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Vocabulary Telescopes Constellations Earths movements.

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3 Vocabulary

4 Telescopes

5 Constellations

6 Earths movements

7 Pot Pourri

8 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 Vocabulary Telescopes Constellations Earths Movement Pot Pourri

9 Huge globe of hot gases that shines by its own light

10 What is a star?

11 Imaginary line on which an object rotates

12 What is axis?

13 Small space object made of ice, dust, gas, and rock that orbits a star and can have a tail

14 What is comet?

15 Piece of rock or metal from space that enters Earths atmosphere

16 What is meteor?

17 Large body in space that orbits a star and does not produce light on its own

18 What is planet?

19 Instrument for viewing distant objects that uses a curved mirror at the back of its tube to gather light and produce an image

20 What is reflecting telescope?

21 Instrument for viewing distant objects that uses two lenses to gather light and produce an image.

22 What is refracting telescope?

23 The type of telescopes that are the worlds largest telescopes

24 What are reflecting telescopes?

25 The famous Italian scientist who made many discoveries using the telescope

26 What is Galileo?

27 Its where most telescope images are saved today

28 What is the computer ?

29 The number of constellations that are recognized by astronomers?

30 What is 88?

31 Its where you will always find Polaris.

32 What is directly above the North Pole?

33 The Micmac Native Americans called it the Celestial Bear

34 What is the Big Dipper?

35 These are the two most widely recognized constellations.

36 What are the Big and Little Dipper?

37 These are named from Greek and Roman mythology

38 What are the Northern constellations?

39 It is why the constellations appear to move from east to west each night?

40 What is rotation?

41 The tilt of the earth, and revolution causes this.

42 What are seasons?

43 This is the imaginary line on which the earth rotates

44 What is axis?

45 Its the path a planet follows around the sun

46 What is orbit?

47 Its our season when Australia is enjoying the summer.

48 What is winter?

49 Its what the ancient Greeks called the planets

50 What are wandering stars?

51 This planet is also called the morning and evening star.

52 What is Venus?

53 Its what a comet is releasing when we see its fiery tail.

54 What are frozen gases?

55 Its what scientist believe caused the extinction of dinosaurs.

56 What is a comet hitting the earth?

57 Its what the Micmac believe causes the leaves to turn red in Autumn.

58 What is the Celestial Bears blood.

59 Final Jeopardy

60 Constellations

61 The name of one of these two constellations.

62 What are Cassiopeia and Orion?



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