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How to Make a Straight-through Cable

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1 How to Make a Straight-through Cable
Select the “View Show” command from the “Slide Show” menu.

2 After completing this lesson, you will be able to create a functioning straight-through cable.

3 Strip the Wire Coating First strip about an inch and ½ of the plastic coating from the end of the UTP media. Do this carefully so you don’t cut any of the copper wires in the cable.

4 What not to do? This is why they invented wire cutters.

5 Untwist and Straighten the Wires
After removing a portion of the coating, untwist each wire from it’s partner and straighten them out.

6 Order the Wires for Placement in the RJ-45 Connector.
Place the wires in the following order, starting from left and going right, and then trim them with the wire cutter before placing them in the RJ-45 connector. White Orange Orange White green Blue White blue Green White brown brown

7 Crimping Next, insert the wires neatly into the RJ-45. Then crimp the wires tight. Using the crimping tool But not that tight

8 Repeat the procedure on the opposite end of the cable.

9 Testing your cable Take your cable to Mr. Wright to see if it passes.

10 Congratulations You just made your first cable!

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