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Welcome on our board ! TFC © 1999 Milos Dvorak Times Fiber Communications Times Fiber Communications.

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1 Welcome on our board ! TFC © 1999 Milos Dvorak Times Fiber Communications Times Fiber Communications

2 Amphenol Corporation Automotive leadership position in inter-connect systems for electronic airbags and seatbelt pretensioners in Europe heavy investment in new product development and manufacturing process to preserve position chosen as exclusive supplier to GM for side impact airbags starting with model year 1999 Industry strong revenue growth in worldwide markets capitalizing on technological changes in factory automation, machine tools and mass transportation high performance product strength being transitioned into industrial markets Military and Aerospace undisputed market leader strong distributor network strong position for continued growth: –commercial aircraft (Boeing 777, Airbus) –international space station –new battlefield communications (Bowman) –new aerospace platforms (EFA, F22, Rafale, NH 90, Gripen) Communications: Wireless, Data and Telecom excellent growth opportunities worldwide in the development of cellular base stations and telephone handsets strong competitive position supported by complete product range and worldwide presence strategic focus on key players worldwide - obtaining longer term commitments new product introductions driving growth Broadband Communications 75 Ohm coaxial cable for Hybrid Fiber Coax networks - the choice for converging voice, data and video 50 year reputation of world class reliability and hundreds of thousands of kilometers installed plant CATV connectors designed for today's digital and internet requirements

3 Times Fiber Communications Division of Amphenol Corporation Drop cables Semiflex cables Cables for special applications 75 Ohm coaxial cables

4 Times Fiber Communications Global Manufacturing Capacity ALL Coaxial Cable Types Manufactured Production Capacity World-wide: >3 billion feet p.a. (1 billion metres) Manufacturing Plants in USA, Canada, China

5 Times Fiber Communications Drop Cables Series 59 - available in 194 types Series 6 - available in 320 types Series 7 - available in 43 types Series 11 - available in 179 types Standard and Premium Trishield Quadshield Construction variants

6 CENTER CONDUCTOR Copp er - clad steel 21% minimum conductivity DIELECTRIC Closed cell, high velocity precision foamed polyethylene. Attenuation stability from 0% to 100% relative humidity. SECOND OUTER CONDUCTOR Standard coverage aluminum alloy wire braids improve shielding ability. FOURTH OUTER CONDUCTOR Economy coverage aluminum alloy wire braids assuring good metalic contact in the overlap of the tape. CORROSION RESISTANT PROTECTANT Aerial Underground Is dripless compound which remains functional over a temperature range of - 40° C to + 90°C. Has cold flow properties for self-healing of small jacket ruptures. FIRST OUTER CONDUCTOR Sealed aluminum-polyethylene-aluminum (APA) laminated tape longitudinally wrapped with an overlap around the dielectric. THIRD OUTER CONDUCTOR Unsealed aluminum-polyethylene- aluminum (APA) laminated tape. MESSENGER PVC jacked, galvanized steel wire integrally attached to cable jacket with esily separable PVC web serves as support for cable JACKET Protective PVC applied over the braid to environmentally seal the constructin. Construction of Drop Cables life Time TM Polyisobutylene flooding compoud

7 Material : low loss gas injected polyethylene structure of closed cells - protection against moisture ingress optimum dielectric hardness - improves mechanical propertice of cable The foam is bonded to the center conductor with moisture- blocking polymer - prevent removing out of central conductor. This construction garante attenuation stability from 0 % to 100 % relative humidity. Structure of dielectric ( close cells )

8 Basic Construction Variants Standard and Premium Trishield Quadshield These construction variants are available for all series (59, 6,7,11 and TX10 - 15) Standard85 dB Premium95 dB Trishield105 dB Quadshield115 dB Approximate value of screening effectiveness ( before flecture )

9 Corrosion Resistant Protectant corrosion resistant protectant barrier against moisture ingress not dripping stability through a wide range of temperatures ( - 40 C to + 90 C ) suitable for aerial or indoor use life Time TM - available exclusively from TFC A stable gel-like composition is applied to the Al braid and underlying tape. life Time TM

10 TFC Drop Cables Black Floded Life Time PVC jacket 11 Series 60% - 40% Quadshield TFC Description Legend T11QLT--BV083M 0,83 Messenger T11Q - LTVB - 083M

