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Equip life 2011 Q1 Roadmap. Content 2011 Q1 New Products 2011 Q1 Roadmap.

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1 Equip life 2011 Q1 Roadmap

2 Content 2011 Q1 New Products 2011 Q1 Roadmap

3 2011 Q1 New Product –Aluminum Surface Enhances Heat Dissipation –Additional USB Port for Input Device –Ultra-Quiet Fans with On/Off Switch –Lightweight and Easy to Carry Design –USB Bus-powered –Compatible with Laptop up to 15.4 124940 | Robust Laptop Cooler

4 2011 Q1 New Product –USB 2.0 to DVI / VGA / HDMI –Hot-plug; Driver Auto Installation –Resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 (16:10) & 2048 x 1152 (16:9) –Support Full HD Video Stream –Operation Mode: Extension, Mirror, Primary Display –USB Bus-powered –Connect up to 6 Displays 128950 | USB 2.0 Display Extension Kit

5 2011 Q1 New Product –Green Laser: Clear Pointer under All Environment –Integrates Laser Pointer, Wireless Mouse, PowerPoint Control, and Multimedia Remote Control –Plug and Play –Remote range up to 30m indoors and 100m outdoors –Laser range up to 200m –Travel Pouch Included 610026 | Wireless Notebook Presenter 4-1

6 2011 Q1 New Product 128950 | USB 2.0 4-Port Slim Hub –Data Transfer Rate up to 480Mbps –Compact and Light Weight Design –Plug and Play –USB Bus-Powered (128950) / Self-Powered (128951)

7 2011 Q1 New Product 128548 | USB 2.0 Matrix Switch –USB Bus-powered –Plug and Play –Sharing up to 3 USB Devices between 2 PCs –Push Button Switch –LED Indicators for Selected PC

8 2011 Q1 New Product 133435 | DisplayPort to VGA Adapter –Compliant with DisplayPort v1.1 –Automatic Sink Detection –Powered from DisplayPort Source

9 2011 Q1 New Product Flat Screen Mount

10 2011 Q1 Roadmap 133382 USB to Serial Adapter 133379 USB to SATA Conv Cbl 119320 High Speed HDMI Cbl 111910/20 SATA 6G Card 128451 USB to HDMI Converter 128285 USB 3.0 4-Port PCIe 134100/1 Dock to USB Cable 133335 USB 2.0 Extension Cable 133339 USB 2.0 ODD Share Cbl 133351 USB 2.0 PC Bridge Cbl 133405/10 USB 3.0 Extension Cbl Blister Cable Series 118904 Mini HDMI Adapter 245100/1 Optical Mouse 610027 Wireless Presenter 128553 USB 3.0 Card Reader 332712/4 2/4 Port HDMI Splitter

11 2011 Q1 New Product 133382 | USB 2.0 Serial Adapter –Supports All Common RS232 Serial Port –Automatic USB Protocol Handling –Supports Remote Wake-Up and Power Management –USB Bus-Powered

12 2011 Q1 New Product –Compliant to USB 3.0/2.0/1.1 and SATA II / I Specifications –Supports ATA Command Pass-through Function –Hot-swappable –One Button Backup Function –Works on Win XP/Vista/7 133379 | USB 3.0 to SATA Converter Cable

13 2011 Q1 New Product –Presentation Control, up to 30m Indoor and 100m Outdoor –Laser Pointer: 40m –Flashlight for Note Reading in Darkness –USB Receiver Stick Restore Slot –Plug-and-Play 610027 | Wireless Presenter with Flashlight

14 2011 Q1 New Product 119320 | High Speed HDMI Cable With Ethernet –26AWG Cable with 24K Gold- plated Connectors –3D over HDMI and Audio Return Channel –Supports HDCP –Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio Compatible –High Speed Data Transfer Rate of up to 10.2 Gbps (340MHz)

15 2011 Q1 New Product 111910 | SATA III Express Card –Data Transfer Rate up to 6Gbps –Supports NCQ –Hot-plug Capability 111920 | SATA III PCIe Combo Card –1 x SATA Port and 1 x eSATA Port –Low Profile PCI Form Factor –Two Pin Headers on Board for LED Connection

16 2011 Q1 New Product 118904 | Mini HDMI Adapter –HDMI Type C Male to Type A Female –Provides Bridge Connection for HDMI Devices

17 2011 Q1 New Product Blister Cable Series –USB 3.0 Cable –USB 2.0 Cable –Cat.5e Network Cable –High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet –High Speed HDMI Cable –HDMI to DVI Cable –DVI Dual Link Cable –DisplayPort Cable –Audio Cable / Toslink Audio Cable –Audio Adapter

18 2011 Q1 New Product 332712 | 2-Port HDMI Splitter –Plug and Play –LED Indicator for Power and Signal –Supports 3D Format Video Transmission –Resolution up to 1080p Full HD

19 2011 Q1 New Product 332714 | 4-Port HDMI Splitter –Distributes One Video Image to Four Displays –Supports 3D Format Video Transmission –Up to 10m Length for Signal Input, 15m for Output –LED Indicator for Power and Signal –Resolution up to 1080p Full HD

20 2011 Q1 New Product 128451 | USB 2.0 to HDMI Converter –Fit to TV Auto Screen Fine-tuning –Transfers both Video and Audio Signals –Resolution up to 1080p Full HD –USB Bus-powered

21 2011 Q1 New Product 20m133335 | USB 2.0 Active Extension Cable 20m –Over-current Detection and Protection –Daisy-chain Connection up to 60m –USB Bus-powered or Self-powered

22 2011 Q1 New Product 133339 | USB 2.0 ODD Sharing Cable –Sharing Files in Optical Drives –Built-in LED Indicator –USB Bus-powered –Works on Win 2000/XP/Vista/7 –Cable Length: 1.8m

23 2011 Q1 New Product 133351 | USB 2.0 Dual PC Bridge Cable –Sharing Mouse, Keyboard, and Files between 2 PCs –Built-in LED Indicator –USB Bus-powered –Works on Win 2000/XP/Vista/7 –Cable Length: 1.8m

24 2011 Q1 New Product 245100 | 3-Button Office Mouse –USB 2.0 Interface –1000dpi Optical Sensor –Ergonomic Design for Both Hands 245101 | Wireless Office Mouse –USB Receiver Stick –1000dpi Optical Sensor –Low Power Consumption

25 2011 Q1 New Product 128285 –Offers 4 Super Speed USB Ports –Data Transfer Rate up to 5Gbps

26 2011 Q1 New Product 134100 | Dock Connector to USB Cable –Data Synchronization and Charging Function –Cable Length: 1.2m 134101 | Dock to Composite AV Cable –Play Files on TV or LCD Display –Data Synchronization and Charging Function –Cable Length: 1.2m

27 2011 Q1 New Product 133405 | USB 3.0 Active Extension Cable 5m 133410 | USB 3.0 Active Extension Cable 10m –Data Transfer Rate up to 5Gbps –Capable of Daisy-Chain –USB Bus-powered or Self-powered

28 2011 Q1 New Product 128553 | USB 3.0 All-in-One Card Reader –Five Memory Card Slots: SD, CF, MS, xD, Micro-SD/M2 –Supports Latest SDXC and CFast Formats –SuperSpeed USB up to 5Gbps Data Rate

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