Examples of primary M&E services routes: A pipe work link between a chiller located in the basement and its cooling tower located on the roof A pipe work installation from a boiler room or a chilled water plant room feeding numerous items that require heating & cooling properties Ventilation duct work from a plant room connected to other duct work in a vertical riser Ventilation duct work from a plant room supplying and extracting air to other plant rooms Containment and cables installed between electrical switch rooms located in the basement and upper floor levels Containment and cables installed from electrical switch rooms to mechanical plant rooms located in the basement and upper floor levels hgh

17 Engineering Services Planning Limited
3. Primary M&E Services Coordination Questions: What is the definition of “coordination” in this context? What would be a typical M&E services coordinated sequence? Answers: The term “coordination” refers to:- The impact of M&E services installations on each other (who goes first – what goes where - and how) The methods adopted to install them (trade contractor programme coordination meetings – 3D modelling) The impact of the M&E services on the construction programme (key dates - site logistical plan & access) The methods adopted to integrate them (integrated programme development and progress monitoring) Implementing the above will achieve an accurate target programme and subsequent 4D model. The sequence in which the M&E services need to be installed will generally be from the highest to the lowest (soffit downwards). This is likely to differ along the primary routes due to:- The locations of plant and switch rooms The locations of vertical risers The locations of incoming utility services Access requirements for maintenance or future installation ghg

18 Engineering Services Planning Limited
The sketch below provides a sectional example of primary M&E services located in a corridor, indicating how they could be installed from the soffit down. Typically in a corridor M&E trades each install their own supports from the soffit as the first programme item. Followed by water mains, drainage and fire protection pipe work. Generally M&E services that would not require any further access once they had been installed, tested and insulated. Followed by the ductwork and its branches to adjacent rooms, which would require testing and insulation. Then the chilled water pipework, which also branches off to adjacent rooms and needs to be accessible. Electrical containment is always the lowest and final service to be installed. Its completion and subsequent cable installation will be dependent on the mechanical services completion. The coordinated installation sequence needs to prioritise the earliest release for HV & LV cable installations. hgh

19 Engineering Services Planning Limited

20 Engineering Services Planning Limited
Summary details: Identify the key M&E services Identify the primary M&E services routes Identify the key programme dates and interfaces Interface the project logistical plan and access requirements Determine the programme structure to accommodate the above items Divide the programme into coordinated areas to enable performance monitoring Establish a sequence of coordinated activities for the primary M&E service routes Achieve the shortest period of time to install the high level mechanical services prior to release for electrical services containment commencement. Typically this will be +/- 8 weeks. ghg

21 Engineering Services Planning Limited
Where can you find further information: The Engineering Services Planning website provides: M&E services template programmes for mechanical plant and electrical switch rooms Examples of progress monitoring schedules A Guide to M&E Building Services Planning Manual Our Collaborative Planning Paper hhghgh

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