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Trasmition of 40GBase-T and 100Gbase-T over category 7A copper cables

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1 Trasmition of 40GBase-T and 100Gbase-T over category 7A copper cables
Steven Fratello

2 Need Copper wires are only useful for short distance transmitions
Alien talk often disrupts the signal on a copper cable Fext Next

3 Need
Increase in network traffic

4 Need The copper cable determines the distance before the signal becomes to weak and distorted to be recoverable This distance determines the amount of repeaters used along the wire

5 Knowledge base

6 Knowledge base CAT 7 (ISO Class F)600 MHz 1.2 GHz in pairs with Siemon connector Full-motion video Teleradiology Government and manufacturing environments Fully Shielded (S/FTP) system using non-RJ45 connectors but backwards compatible with hybrid cords. Until February 2008, the only standard (published in 2002) to support 10GBASE-T for a full 100m.

7 Knowledge base Gbase-t- gigabits per second on a copper wire

8 Enteshari/Kavhrad 09 Tranmition at 40Gbase-T is practical at lengths up to 50 meters Transmition at 100GBase-T can be practical at lengths up to 10 meters

9 Kavehrad 07 it is possible to extend the length of category 7 copper cables from 70 meters to 100 meters (Kavehrad 07)

10 I. Kalet and S. Shamai Present copper wire systems operate far below theoretical capacity

11 Viterbri decoder “1. Branch metric calculation
2. Path metric calculation 3. Traceback Encoded stream > branch metric calculation> path metric calculation> Traceback> decoded stream

12 Purpose To Determine the distances which 100Gbase- T is more practical than 40Gbase-T.

13 Hypothesis Alternate hypothesis- The 100Gbase over the copper cable will be more practical than the cable transporting 40Gbase in short distances Null Hypothesis- The 40Gbase transmition over the copper cable is always more practical

14 Do Ability Very doable Most info can be recorded on a computer
Only the copper cables are needed


16 Protocols Data is sent from one computer to another
Computer receiving the data would record how much Giga bites is received. Data will be run through the viterbri decoder

17 Budget Vendor Object Price Nexans Category 7A copper $19.55
cable 200 meters Science res computer

18 Methodology Category 7A cables 40GBase-T run through 100GBase-T
Copper cable run through copper cable Internet signal sent over cable Signal strength recorded on receiving computer Data run through Viterbri decoder Data statistically analyzed on spss

19 Bibliography Researchers Push transmission Rate of copper Cables Ultrafast Home Network Possible by Using Separate Optical Fibers I. Kalet and S. Shamai, “On the capacity of a Twisted-Wire Pair: Gaussian Model”, IEEE Transactions on Communications, vol. 38, No 3, March 1990. Ali Entashari, Mohsenkaverad K. Seki, et. al., Performance Evaluation of Low-Latency LDPC Code, IEEE 802.3 10GBASE-T Study Group Interim Meeting, July 2004.

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