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Wednesday September 22 nd, 2010 12pm EST / 9am PST Grassroots & Word of Mouth Marketing.

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1 Wednesday September 22 nd, 2010 12pm EST / 9am PST Grassroots & Word of Mouth Marketing

2 Lists current employment opportunities in all aspects of the Home Performance industry, including openings for energy auditors, field technicians and administrative staff. There is no charge for job seekers to view listings or post profiles and resumes. To register, visit: Employers who wish to post job openings must be current members of Efficiency First

3 2011 ACI Conference Discount: $150 off the regular attendee registration fee and $50 off the early-bird registration Electric and Gas Industries Association: Free first-year membership, including discounts on business insurance, employee benefits, payroll processing and collections and debt recovery A 3% discount off the best price for all products online, and other benefits like added rewards points and invitations to private sale days Energy Conservation Institute: 5% off MSRP prices for tools and equipment and 10% off prices for hands-on training courses Right Brain Branding: Complimentary Web site performance review Web Referral Service: 50% discount on activation fees Give Something Back: Office supplies with prices 5-15% lower than the national chains. Home Energy Magazine: 20% discount Green Builder Magazine: 10% discount Member Benefits

4 In order to create a strong industry and be successful we need to build everywhere. To RSVP follow this link: Please join us on a conference call tomorrow, 09/23/10 We will discuss the work Efficiency First is doing at the state and regional levels around the country, share some thoughts about ways to increase local efforts and ask for your ideas and feedback. When: September 23rd @ 12noon eastern/ 9am pacific Where: Call Number: 712-432-0075, Access Code: 260284# Growing the Industry in all 50 states

5 Join the HOME STAR Coalition If you have not already joined the HOME STAR coalition please take a few moments to do so:

6 Tim Pedersen | President & Creative Director Right Brain Branding Consultants

7 Grassroots Marketing for Maximum Results

8 Grown from the soil of people's hard necessities Grassroots:

9 Jay Conrad Levinson The Father of Guerilla Marketing

10 Hone in on your Public Speaking Skills

11 Write an Article

12 Send off Season Promotions/Gifts

13 Up the Buzz Factor

14 Catch them by Surprise



17 Infiltrate the Stacks

18 Kill them with Kindness

19 Jump into Social Media

20 So what are the Secrets? The Secrets

21 SEO

22 FOLLOW UP! The Secrets

23 the key… AUTOMATE The Secrets

24 Constant Contact iContact Right Brain Email Automate - Emails

25 HootSuite Tweetdeck Automate - Social Media

26 SendOut Cards Automate - Direct Mail

27 Courtland Weisleder | President Greener Dawn There is a new dawn rising, and its greener than you ever imagined.

28 28 2 Focal Points Today 1.Marketing: The process by which companies create customer interest in goods or services 2.Return on Investment: A performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment Measuring your Return on Investment

29 Marketing Old School: Search the newspapers and visit the dealership New School : People on average spend 6 hours researching cars online before they step into a dealership. The same will happen for solar & energy efficiency Measuring your Return on Investment

30 30 Marketing Old School: Paying fees to advertise using TV, Newspaper, Radio, Mailers, Door Hangs New School: Lead Generation paying only on a per lead basis or cost per application basis Measuring your Return on Investment

31 31 Marketing Old School: Eyeballs have diminished drastically in this group due to instant information resulting in advertising noise New School: Marketing campaigns with a strong offer & call to action then create a referral program Measuring your Return on Investment

32 32 Marketing Old School: Waiting on your phone to ring and hoping that your messaging strikes an audience New School: Twitter, Facebook, Blog, Diggit, Articles, Advertorials, You Tube, Bitley, SEO Measuring your Return on Investment

33 33 Return on Investment Old School: Spend $2,000 monthly on a diverse mix of TV, newspaper, door hangs and penny savers New School: Spend $500 on marketing utilizing lead generation measures to track and monitor the number of leads created Measuring your Return on Investment

34 34 Return on Investment Closing Rates: Percentage of leads that are converted into sales Cost per Sale/ Advertising: Total advertising dollars spent divided by # of closed deals Gross per deal: Typically would like to see gross being 8-10xs more than what spent Measuring your Return on Investment

35 35 Return on Investment Typical lower margin industries: 10-15% of gross profit spent on advertising If you gross $2,000 on an Energy Efficiency retrofit May be happy spending $200-$300 in advertising for that sale Measuring your Return on Investment

36 36 Return on Investment Closing rates vary on the quality of the opportunities that you generated or purchased. Cost per lead does not matter, only closing rates and cost per sale Measuring your Return on Investment

37 37 Be a Winner in your Market! Become internet savvy and utilize the many tools that are now becoming mainstream Word of mouth is still vital as well as referral programs Track your marketing efforts and lead generation Push dollars towards your best ROI and cost per sale Measuring your Return on Investment

38 Corbett Lunsford | Tech. Dir. GREEN DREAM GROUP, LLC

39 Q & A Questions???

40 40 Courtland Weisleder | President Phone: 858-345-1679 Contact Information Tim Pedersen | President & Creative Director Phone: 919-929-2342 Corbett Lunsford |Tech. Director Phone: 773-271-5310

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