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Applying to University in North America Tiffany Singleton November 14, 2011.

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1 Applying to University in North America Tiffany Singleton November 14, 2011

2 Agenda for Today: Standardized Tests Look @ Trends in Higher Education Logistics of Applying Essay Tips Financial Aid Info Advice from RA Class of 2011 Q&A

3 Standardized Tests: SAT General Knowledge SAT Subject (SAT II) 2-3 typically needed for highly selective schools ACT Growing # of schools now accepting the ACT+Writing in place of SAT Subject Tests TOEFL International students for whom English is not 1 st language

4 Test Registration: SAT/SAT 2 Register with Frise Forms Cash or Check (USD/KSH) ACT Register online Credit Card TOEFL Register with Frise Paper based vs. Computer based TestDateReg. Deadline SATDec 3Oct 25 SATJan 28*Dec 20 ACTApril 14March 9 SATMay 5March 27 SATJune 2April 24

5 Final Year Testing Timeline: ACT: October SAT: October/November SAT II Subject: November/December ACT (retake): April AP: May

6 Requesting ADDITIONAL SAT Score Reports in Kenya

7 Trends in the (NA) College World… New Financial Aid Tools Aim is to bring transparency Net Price Calculator Beginning Oct 2011 all US schools are required to post a net calculator on their website Gives estimated cost of school and aid eligibility based on each students individual circumstances Test-Optional Continues 850 schools no longer require standardized test scores Taking more holistic approach Admissions Officers more willing to accept students who have some life experience

8 Trends… Changes in Application Process More online applications 80% in 2010 58% in 2006 More gap year students More students applying early decision/early action Increase in applications (easier access - CommonAp) 23% of 2010 applicants applied to 7 or more schools 3% in 1975 Application Audits Several universities are beginning application audits Turnitin Service used to detect plagiarism in essays and applications Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act (SAFRA) 2010 $36 billion over 10 years to increase the max. Pell Grant $2 billion invested into community colleges to develop and improve educational or career training.

9 GLOBALIZATION OF HIGHER EDUCATION AROUND THE WORLD Federal funding to increase Study Abroad programs. Obama hopes to send 100,000 US students to China over the next 4 years. Increase in recruitment of international students 60% increase in number of students studying outside their native country since 2000 (150% for US Students)

10 Trends… Community College Numbers Continue to Rise 44% all undergrads Open access/admission Seamless transfer to university Few residency requirements FinAid offered International student programs At Yale, Amherst, Princeton, Harvard, Dartmouth, MIT – need blind for international students (*Have to be accepted 1 st !) Men Finish Last First time in history women are earning more degrees than men! By age 25, there are 141 female college grads for every 100 men

11 ***Technology Take Over! Point, Click, Study – over 3.5 million students taking online courses High tech classrooms (tweeting professors, podcast lessons, Blackboard) Use of technology in admissions Blogs, discussion boards, virtual tours, Facebook, YouTube, Skype, Aps Watch what you post! The new background check: Risqué Facebook/MySpace images Claims of drug and alcohol use Email names

12 Application Timeline Meet with Counselor Plan Application Strategy 2:3:2 Start Asking for Letters of Recommendation Start Application Gather Financial Aid/Scholarship Information

13 Factors to Consider: Location Type of Institution (Public vs. Private, Christian vs. Secular) Size Majors Offered Student Life/Activities/Athletics Housing Campus Environment Helpful Tool: College Board Match Maker

14 College Selection Process: How many?Where?Type? Location? Cost? Can I get in? 2:3:2 ratio DREAM 2 DREAM SCHOOLS JUST RIGHT 3 JUST RIGHT SCHOOLS NO PROBLEM 2 NO PROBLEM SCHOOLS


16 What Goes into Admission Decision in the USA? Admission Extracurricular Academics** -GPA -Rank -Rigor of courses taken in HS -SAT/ACT Scores Character/Leadership **Other than engineering, typically apply to the university (not specific program/subject area)

17 Application Process: Gather materials (almost all applications now online) Read through ALL instructions Check for recommendation forms, financial aid forms Request recommendations/transcripts* Photocopy/print application materials (rough draft) Be attentive to detail Reflect – dont rush Essay Seek Advice Make/save copies before submission Submit your application Apply for financial aid/scholarships Request Mid Year Reports Request Final Transcript korean

