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22 Nov 20051 Digital Video Transfer (WP2). 2 Digital Video Switch Unit.

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1 22 Nov 20051 Digital Video Transfer (WP2)

2 2 Digital Video Switch Unit

3 3 Video Switch Subunit


5 5 HUB Video Subsystem

6 6 Changes in D1f: Video Switch Unit and Video Hub Technical Document v.0.4Document USB Connection updated System commands in a separate document Power Consumption added Power Consumption Other minor changes

7 7 Digital Video Transfer research, D1e No changes in the document Tests have started 1: Gefen Cable extenderCable extender –based on MAX3815 cable equalizer circuit 2: Silicon Image test boardSilicon Image test board –based on SiI 7161 circuit, which has internal cable equalizer

8 8 Preliminary cable tests and the results Test environment - Dell PC with DVI connector supporting 1200 x 1600 x 60Hz mode - ACER 20" 1600 x 1200 x 60Hz UXGA monitor - Nokia Monitor Test ProgramProgram Test 1 - Lindy ( high quality cablecable - 15 m Super long distance cable - 10 m Super long distance extension cable - Result: 15 m cable worked well and 25 m (connected) also worked without any errors !! (Pict1, Pict2)Pict1Pict2

9 9 Supported Display modes

10 10 Test result 2 Gefen "DVI Super Booster" cable extender - 25 m above mentioned Lindy cables connected - 20 m lower quality cable (Clicktronic) Result: Worked well with both cables More margin with Lindy cable

11 11 Test result 3 Silicon Image CP7169 Evaluation board as "cable extender" 25 m Lindy cable Result: Worked without erros with 25 m Lindy cables Lower quality Clicktronic cables were not tested because the evaluation board does not support the DVI-I connector

12 12 Next tests to do Try to find out a way to do preliminary test with category (cat 6, cat 7) cables using RJ-45 connectors DVI – RJ45 adapters

13 13 Video Switch Unit schematics, D2aschematics Page 1: Block Diagram Page 2: FPGA Page 3: Bus_A_Rcv, Page4: Bus_A_Tr Page 5: DVI_From_PC, Page6: To_Monitor Page 7: Control (microcontroller) Page 8: Bus_B_Rcv, Page 9: Bus_B_Tr Page 10: Power + To_Table_Unit

14 14 25 ohms load Silicon Image has confirmed that their circuits work on 25 ohms loadload Reserved space on the PCB for DVI switch

15 15 Video Switch Unit PCB, D2b Not yet finalised Mechanics issues

16 16 Video Switch Unit FPGA, D2c VHDL code written and simulated place & route made meets time constraints –faster circuit, stepping 1 (Spartan 3E)

17 17 Video Switch Unit SW, D2d Going on, Jere is doing Progressing well

18 18 Tasks to do, WP2 Design Finalise PCB design CAT6 cable tests Video hub design Software for Video Switch Unit

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