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Single Cable Motion Solution:

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1 Single Cable Motion Solution:
Kinetix 5500 Servo Drive and VP Low Inertia Motor October 11, 2012

2 Kinetix 5500 Servo Drive and VPL motor
A single cable motion system to meet your needs

3 Single Cable Motion Solution Overview
Kinetix VPL Servo Motor Kinetix 5500 Servo Drive Frame 165 Frame 130 Frame 115 Frame 100 Frame 1 Frame 2 Frame 3 Frame 75 Frame 63 Studio 5000 Software Single Cable Interface

4 Kinetix 5500 Servo Drive and VPL Motor: Features and Benefits
Reduce System Cost Ease of Use More efficient motor-drive system sizing saves up to 20% in system costs Smaller footprint Cables in 1m length increments Fewer terminations and simplified wiring Simplified mounting – no backplane or power rail required Minimize installation errors with well shielded cable clamp design Energy Efficient Reduce Inventory In Ease of Use – single cable & Cable clamp design [enforces 360 degree shielding to minimize installation errors] Up to 50% less energy usage with proper system sizing Lower speed windings allow for lower current, smaller drive, and smaller gauge cables. Run servo and induction motors all in one drive platform Each drive catalog number supports VAC input Single cable design

5 Agenda Kinetix 5500 Servo Drive VPL Servo Motor
Single Cable Technology Motion Analyzer

6 Kinetix 5500 Servo Drive Smaller footprint with best in class power density

7 Kinetix 5500 Servo Drive Benefits and Features
50% smaller reduces cabinet & footprint cost Supports 195 – 528 VAC input, reducing inventory Innovative Common AC/DC bus removes hardware, reduces installation time and lowers costs 24 VDC control power, reduces overall power consumption of the drive. Provides safer commissioning and troubleshooting Zero stacked drives, no backplane or power rail required reduces cabinet & footprint cost Clamp design enforces 360° bonding for noise immunity which eases installation Induction motor (V/Hz) support simplifies inventory and maintenance Single cable reduces installation errors

8 Kinetix 5500 Servo Drive Flexible Power Connectivity
Designed for multiple power topologies without any compromise of solution. The Kinetix can be used in multi-axis applications with AC/DC supply sharing, DC bus sharing or in a hybrid combination consisting of drives that can share AC/DC supply and DC bus only . AC/DC supply sharing Use Motion Analyzer 7.0 to determine optimal bus configuration DC bus sharing Hybrid Configuration

9 Kinetix 5500 Servo Drive Power Density
Best in class power density. Smaller footprint to reduce cabinet space. Zero Stacking capability for flexible design.

10 Kinetix 5500 Servo Drive Open Loop Frequency Control Methods
Kinetix 5500 drives support ‘Two’ open loop frequency control methods Basic V/Hz Sensorless Vector with Slip Compensation for better speed regulation Open Loop Frequency Control in Kinetix 5500 drives is suitable applications such as conveyors, pumps and fans that do not need flying start capability Static Boost, Run Boost and Auto Boost features supported Electronic Motor Thermal Overload Protection per Class 10 requirements Skip bands 3rd party 3-phase Induction motors suitable for VFD operation will be supported. Max Output Frequency: 400Hz (Electrical) Max Pole Pairs: 50 Max Motor Cable Length: 50 meters

11 Kinetix 5500 Servo Drive Relative Positioning
Kinetix 6500 / MPL Price Kinetix 5500 / VPL Lowest cost solution supports TLY motor 500 usec loop closure performance 600 W to 3 kW Premier integrated solution Top performance 125 usec loop closure 1.2 kW to 22 kW Supports entire motor portfolio Advanced safety features Premium over Kinetix 350 Top performance 125 usec loop closure Smallest cabinet space required 600 W to 15 kW Single cable and hybrid power topology VPL motor support at release Kinetix 350 / TLY Performance and Features

12 Kinetix 5500 Servo Drive Voltage Ratings and Catalog Numbers

13 Kinetix 5500 Servo Drive Dimensions

14 Kinetix 5500 Catalog Structure

15 Kinetix VP Low Inertia Servo Motor
Optimize your axis with single cable design & multiple speed winding options

16 Kinetix VPL Servo Motor Benefits and Features
Single cable reduces installation time and inventory Windings options matched to drive ratings allow for optimized system sizing and costs Flexible part creation allows for custom variants Mechatronic tools simplify commissioning and reduce operational costs Energy efficient drive/motor matching and capacitor module reduces power required and system cost Based on proven magnetic core MP technology for market leading reliability and performance

17 Kinetix VPL Motor Advantages of Winding Speeds
Windings are optimized to match the Kinetix 5500 drive Minimize axis cost based on application requirements Enhance machine efficiency Motor Winding #1 Motor Winding #2 Motor Winding #3 6000 rpm 6.5 N-m 16 A 8.7 kW Drive 14 AWG Cable 3000 rpm 6.5 N-m 8.3 A 5.0 kW Drive 18 AWG Cable 1500 rpm 6.5 N-m 4.8 A 2.9 kW Drive 18 AWG Cable 20 6.5 1500 rpm 3000 rpm 6000 rpm 6.5 Smaller Drive Smaller Cable 2 Sizes Smaller Drive Smaller Cable

