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1 Jamaicas Broadband Provider Knowledge Management - Now We Can! Sharon Roper Director of Marketing, Flow May 21 st, 2009.

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1 1 Jamaicas Broadband Provider Knowledge Management - Now We Can! Sharon Roper Director of Marketing, Flow May 21 st, 2009

2 2 The World then….

3 3

4 4 The World now….

5 5

6 6 Information and knowledge as corporate assets; Businesses need strategies, policies, culture and tools to manage data; The technology has now caught up with the theory and practice of knowledge management; Now We can! Concepts to Discuss Today

7 7 About Sharon Ex Knowledge Manager Implemented Knowledge Management Systems for Accenture Plc Fortune Global 500 company with more than 186,000 people in 52 countries Knowledge Management wasnt a nice to have but offered competitive business advantage 15 years ago Accenture was seen as a pioneer in this area Faced many challenges with scale, accessibility, collaboration tools

8 8 Knowledge Management

9 9 Knowledge Management involves retooling organizational structures, procedures, technologies and work cultures for: Greater efficiencies; A more engaged and creative workforce; Expanded range of knowledge resources; A culture of knowledge sharing; Enhanced learning; A more competitive or innovative research, production or services environment. Why Knowledge Management

10 10 Knowledge Management back in the Day! Understood Knowledge Management…… Accenture certainly had the vision – knowledge sharing culture Staff were seen as assets – Knowledge Workers Invested heavily in training Sold expertise for large amounts $$$ Knowledge was tangible competitive advantaged Introduced systems (processes) to capture, synthesize and disseminate intellectual knowledge capital However….. Tools were unsophisticated and slow – Lotus Notes databases Hindered the utilization across the whole organization

11 11 Today, Knowledge Management initiatives can flourish, thanks in part to new technology; Broadband is here! Knowledge Management today!

12 12 Lets Talk About It…What is broadband Extending the reach of information through high capacity connections; A wide range of frequencies to transmit information; Information can be multiplexed and sent on many different frequencies or channels concurrently; Information Highway Broadband Technology

13 13 Broadband Technology

14 14 Knowledge Management today

15 15 Broadband and Your Business What Broadband brings to your business: Rich Media Interactivity Personalisation Transactional services Two-way communications Peer to peer activity and communities

16 16 Practical Advantages of broadband: An always-on connection, ready when you are to access the outside world; Rapid loading of web pages and e-mail (as much as 100 times faster); The ability to easily stream video and music Equally fast downloading of files, programs, and computer updates; More efficient use of time online Now We Can!

17 17 The ability to enable reliable, voice-over-IP telephone communications Anytime, anywhere access. Now We Can!

18 18 Practical Applications VPN – Virtual Private Networks that enable staff to work from any location Intranets/Web Portals that house best practices, video media for training, keep staff informed –Customer call centres –Technical Team trouble shooting –Training Departments Online collaboration tools – means staff can easily facilitate sharing of ideas and transfer of knowledge (i.e. netmeeting, E:meeting, etc) and learning External website – Business intelligence, KM, Wikipedia, ASK, etc

19 19 Now we Can….

20 20 Flows Commitment: Develop an information infrastructure that will position Jamaica as having the most advanced broadband network in the region Use cutting edge technology to transform the way Jamaicans work, play and learn. Flow Can Help Make KM Happen….

21 21 Flows First World Infrastructure

22 22 On Island Fibre Network

23 23 Flows Broadband Technology Digital Cable. Digital Landline. Internet.

24 24 Flow and Knowledge Management Significantly reduce the digital divide Elevate industry standards More cost effective solutions Superior quality services Investment opportunities Entrepreneurial opportunities Corporate growth E-business growth (broadband access/pricing ) Flows First World Infrastructure

25 25 Flow Making KM More Cost Effective…… Data Prices – Case Study – Flow Market entry

26 26 Broadband Internet Speeds to 15mb downstream Fiber Direct Internet Symmetrical Bandwidth Speeds to 100mb dedicated VLAN (speeds to 100mb) Voice services (Free calls on Flow Network) International Private Line Circuits (IPLC) Delivered TDM or IP MPLS available Off shore data Centres (Curacao) Co-location Services / Cloud Computing (soon) Tools for Enabling Knowledge Management

27 27 Knowledge Management in School

28 28 Now We Can!

29 29 To see how YOU Can Stop by the Flow Booth To discuss Flows High Capacity Business Solutions


31 31 Broadband and Your Business Businesses with Broadband in Action Grace Kennedy – Creative use of U-Tube for their business JMMB – Storage and File sharing Government Agencies – National Land Agency – Fully Computerized Hotels, Financial Institutions, Credit Unions

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