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CFCN Total Expansion Undersea Fiber Optic Cable Project Presented by: Counsel to SMITCOMS April 26, 2006.

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1 CFCN Total Expansion Undersea Fiber Optic Cable Project Presented by: Counsel to SMITCOMS April 26, 2006

2 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY COMPANY BACKGROUND SMITCOMS, "Sint Maarten International Telecommunications Services Limited, was established on May 10th, 2000 as a limited liability company, under the laws of the Netherlands Antilles…..with its official place of registration on Sint Maarten, Netherlands Antilles and business licenses on Saba and Curacao. SMITCOMS was formed as a result of the liberalization of the international communications industry on Sint Maarten. The Shareholder of SMITCOMS is the Island Territory of Sint Maarten - Government of Sint Maarten N.A. The Shareholder and the Supervisory Board of Directors appoints the Companys Managing Director and its Supervisory Board of Directors. SMITCOMS Supervisory Board of Directors, in turn, established resolutions and the articles of incorporation for the Company. In 2003, SMITCOMS established an affiliated Company, SMITCOMS Inc, incorporated under the laws of the State of Delaware in the USA. SMITCOMS, Inc. has subsequently attained an FCC 214 license, thereby enabling SMITCOMS to provide certain international telecommunications services in the USA and Puerto Rico. SMITCOMS Inc. also holds the SMPR-1 fiber optic cable landing license and permits in Puerto Rico. SMITCOMS is presently one hundred (100%) shareholder of SMITCOMS Inc.

3 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY MARKET POSITION Sint Maarten International Telecommunications Services Limited is a company established to take advantage of the recent liberalization of international telecommunications services on the island of Sint Maarten. SMITCOMS is currently providing international telecommunications services to business and residential customers on Sint Maarten and abroad. Starting from scratch a few years ago, SMITCOMS has already become a leading competitor in its core service area. The Company currently accounts for seventy percent of the islands total outbound international telephone traffic through its facilities. SMITCOMS is seeking to build on its early success by consistently providing a better quality of service at affordable tariffs to the community of Sint Maarten….while striving to become one of the most viable international telecommunications carriers in the Caribbean region.

4 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY COMPANY OBJECTIVES The Company plans to achieve its objectives to expand by: 1) further expanding its volume of loyal basic telephony customers; 2) expanding its operations and service territory into other neighboring islands….where it has already obtained an international license to operate; and 3) by offering a competitively priced suite of value-added data and Internet services, combined (bundled) with basic telephony services.

5 SMPR-1 The New Submarine Cable Network Installed Connecting Sint Maarten and the USA via Puerto Rico In 2003, SMITCOMS began building a submarine fiber optics cable system designed to provide international broadband access to customers in Sint Maarten and other islands in the Eastern Caribbean region. In early 2005, the Company installed and commissioned an undersea cable network (SMPR-1) that provides direct broadband access from Sint Maarten to North America and other international markets via a landing station in San Juan, Puerto Rico. SMPR-1 is an 8-pair, non-repeatered submarine fiber-optic cable equipped with two landing points on the Sint Maarten/Saint Martin island. Six fiber pairs land on Sint Maarten, the Dutch side of the island, while two fiber pairs land on Saint Martin, the French side. The cable currently has a lit capacity of 2.5Gbps, an aggregate capacity of 10Gbps per wavelength and total potential capacity of over 300Gbps.

6 Expansion Branches Underway Connecting SMPR-1 to Neighboring Islands Having successfully completed its Sint Maarten to Puerto Rico/North America leg, the Company is now preparing to build a series of expansion network branches that will interconnect neighboring island territories to the SMPR-1 network. The first of these expansions, referred to as Caribbean Fiber Cable Network -1 with its abbreviation CFCN-1, will connect SMPR-1 and Sint Maarten with a cluster of four islands nearest to Sint Maarten, including Anguilla, Antigua and Sint Kitts, and St. Croix. CFCN-1 will consist of 16 STM-1s, or 2.5Gbps of capacity at the outset that will be incrementally expanded up to 40.0Gbps during the course of the cables life.

7 CFCN EXPANSION PLAN Phase 1: SMPR-1 Cable System In December 2004, Phase 1 of SMITCOMS SMPR-1 undersea fiber optic cable system was commissioned and accepted for commercial service. SMITCOMS also built a New Generation Network (NGN) that is IP/Packet based and connected to the Sint Maarten based soft switch…..with nodes installed in Curacao, Puerto Rico and Miami. The SMPR-1 cable was commissioned and accepted for use on December 4, 2004. Phase 2: CFCN-1 Expansion Plans Shortly after the acceptance of Phase 1 of the SMPR-1 project, work commenced to prepare for Phase 2 of the project. SMITCOMS Phase 2 cable system consists of four segments connecting St. Maarten and the SMPR-1 System to Sint. Kitts, Anguilla, St. Croix and Antigua.

8 83 km 291 km 138.8 km 62.3 km 44.6 km 183.4 km 11 km 9.1 km 19.8 km 193.2 km 12.8 km 133.2 km BU 1 BU 2 BU 3 BU 4 BU 5 BU 6 BU 7 SMITCOMS East Caribbean Submarine Cable System St. Croix St. Martin Anguilla Antigua Dominica St. Lucia Barbados St. Vincent Grenada 25.1 km St. Martin – Trinidad: 1206 km Total Network: 1566 km

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