18 Kinetix VPL Motor Technical Specifications
Voltage Class Frame Size Stack Length Rated Speed Range (RPM) Continuous Torque (Nm) Peak Torque (Nm) 200 100 1 2800, 6500 1.9 3.8 2 3000, 5000 3.1 7.8 3 2250, 3750, 5500 11.2 115 2150, 3300, 5000 13.1 2300 5.6 20.3 130 1950, 4000 20.7 4 1600, 3000 6 2000 10.2 34.6 400 6000 1.8 2500, 4750, 7000 2250, 4500, 6500 3200, 5000 2250, 4000 2150, 3500 28.5 2500, 4250 165 2750, 4750 22.5 2700 14.8 48.6 18.2 66.7 1850 28.7 79.3

19 Kinetix VPL Motor Environmental Specifications
Attribute Value Temperature, Operating 0…40° C (32…104°F)* Relative Humidity, non-operating 5….95% noncondensing Atmosphere, non-operating Noncorrosive IP rating* of motor with optional shaft seal* installed IP66 (dust tight, jet spray) Motor without a shaft seal, and mounted in this direction: - Shaft down - Shaft horizontal - Shaft up - IP53 – dust tight, powerful water jets - IP51 – dust tight, water dripping vertically - IP50 – dust tight, no protection from water Based on proven MP-Series technology ! * See specific detail in controlled & released installation document (VP-IN001)

20 Kinetix VPL Motor Catalog Structure
VP L – B C – C J 1 2 A S Factory Options: A = Standard S = Shaft Seal Magnet Stack(s) 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 Shaft J = Keyed K = Smooth Mounting A = IEC Metric Frame Size 063 = IEC 63mm 075 = IEC 75mm 100 = IEC 100mm 115 = IEC 115mm 130 = IEC 130 mm 165 = IEC 165mm Feedback Device C = Single turn P = Multi turn Brake 2 = No Brake 4 = 24V DC Brake Voltage Class A = 200V B = 400V Rated Speed A = 1500 rpm B = 2000 rpm C = 2500 rpm D = 3000 rpm E = 3500 rpm F = 4500 rpm M = 6000 rpm T = 6750 rpm Connectors 1 = SpeedTec Single Cable Motor Family = L (Low Inertia) Bulletin Number = VP

21 Single Cable Technology
One cable for feedback, motor brake, and motor power

22 Single Cable Technology Benefits and Features
Long Service Life in Demanding Applications Up to 20 million cycles rated life minimizes maintenance Jacket material withstands many common compounds Standards Compliance UL Listed bulk cable [coming soon after launch] NFPA-79 construction and product ratings Easy to Use SpeedTec™ connectors allow quick connections Product is easily pliable allowing faster cable routing Sustainability Fewer SKU’s Minimizes maintenance downtime and waste 22

23 Single Cable Technology Single Cable Motor/Feedback
Hiperface Digital Servo Link Feedback (DSL) is purely digital feedback technology allowing single cable for motor and feedback signals. Designed Cable and connection system to address critical factors such 360 degree shielding. 2-wire feedback termination for easily installation. Purely digital technology with single cable provides a very robust solution while maintaining the signal integrity of the feedback system.

24 Kinetix 5500 and VPL System Certifications
Motors Safety UL & CSA recognized E146578 CE [EN ] C-Tick [N223] SIL 2, PL d, Cat 3 Safe Torque off IEC 61508, EN , EN62061, EN ISO 13849 Drives Cables UL 508C ODVA (EtherNet/IP) CE (EMC, LVD, and Machinery Directives) C-Tick SCCR: 200 kA KCC AWM 105°C Wind Turbine Tray Cable UL 2277 recognized [1000V Flexible VFD Servo Cable] VW1 Low capacitance AWM 1000V at 105 deg C – BEST IN CLASS; other cables only do 80 deg C and Medusa was at 90 deg C – means you can provide more current through smaller cable VW1 – flame rating Low capacitance – best in class. Allows for more power transmission over longer lengths – your motor will have more similar output 50’ away than ever before. Makes power density [package size rating] best in class. Also allows motor to run cooler.

25 Motion Analyzer Efficiently sizing and selecting your motion system

26 Motion Analyzer Software Select the Kinetix 5500 Drive for your system
Kinetix 5500 is now available in the Drive tab for selection

27 Motion Analyzer Software Select your Kinetix 5500 Drive
Select your bus configuration to reduce installation time

28 Motion Analyzer Software Select the VP Low Inertia Motor
Select the VPL Motor for your motion system.

29 Motion Analyzer Software Find the ‘right’ motion system to meet your needs
Finding the most efficient solution now includes the Kinetix 5500 and VPL motor.

30 Resources Additional resources are available on Literature Library and User manuals Selection guides Product profile Installation Instructions To place an order, contact your local Rockwell Automation Sales representative or distributor.

31 Thank you!

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