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Confidential Z1900 Indoor Wireless Coverage System.

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1 confidential Z1900 Indoor Wireless Coverage System

2 2 confidential Company Confidential INTERNAL USE ONLY This document contains trade secrets and/or confidential information (Proprietary Information) of Spotwave Wireless Inc., which if disclosed, could cause financial loss to, or prejudice the competitive position of Spotwave Wireless Inc. This document shall not be reproduced or communicated to third parties without the prior written permission of Spotwave Wireless Inc.

3 3 confidential Table Of Contents Z1900 Overview Features Benefits & Specifications Retail Packaging Kit Contents Key Components How it Works Dealer Portal

4 4 confidential Z1900 Overview Improves voice quality & reception Eliminates dropped calls due to poor signal Enables faster 3G performance Extends battery life Works with most wireless service providers NOTE: Only operates in the PCS Band -1900 MHZ Provides coverage up to 2,500 sq ft Intelligent control delivers largest possible coverage area Coverage for up to 2,500 sq ft $399 MSRP

5 5 confidential Z1900 Overview Features Intelligent software controlled coverage Real-time adaptive operation maximizes performance while protecting carrier networks Easy set up No configuration required Supports all 1900 MHz services ( CDMA, GSM, EDGE, GPRS, 1xRTT, EVDO, UMTS, HSDPA) Specifications Frequency:1850-1990Mhz Signal Gain: 63Db (includes cable loss) Output Power: +30 EIRP Diagnostics: LED CU Size: 6.5x 3 x 1.5 NAU Size: 7x 7 x 2.5 CU Weight: 0.5 lbs NAU Weight: 2 lbs Cable Length: 35ft

6 6 confidential Z1900 Package – Front Retail packaging High impact color & graphics Clear explanation of product benefits Floor stackable 11 3/4 x 11 x 4 3/4

7 7 confidential Z1900 Package – Rear Detailed description of How it Works Graphical depiction Technical specs

8 8 confidential Z1900 Package – Inside the Box Network Access Unit Coverage Unit Flexible Micro Cable Mounting Hardware Power Supply Quick Set Up Guide Desktop Stand

9 9 confidential Kit Contents Network Access Unit (NAU) Coverage Unit (CU) RG59U Mini Coax Cable User Guide Quick Install Guide Power Supply Desktop Stand BracketsMounting Kit

10 10 confidential Key Components Network Access Unit (NAU): This compact, weatherproof device talks to the nearest Cell Site. The NAU is placed where your wireless coverage is strongest using the bars on your wireless phone Coverage Unit (CU): This compact device talks to your wireless phone or PDA. The CU should be placed where your wireless coverage is weakest. RG59U Thin Coax Cable: This 35- foot cable connects the NAU to the CU. Network Access Unit (NAU) RG59U Mini Coax Cable Coverage Unit (CU)

11 11 confidential Z1900 – How it works

12 12 confidential Z1900 – How it works

13 13 confidential Set Up The Z1900 can be set up by the end user, in about 15 minutes In most cases, the NAU can be placed on the inside of an exterior wall Thin and flexible RG59U cable eases cable routing The CU can be placed on a wall, desk or other horizontal surface using the desktop stand Single room installations are supported For advanced users the NAU can be placed outside to obtain optimum input signal

14 14 confidential Checking if the Customers Service is Supported Go to the product finder tool in your dealer toolkit portal Enter zip code into product look up tool on the left hand side Ensure coverage area up to 2500 sq ft is selected See the results, ask them their carrier and tell them whether its supported or not Its that simple!

15 15 confidential Using the Spotwave Product Finder Lookup only requires coverage area and ZIP Code Lookup Tool is at

16 16 confidential Results Page

17 17 confidential Results Page expanded

18 18 confidential Explaining the Results Green Check: The Z1900 works for the carrier – no issues Grey X: The Z1900 will not support that carrier in that area – inform customer Check with Caution Sign: The Z1900 will provide voice coverage, but may not provide data coverage if the carrier is delivering data services in the cell band – inform customer If you need exact wording on meanings – click on View Full Spectrum details

19 19 confidential Explaining the Results (Continued) In some cases, the customers carrier is not displayed Spotwaves Product Look-Up lists each wireless carrier with licensed spectrum in a ZIP code based on the FCC database. A carrier may not be displayed because: Carrier is an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator): These carriers (like Virgin Mobile) operate on another carrier's network. Spotwave does not have data for MVNOs at this time. Solution: Have the customer with their service provider to find out what parent network they are using in their area. Customer is Roaming: Some customers retain their old service and phone number when they move, and roam on a different carrier in their new area. Solution: Have the customer with their service provider to find out what parent network they are using in their area. FCC Data is not Accurate: Spotwaves Look-Up Tool uses information from public FCC database records. We make every effort to ensure the information is accurate but in some cases the service in your region may differ from our results.

20 20 confidential Z1900 Dealer Portal Online Resource for Dealers (Available Oct 2nd) Sales How to Guides Brochures Technical Datasheets Reviews Brand Assets Product Finder Link And More!

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