18 References: Someone who knows you well Core subjects should be primary Coach/Electives teacher can be used Give at least 2 weeks notice Give required forms (if applicable) Give resume with list of activities and interests etc./Brag Sheet Give stamped envelope with address Remind your recommender to keep a copy Follow up with a thank you note…or chocolate :)

19 Common Application WWW.COMMONAP.ORG WWW.COMMONAP.ORG Accepted by many colleges (over 400 and growing) Same application/forms can be used for other participating schools Submit online (or print forms and mail) Records Set! 3.5 submissions per second during 2010-2011 admissions season! 2.3 million applicants 2010-2011 (up 23.4% from previous year) Online School Forms System Teacher/counselor can fill out forms online Go to School Forms section to add teacher/counselor Important to give accurate email!

20 Avoiding Application Mistakes: Follow all directions! A lot of simple mistakes can be easily avoided Sins of omission Double and triple check to make sure you havent forgotten anything Give them what theyre asking for! Ex: Birthdate/Todays Date Have friends, family, or teachers look over Give yourself enough time to complete it!

21 Early ACTION vs. Early DECISION DefinitionBinding? Early ACTION Apply early and receive decision well in advance of institutions regular response date. No Early DECISION Make commitment to first-choice. If admitted, must enroll. (Financial aid only exception.)YES

22 Community College: The Economic Option Associates Degree Option Transfer Option Flexible Option An option for YOU ?

23 Canadian Universities: Greater emphasis on academic record Scholarships also usually on basis of academic success but not as common MUCH less expensive than most US schools Application forms/fees similar to US Typically apply to the academic PROGRAM

24 International Student Info: United States: Canada:

25 Writing the Essay: Start EARLY Be honest Be yourself Humor can be risky – be careful Go beyond the who and what and dig into the why and how Keep in focus and follow directions Write and re-write Get a 2 nd opinion Proofread Follow the word limit Dont confuse applying online with sending an email

26 Different Types of Essays: The YOU Question Plus: Offers chance to talk about something other than grades and test scores Danger: Can lead to an essay that is all over the place! The WHY US Question Plus: Offers chance to show commitment to the school Danger: Any factual errors show student hasnt thought deeply about his/her choice The CREATIVE Question Plus: Offers chance to show personality and values Danger: Possible to take undisciplined style of writing

27 Financial Aid: What is financial aid? Money given or loaned to you to help pay for college FAFSA (federal government form) – US Citizens only Who gets it? Those who need it Those who wont (based on merit) Where does the money come from? The government The college** Outside grants/scholarships

28 Financial Aid: Start Early Financial Aid Fact Sheet FASFA January 1 Can get PIN earlier (Nov) US Citizens ONLY Each College Unique Internationals – access to financial records It is okay to negotiate!

29 What is the CSS Profile? Service of Collegeboard 2012-2013 Profile available as of Oct 1 st Determines eligibility for nonfederal financial aid, such as institutional aid and scholarships Registration fee and fee for each school to which information is sent Gives student opportunity to include explanations about special financial circumstances Many schools allow international students to complete

30 INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: Financial Aid for INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: Each college has unique requirements for financial aid and their own financial aid application Schools generally require complete bank records (evidence) Need to be notarized Many schools require a down payment of 1 st semester costs before they issue the 1-20 acceptance letter.

31 INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: Financial Aid for INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: International Scholarships Financial aid, college scholarship and grant information for international students wishing to study abroad. Basic and premium search to find scholarships all around the world! International Student (click resources tab) Loans Financial Aid Scholarship Search Tool Financial Aid Advice Articles Financial Aid Forum

32 Ready to Apply?? Finish practice application (keep copies) Start asking for teacher recommendations Transcript/Secondary School Report Request Write those essays Gather scholarship and financial aid info Prepare to be patient!

33 Class of 2011 College Advice from Rosslyn Academy Class of 2011 Apply early…like right now!*** Have a backup plan Get your essay proofread Dont miss financial aid deadlines Once you know where you are going, apply for your VISA early Reach out to admissions counselors Take Subject Tests – you never know if you will need them


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