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Buckstrand Hunt Club 2011-2012.

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1 Buckstrand Hunt Club

2 Introduction The Buckstrand Hunt Club is looking for lease members for the season. We are located in the Melbourne/St. Cloud area in central Florida. The primary contact and Lease Holder is John Fischer. He can be reached at Our lease is made up of 9000 acres of Florida prairie, woodland, and swamp areas, teeming with deer, hogs, turkey, quail, duck, varmints, and all manner of small game. We have numerous ponds and canals for fishing, including bass, catfish, pan fish, tilapia, and anything else that swims.

3 Amenities When full, the lease has 17 members, and accommodate archery, muzzle loader, and rifle hunting in season. Of course, shotguns for spring turkey! We have an excellent cleaning station with hoists, running water, stainless steel sinks and counters, and a walk-in cooler. Our shooting range is 200 yards for sighting in your hunting weapons, target shooting, or even sporting clays. Some members provide food plots and supplemental feeding. New members are welcome to participate!

4 Membership Family memberships are $6,649 per year.
We are family oriented for those interested. Bring your kids or grandchildren and introduce them to the wonders of the outdoor sports! There are campsites available with septic, running water, and electricity. Call John Fischer at if you want to hunt on your own private lease this season.

5 Our deer population is healthy!

6 Plenty of hogs to be had year round!

7 This is the place for Osceola turkeys!
Great opening day!

8 Excellent cleaning station and firing range
Well lighted, covered cleaning station 200 yard firing range

9 The End

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