11 Times Fiber Communications Semiflex Cables T10 Series - 412, 500, 625, 750, 875, 1000 TX10 Series - 565, 700, 840, 1160 Jacketed Jacketed Burial Messengered Armored Construction Variants

12 What is T10 and TX10? 2 GHz BANDWIDTH COAXIAL CABLE (Trunk & Feeder) TRIPLE BONDED Centre to Dielectric/ Dielectric to Outer/ Outer to Jacket SEAMLESS OUTER CONDUCTOR T10: Full Wall TX10: Reduced Wall LONG-TERM RELIABILITY Semiflexible Cables

13 Construction of Semiflex Cables CENTER CONDUCTOR Copper - clad aluminum or solid copper CONDUCTOR COATING Proprietary polymer adhesive coating to provaide moisture blocking, bonding the dielectric and enhancing foam structure stability. DIELECTRIC Foamed polyethylene produced by injection in combination with proprietary nucleating agents and enhanced dimensional uniformity. FLOADING COMPOUNDS SELF-HEALING Cold flowing, low molecular weight flooding compound for self-healing of jacket damage. Intended for underground instalations. NON-FLOWING Intended for aerial instalations, non-dripping flooding compound. DIELECTRIC ADHESIVE COATING Proprietary polymer adhesive coating to bond core to outer conducter for improved handling and strenght charakteristics in cold weather. OUTER CONDUCTOR Seamless high purity electrical grade aluminum tube. JACKET ADHESIVE Proprietary non-residue polymer adhesive ( Not used on cables with flooding compounds ). ARMOR A 0.010 inch thick steel tape per SAE/AISI 1010 for steel JACKET Abrasion resistant, low coefficient offriction medium density black polyethylene.

14 Triple Bonded System corrosion protectant agains moisture ingress provides adhesion strength to - 40°C, drastically reducing center conductor pull-outs due to extreme temperature changes impruves handling and facilitates the use of standard connectors prevents concealment of aluminum sheat demage, identifying problems before the cable is installed allows all components to operate together as a single unit offers benefits of increased pull strength an resistance to possible sidewall pressure damage during instalation solves the instances of connector pull-outs, further reducing cable service problems after instalation Benefits :

15 TFC Semiflex Cables Burial Armored 565 Series Jacked TFC TX10 Description Legend TX10565JBA TX10 565 JBA

16 Times Fiber Communications Cables for Special Aplication Flexible Feeder Teledrop Cables Headend Cables Power Cables

17 Flexible Feeder TX 10 - 15 Series Also Avalable in Trishield, Quadshield, Messengered, Fooded and Riser Rated Versions Attenuation of Hardline Cable ~ 500 Series Flexibility of a Drop Cable Low Minimum Bend Radius Better Ampacity than Standard Drop Cables Product Features and Benefits

18 Technical Parameters

19 Application Times Fiber Communications Multi Dwelling Units Long Drops Emergency Restoration (Long Jumpers) Short Jumpers In Pedestals Hot Drops to MDUs

20 (RG 59, 6, 7, 11 Standard / 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Pairs - Shielded Option for Internet lines available) Impedance (nominal @ 1MHz) 100 ohms Mutual Capacitance (nominal) -90pf/km Resistance unbalance (maximum) -5% Near End Cross @ 772 kHz -44dB min. Far end Crosstalk @ 150 kHz --63dB/305m min. TeleDrop Cable

21 Quality Control Procedures Manufactures from Raw Material TOTAL control of ALL processes (e.g., aluminium braid begins life as a solid bar) Times Fiber Communications

22 Performance Traces held for EVERY Length of Semi-Flex Trunk Cable Drop Cable - ALL Batches Traceable Test Data Available by Email Quality Control Procedures Times Fiber Communications

23 Continuing Product Development TFC pioneered Coaxial Cable for CATV TFC expanded transmission capability TFC designs for voice, video and Internet Times Fiber Communications

24 Any questions..? Please, contact us !!!

25 via Internet

26 or

27 TFC Europe Office Stephan Hoogendoorn - Sales Manager Europe Holland Milos Dvorak - Sales Manager Eastern Europe Czech Republic David Small - Sales Manager UK Tel: +44 1799 542836 fax: +44 1799 542837 European Office European Staff Regional Sales Staff

28 Thank You very much for your attention ! TFC © 1999 Milos Dvorak Times Fiber Communications Times Fiber Communications

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