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AV & VGA Detachable Cabling System Audio/video base cables, pigtails, and wallplates.

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1 AV & VGA Detachable Cabling System Audio/video base cables, pigtails, and wallplates

2 Reviewing the RapidRun system Detachable interconnect system for A/V & VGA cables Save termination hassle during installation Opens new opportunities for contractors & installers Flexiblemany connector options, signals can be combined over one cable Modulareasy to upgrade as applications change Attractive pricinggood opportunity for profit

3 Who can use RapidRun? A/V installers Contractors/builders requiring pre-wired VGA or A/V cabling Data installers wishing to cross-over into A/V Types of end-users: –Educational institutions –Conference rooms –Training facilities –Retail stores –Houses of worship –Residential home theaters

4 How to identify potential RapidRun customers Anyone who is buying the following: –Bulk VGA/UXGA cable –Bulk 5 coax/3 coax cable –Plenum VGA cables –Raw AV connectors (RCA, HD15) –A/V or VGA wallplates –Any long-length AV cables RCA S-video Component video VGA These are candidates for RapidRun instead!

5 Why do we need this product? Less termination headaches High performance Saves installers time on large projects –No need to field-terminate VGA and AV connections –Time = $$$!! Flexibility –Connections can change with applications

6 Without RapidRun A/V and VGA bulk cable pulled without connectors, then terminated at each drop –Field terminations might be difficult Solder Screw-down terminals –Field terminations may also affect performance Inconsistent shielding, grounding practices If applications change, new cable must be run

7 With RapidRun Installer pulls base cable –Includes pulling cap on each end Protection Ease of use ¾ conduit with 90 ° sweep 15 lbs of pulling tension Then, terminates to pigtail or wallplate with easy-to-use MUVI connector Termination is clean, sturdy, and takes only seconds

8 How does it work? The system consists of two major components –Base cable –Break-Away Pigtail or wallplate Installer plans wiring strategy, decides which signals will be used –Select base cable –Choose the proper Break- Aways accordingly MUVI connectors make termination easy

9 What kind of signals? A/V –Composite video (VCR, camera) –S-video (DVD, PC) –Component video (DVD, HD tuner) –Line-level audio (Stereo) –Digital audio (SP/DIF) VGA/UXGA –HD15 connector (PC monitor) –5 BNC connector (RGBHV)

10 Base cables Available in two versions –UXGA 3 Mini-coax, 3 Twisted-pair, 2 conductors PVC 15 pin connector Dual foil and braid shield –5 Mini-coax PVC 12 pin connector Dual foil and braid shield Plenum jackets also available Stock lengths –15ft –25ft –35ft –50ft –75ft –100ft –125ft –150ft

11 Which base cable do I use? Determine the type of signals that will be carried A/V applications –Use 5 Mini-coax base cable VGA applications –Use UXGA base cable Future-proofing –Run one of each Base CablePigtail/Wallplate Application5 CoaxUXGA UXGA VideoXHD15 RGBHVXX5 BNC Component Video + AudioXX5 RCA (RGBRW) S-Video + AudioXX2 RCA + S-Video Composite Video + AudioXX3 RCA (YRW) Component VideoXX3 RCA (RGB) Component Video + Digital AudioX4 RCA (RCBBI) Component Video + S-VideoX3 RCA + S-Video

12 Break-aways (pigtails /wallplates) RapidRun connector on one end Different connector combos available on other end –HD15 –RCA –S-video (4-pin Mini DIN) –BNC

13 The RapidRun MUVI connector Multiple Use Versatile Interconnect Solder terminations Brass contact terminals Bright nickel plated finish Precision CNC machined connectors Extremely simple to attach with unique locking mechanism that tightens from either end Loss-less connection without compromising the characteristic impedance or properties of the signal Pulling eye cap also protects connectors from dirt, dust and oil during installations.

14 What it means for you: Flexibility –Base cables can be used with many connector/signal types Affordability –Your customer sees very attractive pricing vs. substitute solutions Convenience & ease of use –MUVI connectors eliminate complicated field termination –Lets any data installer get started with A/V Unique in marketplace –Offers your customers an efficient, one-of-a-kind solution –Award-winning productCEA TechHome Mark of Excellence Repeat business –Break-aways can be upgraded as applications change

15 FAQs What kind of connector is that? –This is a proprietary circular DIN-style connector. It can be referred to as a MUVI Connector. Can I get custom lengths? –Yes, custom-lengths will be available. What about plenum jackets? –Some plenum-jacketed cables will be stocked, in various lengths. Custom-built lengths will also be available. How is the connector terminated? –The conductors of the cable are soldered securely to the RapidRun connector. This is standard practice for factory-assembled cables, and results in a high-performance, highly stable connection.

16 More FAQs How large of a conduit can I put it in? –3/4 conduit, with a factory 90 ° sweep. How long of a cable can I have? –Many factors can affect maximum cable length. For most applications, picture quality is maintained up to 150 feet. Analog A/V (composite, S-video, YPbPr), applications can sometime exceed this, going to 200 feet and beyond. The longest base cables that will be stocked are 150-footers. Does it support Hi-Def? –Supports UXGA & YPbPr analog video, both of which support HD resolutions (including 720p and1080i). Length considerations should always be taken into account.

17 THE LAST OF THE FAQs How strong is the pulling eye? –The factory has tested the strength of the ring on the pulling eye, and pulling force should not exceed 15 lbs. If stronger pulling force is needed, a pulling aid that attaches to the wire itself can be used. Who needs the RapidRun system? –Hotels, banquet centers, exhibition halls, convention centers, training rooms, presentation areas, houses of worship, conference rooms, classrooms, high-end home theater installations, auditoriums, transportation terminals, retail stores, etc. –ANYWHERE WHERE A/V OR VGA SIGNALS NEED TO GO A LONG DISTANCE, THROUGH A SMALL SPACE, AND WITH A MINIMAL AMOUNT OF TERMINATION WORK!!!

18 Thank you!

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