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Aberdare History Founded in Port Elizabeth Sold to NKF

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1 Aberdare Cables Powertech Investors Relations Day – 9 February 07 Hans Meiring, CEO

2 Aberdare History Founded in Port Elizabeth - 1946 Sold to NKF - 1956
Phillips incorporation Aycliffe Cables acquisition Copper telecommunication Optical fibre plant Contronics Cables acquisition ASEA/Scottish Cables merger Alcobre acquisition Delta Cables acquisition SA PVC acquisition (Voltex) Lambda Cables acquisition Aberdare Intelec founded Cables de Comunicaciones Aberdare Network Services established Corning equity deal Izingwe equity deal Technology Integrated Solutions est Greenhills Distribution Centre est 60TH Anniversary ATC/Aberdare Joint Venture

3 Aberdare facts and figures
Major shareholders : Powertech & Izingwe Locations : RSA, Mozambique, Portugal & Spain Core Business : Cable & Solutions Sales Revenues : R m / US $ 570 m Employees : 2600 Structure : Sales-led Functional Organization Manufacturing Facilities : Pietermaritzburg, Gauteng, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth, Maputo, Oporto, Zaragoza Asset Base : R 1225 m US $ 175 m Sales & Distribution : Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, Middelburg, Welkom, Johannesburg, Nelspruit, East London, Bloemfontein, Durban, Upington, Maputo, Oporto, Lisbon, Madrid, Zaragoza, Hong Kong, Australia, Ghana, Namibia Technology Partners : Tyco/Raychem: Cable USA, Draka Cables

4 Aberdare Operating Structure

5 Market Segments Power Telecom & Data Utilities ESKOM Transmission
Distribution Generation Mining Houses Railways & Harbours General industry Building & Construction Exports Telkom SA Second Network Operator Railways Mining Houses Private telecom networks General industry IT & Surveillance installation markets GSM Networks Exports

6 Products Power Telecom & Data LV, MV & HV XLPE cable MV PILC cable
Elastomeric cable PVC cable O/H conductors Aerial bundle cable Fire Cables Copper rod Conform profiles Cable accessories Copper telecom cable OF telecom cable Industrial telecom cable Instrumentation cable Railway Signaling cable Data cable Fire cables Pigtails & Patch cords Cable accessories

7 Aberdare Export Markets
Swaziland, Lesotho, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Malawi, Ghana, Nigeria, DR Congo, Cameroon, Gabon, Guinea, Mali, Tanzania, Sudan, Zanzibar, Mauritius, Seychelles, Mozambique, Zanzibar, Madagascar Australia, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Brunei, Sri Lanka, Philippines UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Yemen, Bahrain United Kingdom, Ireland, Scotland Portugal, France, Belgium, Spain, Romania, Sweden Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru USA, Canada

8 Market Shares – SA Power Cable Market
Other Mtec Aberdare African

9 Aberdare Strategic Plan 2007 - 2010

10 Aberdare Group Strategic Intent Drivers Sustainable Value Creation and Growth through:
Customer Relationship Management Broad Based BEE Technology Innovation Talent Management Operational & Functional Excellence Global Growth Value Chain Optimisation

11 Aberdare 2010 and beyond strategic plan concept summary …
“ FROM GOOD TO GREAT towards 2010 and beyond......”

12 Consolidation / Rationalization Telecoms Operations
Aberdare/ATC Joint Venture completed January 2007 Created World Class Company with the best machinery and processes Ability to explore manufacturing opportunities in Africa with spare plant from the Joint Venture Secured Technology Partners for new Joint Venture in Europe

13 Cost Effectiveness Consolidation of Power Operations:
Product/Process/Staff - functional rationalisation (multi-site) Quality Improvements – BASEC ISO 9000 & ISO 14000 Time utilisation improvements Stock control refined with SAP Process technology installed People skills upgraded in line with process improvements

14 Backward Integration Own manufacture of Copper Rod (Phase 1)
State-of-the-art vertical casting lines tons/annum EC rod capacity Ability to cast specilialised copper alloys (Spoornet contact wire) Own Manufacture of Aluminium Rod (Phase 2) EC aluminium for general conductors Aluminium alloys for overhead conductors (Eskom) Continuous Metal Forming (Conform) (Phase 1) Solid profiled aluminium conductors Rectangular copper strip for transformer windings Polymer Compounding In-line polyolefin grafting (Phase 2) PVC insulating and sheathing compounds (Phase 1) Local mixing of PILC PIB impregnate (Phase 2)

15 Operational Excellence
Lean Production: Cost of Production Measurements – Balanced Score Card Value Stream mapping Drives improvement activities Mission Directed Work Teams Mini Businesses Quality, Speed, Cost, Morale Ownership and accountability Complete Plant efficiency Time, Performance, Quality Kaizen activities Continuous improvement

16 Technology Integrated Solutions
Power Networks Telecommunication Networks Cable accessories Joints & terminations Connections & fittings Insulation & protection Substation O/H line protection LV & MV Bus insulation Insulators Surge arrestors Electronics Cable harnesses Turnkey Solutions Physical fibre management systems Spice closure organizers Heat shrink splice closures Watertight reusable closure systems Modular connection systems Fibre optic enclosures Terminal boxes Premise wiring components GSM system components OPGW line components Turnkey Solutions Raychem

17 Product Development Advanced Fire Cables Railway Cables HV Cables
Unarmoured flame retardant energy OCGT cables (Eskom) Zero-halogen flame-retardant RZA1-K cables (Spain) Railway Cables Track-side LV copper signalling cables for high speed trains (Spain) Track-side 3 kV energy cables for railway networks (Spain and SA) Anti-theft copper-clad-steel earth bonding cable (Spoornet & Eskom) Anti-theft contact wire (Spoornet) HV Cables 66 kV XLPE-insulated cables Overhead Conductors Compacted ACSR transmission conductors All aluminium alloy (AAAC) transmission conductors High-temperature ACSR conductors 3 kV aerial cables for deep rural electrification

18 B3 E2

19 Key Growth Drivers for Aberdare 2006 - 2010
Infrastructure spend - Power, Telecommunications and Transport Demand for Turnkey Solutions Support Service Delivery for upliftment in South Africa Building and Construction Industrial Expansion Mining Development

20 Aberdare Growth Base “FROM GOOD TO GREAT”
Aberdare Metallic Profiles Expansion Aberdare Power Cables Increased Capacity Establishment of Technology Integrated Services Expansion of Alcon Marepha Cables Aberdare / ATC Joint Venture International Expansion Acquisitions TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION ACROSS ALL OPERATIONS VALUE CHAIN OPTIMISATION ACROSS ALL OPERATIONS LEADERSHIP AND TALENT MANAGEMENT WITHIN THE GROUP

21 Aberdare Cables…..Geared for Growth!
Thank you

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