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2013 - Still Safe Rockford Little League Warren Lanphear MD.

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1 2013 - Still Safe Rockford Little League Warren Lanphear MD

2 Report incidents Any injury requiring first aid or medical care should be reported to the safety officer Little League accident insurance supplements parents existing policy $50 deductible

3 Safety Officer Kevin Freeman 866-7482

4 Safety Kits Every team should now have one BRING IT TO EVERY GAME AND PRACTICE! Please restock it when you use something Bring ice and clean water to practice/games (concession stand may be able to help if open)

5 Little League Child Protection Program All managers, coaches, Board of Directors, members and other persons, volunteers or hired workers, who provide regular service to the league and/ or have repetitive access to, or contact with players or teams, must complete and submit an official Little League Volunteer Application to the local league president.

6 Child Protection All volunteers have to apply We do background checks on all volunteers Dont coach alone Report all abuse to the police and to a Board member


8 Inclement Weather Any severe weather warnings in effect at 5:00 pm cancels all weekday games Cancellations will be posted on the website and on the Hotline 248-2400 by 5:00 pm Coaches and umpires may call a game on site at game time Saturday games are usually cancelled at game time on site


10 Lightning Hear thunder or see lightning: Suspend all practices/games immediately! Evacuate field for at least 30 minutes. Cars with windows up, enclosed building, or low ground if necessary Stay away from metal fences & bleachers Dont carry the metal bats!

11 Field Inspection Walk the field before each practice and game Look for unsafe fences, backstops, benches, holes in the ground, rocks on the field Do something about it!

12 Choking

13 What is choking? The victim cannot speak or cry He cannot breathe Appears blue (cyanotic) Clutches throat Becomes unconscious

14 Heimlich manuever


16 Concession Stand No children under 12 may work at the counter, handle money, or work with hot items. No pets! Wash hands! Make sure the hot dogs are HOT! 140° Your team has an obligation to work here

17 Protective Equipment Batters, player coaches, and runners must wear helmets Even in practice! Catchers must wear complete gear including cups and throat guards Inspect your equipment and the players own equipment

18 Sliding Practice it. Show them the right way. No head first slides except when returning to a base.

19 On Deck No on deck position or swinging a bat by the bench. (Permitted in Jrs., Srs., and BL)


21 Head Injuries Beware the quiet child Who needs to go to the hospital? –Unconscious - call 911, protect c-spine –vomiting, confused, unsteady –seizure –headache –dizzy, weak, numb, vision problems

22 Mouth injuries Keep the airway clear Pressure for lip lacerations Rinse mouth with water Fractured teeth need prompt dental care Avulsed teeth can be preserved in milk, saline, wet gauze, even the mouth Baby teeth are not replaced

23 Wound care Wear gloves Direct, constant pressure stops bleeding Clean the wound, use water liberally Antibiotic ointment Cover with a sterile dressing Tape it and/or wrap it Ice for swelling

24 Fracture Care

25 Fracture care Immediate swelling and deformity Movement causes pain Splint it! –Use rolled newspaper –Pad extremity, two sticks, wrap with an Ace –Wrap a pillow around it Ice and elevation

26 Asthma Coaches need to know about their players health history Keep inhalers readily available Stop playing if you see trouble breathing Know allergies such as beestings Call 911 for difficulty breathing or airway swelling

27 Nosebleeds Constant pressure (pinch the nose firmly) Dont swipe and wipe Head up The brain is more important than the nose Crooked noses dont need x-rays, they need to be reduced within one week

28 Hot Days

29 Heat illness Drink frequently; seek shade Lay the child down if he is sick Not the time to run sprints Danger signs –flushed face, glassy eyes, rapid pulse –confused, lethargic, falling –vomiting, headache, cramps

30 The End

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